UK Clearing House Review Is It Legit Or Scam

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Closed Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Thread starter katie Start date Mar 31, 2020 Tags ciaopaid reviewspay to review


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Ciao pays a limited amount of points for reviews and video reviews of products that they list. To earn, you join as a member and then write reviews of products on their site. They also run an affiliate scheme although each country runs its own.

Each review takes maybe ten minutes to write, and should be a couple of hundred words to get paid. It does not matter if the review is positive or negative, as long as it is a useful review for readers. You get paid every time another member rates a review as “helpful” or above. Payment is higher for video reviews, and to get the best out of it, check other people’s reviews and see how they have done it.

One thing I have noticed is that reviews only tend to produce a return for the first few days and then drop off the radar, so to get the best results, you’d need to keep writing.

As I mentioned, this is a country-specific program, and if you go to, you can view all the countries it is available in. The link below goes to the UK program and includes an affiliate link.


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Aw, it’s too bad that my country isn’t available in the list. I read the information about the site though and it seems like if you’re the first reviewer for a product, you’re going to be paid higher. You can actually receive double the rewards if you’re the first to review the product.

Then there are also Premium Fund authors. Those authors who have written the highest rated reviews will split 1,500 euros together. Keep in mind though that not all product reviews will be paid so there’s that downside.

The minimum cash out is at five euros. I don’t know though if it’s through PayPal or they directly deposit the money to your bank account. There’s no mention in the facts section of this. Although they did say it can take four to five weeks before they can transfer the money.

And another issue is that they constantly change the renumeration rates in the site. At the beginning of each month, the rates will be changed. Although your earnings for the previous month won’t be affected.


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I don’t know if anyone is using this, but it was the sister site to the now-defunct You write and post reviews of products and get points which convert to cash for people liking them. You can also make money by putting their banners on your site or recruiting new members, but they don’t strictly have an affiliate scheme. You have to invite people by direct email through their site.

I made about £10 a couple of years ago, but really prefered dooyoo which paid rather more and in Amazon vouchers.


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I don’t really like sites that one’s income is depended on likes and comments because alot of times people are too stingy with a simple thing as likes and comments.just looked at the site and I noticed the list of product for review is quite short or small.

I think the payment is kinda low though,maybe when more likes and comments one’s are given to one’s review,something reasonable can be made.I think the secret to this kind of posting is writing on many products,so that one’s earning can add up pretty quick.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Broker!
    Best Choice For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
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    Perfect For Experienced Traders!

It would not be a bad site if payment is received fast atleast within 24 hours.


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I don’t really like sites that one’s income is depended on likes and comments because alot of times people are too stingy with a simple thing as likes and comments.just looked at the site and I noticed the list of product for review is quite short or small.

I think the payment is kinda low though,maybe when more likes and comments one’s are given to one’s review,something reasonable can be made.I think the secret to this kind of posting is writing on many products,so that one’s earning can add up pretty quick.

It would not be a bad site if payment is received fast atleast within 24 hours.


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I was a member of Ciao UK although I
haven’t used it for a while! They do pay
but it’s a lot of effort for very little return!
It would appear that they close accounts
if you don’t log in for a while. If you don’t
log in after 6 months any funds in your
account are wiped!!

You are paid for other members reading
and rating your reviews! The only way to
get any cash is to spend a lot of time on
reading and rating other members reviews
and hope they return the favour, most of
them will. Don’t copy from elsewhere or
churn out any old rubbish the others
will pick up on it very quickly! You don’t
get paid for low ratings only those
which are helpful,very helpful or

You won’t make much churning out loads
in one day. It’s best to write a couple of
good reviews in the higher paying
categories then read and rate other
members reviews! If you write the first
review on a product you get a higher
payment. The payments are only £0.05,
£0.01 and 0.02 per rating depending on
the item and category.

There’s a premium fund that is shared
out amongst the best authors each month.
Nobody is sure exactly what qualifies you
for this. I’m guessing it’s based on the
percentage of very useful or exceptional
ratings you receive.

The premium fund is your best chance of
making any cash! I’ve earned £5 from the
premium fund despite posting only one
review that month. It was a lot better in
the days when Dooyoo was still paying
as you could post the same review on
both sites as long as you added that you
had already published it on the other! At
that point I was frequently earning £10
pee review between the 2 sites.

As I haven’t logged in for ages my account
has been closed. If I try again i’ll post the
payment proof up.

YieldStreet Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

posted on February 4, 2020

Alternative investments can help you diversify your holdings while providing passive income. Here is our YieldStreet review to help you understand if the platform is right for you.

Table of Contents

YieldStreet Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

P2P lending and crowdfunding investment opportunities have provided the masses with alternative investment options that were only available to big investors previously. YieldStreet is one such platform. Let’s learn more in this detailed YieldStreet review.

Founded in 2020, YieldStreet is a platform where accredited investors get an option to place their money in a place other than the stock market.

What’s attractive about YieldStreet is that it gives high yields and gives out funds to aspiring projects and business organizations. However, as the P2P lending option is relatively new and prone to market risks, the question remains – is YieldStreet legit or a scam?

This YieldStreet review will extensively explore all the aspects of this platform, including potential risks and profit margin, to help you decide whether you should go for it or not.

YieldStreet Review – What is YieldStreet?

Let’s start with the basics. Milind Mehere founded YieldStreet because, just like many other small-scale investors, the lack of investment options forced him to think of such an idea.

With YieldStreet, he aimed to provide safe, asset-backed, and highly profitable alternative investment options to individual investors.

If you’re not new to the investment market, you’ll know that such collateral-backed investments were only accessible to the extremely wealthy class in the past.

Today, platforms like YieldStreet connect investors to asset-backed investments, while raising fast, accessible capital for eligible projects.

It’s investment options vary across a wide range of investment classes, so you get to choose the area you want to invest in.

YieldStreet Credentials

As the idea progressed, the number of crowdfunding platforms and P2P campaigns saw a staggering rise. All of them aimed to democratize the investment market and give the typical investor a fair chance. But, how can you figure out if YieldStreet is the perfect platform for you from the lot?

What makes this alternative platform stand out is the popularity and credentials it has bagged since 2020. It has been featured in leading investment magazines such as Forbes, Tech Crunch, and even The Wall Street Journal.

Besides that, it was named as the fastest-growing private company in the US by Inc. In 2020, at the Benzinga Global FinTech Awards, YieldStreet won the “Best Alternative Investment Platform” award. And why not?

The P2P crowdfunding platform has made about 396,000 payments to date and has given back about $398M to investors as investment returns.

After reviewing the platform closely, we found out that the secret of its excellence and reliability lies in its transparent investment policy.

YieldStreet Investment Policy and Investor Scrutiny

The investment policy for YieldStreet is created and managed by Micheal Weisz. He specializes in asset-based loan transactions.

Before YieldStreet, Weisz had worked as the vice-president of a New York-based credit hedge fund.

Here at YieldStreet, he formulated a policy that scrutinizes each investment project according to the following five points.

Asset-based Investments Only

Upon seeking funds from YieldStreet, the borrower has to present a verifiable asset to the company. The collateral can range from real estate to a vehicle, industrial equipment, or even a legal case.

Investments Should Have a Low Stock Market Correlation

The investment returns from YieldStreet will not follow the stock market. This makes it a safer, low-risk option as their returns will not be affected by the rise and fall of the stock market.

Experienced Management

YieldStreet makes sure that every investment they make is managed by an expert team in that particular niche. This helps mitigate risk factors in your investments and startup returns.

Targets Short-Term Loans

Since most of YieldStreet’s investment is in loans, the platform targets loans that have short durations. This ranges from one to three-year loan terms. By using this strategy, the company can reinvest their funds and reduce investment risks as well.

8-15% Annual Returns

Investments at YieldStreet aim to get their investors an annual profit of about 8-15%.

YieldStreet performs its due diligence to each investor according to these five points. If the candidate does not meet all five points, the loan will not be approved.

YieldStreet Risk Management

All investments are subject to risk by nature. Even though YieldStreet cannot be proclaimed to be completely risk-free, there are a few factors by which the platform lowers the risk and protects its investors.

  • Firstly, all loans are asset- or collateral-backed. In such cases, even if the borrower defaults on the repayment, your investment is safe.
  • Secondly, YieldStreet carefully scrutinizes every candidate before working with them. Usually, they employ a dedicated third-party team to investigate every detail of the organization, including their financial record and reputation.
  • Thirdly, they’re more likely to choose originators who have a certain level of experience in investment.

How to Sign Up for YieldStreet

If you’re intimidated by the policies and selection criteria by YieldStreet, you don’t need to be. The process for signing up on the platform is relatively straightforward, and with their online wallet, the funds will be accessible almost immediately.

All you have to do is select the signup button located on the top right corner on the homepage. After you’ve created your account, you can select from a variety of investment opportunities.

Once you’ve chosen an investment opportunity, you’ll have to enter the amount you wish to invest and start investing immediately.

The website has its online wallet system that helps you track and transfer your funds. If you select a pre-funded wallet, you’ll be able to manage your funds without further ado. Also, you can choose to delay the funding for up to two days if you don’t have any balance in your wallet.

If you don’t want to use the YieldStreet Wallet to transfer your funds, you can select wire transfer, or even link your account to your existing bank account.

YieldStreet Investment Options

As we’ve mentioned before, YieldStreet offers simple, asset-based investment alternatives free from stock market uncertainties. Besides that, the platform employs only qualified originators that bring in loans for multiple projects.

YieldStreet has a variety of investment options that you can choose from. Here’s a list of their principal investment categories to help you further understand their investment strategies.

Legal or litigation finance brings higher returns and lets their investors diversify their investment portfolios as well. However, only a few P2P platforms offer litigation finance. With YieldStreet, you can get lots of opportunities to invest in various legal settlement cases. These include Pre and Post settlement funding, law firm loans, and commercial litigation.

Marine Investment

Marine finance is a high growth industry that provides earning opportunities for both lenders and borrowers.

With marine finance, you can take part in financing the construction of workboats, vessel acquisition for scraps, and trade finance as well.

Real Estate

Real Estate is a commonly targeting platform in the investment sector. This option has high returns combined with potential growth and financial security.

With YieldStreet, you can invest in diverse real-estate areas such as construction, infrastructure, and development.


YieldStreet keeps an eye on business activities that can benefit their investors in the long run. Thus, in the commercial section, you can select investment options with higher yields and growth potential.

The options for commercial financing at YieldStreet include SMB Lending, Purchase Order Financing, and Equipment Financing as well.

YieldStreet offers its investors with profitable financing opportunities in the art section. The platform has recently affiliated with the Athena Art Finance, a platform providing investment for collectors, museums, and art galleries.

It’s a new investment concept as compared to real estate or commercial finance. Still, YieldStreet has a team of expert art advisors and finance experts who ensure the credibility of art pieces and formulate the loans accordingly.

Is YieldStreet the Ideal Platform for You?

YieldStreet is ultimately an investment platform for seasoned, frequent investors. Even though the platform offers complete transparency on the risks involved in every investment opportunity, you need to have some prior knowledge to judge the offers accordingly. In the end, it’ll be you who faces the loss if you make a wrong decision.

Most importantly, YieldStreet offers investment opportunities only for investors who have at least $5,000 funding at hand.

Besides that, the platform has a requirement that every investor should have assets worth a minimum of $1 million. This amount should exclude the value of your current residence.

Furthermore, YieldStreet will also assess your annual income in the past two years. Your net income should be a minimum of $200,000 in two years. The only you can qualify as an investor with the platform.

While YieldStreet does aim to democratize the investment arena and provide opportunities to people outside the extremely wealthy class, this criteria is out of bounds for most people.

Simply, if you don’t make at least $100,000 a year, and are planning to invest less than $5,000, YieldStreet is not for you.

Also, investing in YieldStreet involves choosing your investment sector and investment opportunity. This requires a certain level of expertise, even after the details provided by the platform.

However, if you’re an experienced investor and have enough funds to meet the criteria, YieldStreet is a diverse and profitable platform for you, void of stock market risks and uncertainties.

YieldStreet Fees

YieldStreet charges a nominal fee for its investment services from its clients. Firstly, as a loan originator, you’ll have to pay a listing fee. After that, the platform will automatically charge 1-4% of your profits as a management fee.

The management fees are the basic charges for the work YieldStreet does for you. This includes finding safe investment options and listing them according to their sectors.

YieldStreet Review – Advantages And Disadvantages

When it comes to online investment platforms, there are always some pros and cons. The same goes for YieldStreet. Here’s a list to give you a clear representation of the benefits and drawbacks of the platform.

Pros of YieldStreet

Accessible Startup and Account Creation

Setting up an account to start investing is easy and time-saving. You can also wait after you set up an account until the ideal investment opportunity for you comes by.

Profitable Investments

YieldStreet offers annual yields of about 8-15%. This every investment opportunity you choose can turn out to be a high-yield investment and generate a steady income for you.

High Level of Transparency

YieldStreet provides a clear, detailed overview of each investment opportunity mentioned on its website. It maps out the complete terms, factors, and crucial information to help you make an informed decision.

Immune To Stock Market Fluctuations

For a seasoned investor who is tired of the stock market, YieldStreet is a refreshing and diverse platform. Also, the yields are not subject to the rise and fall of the stock market, and there’s complete security against borrower default as well.

On-Time Payments

YielldStreet has different policies regarding their payouts, depending on the amount invested. Some investments have monthly payouts, while others are paid quarterly. Some payments are cleared only when the borrower portfolio is settled.

Cons of YieldStreet

Only Accredited Investors Can Participate

You cannot invest with YieldStreet if you do not qualify as an accredited investor.

High Minimum Investment Amount

You should at least be ready to invest $5,000 if you wish to invest with YieldStreet.

Investment Limitations

While YieldStreet does offer options outside the stock market, these options are limited and get taken up quickly.

Lack of Customer Support

The platform lacks communication with its investors. Sometimes, customers report that payouts turn up in their accounts without any prior notice.

New Business Model

Although YieldStreet hasn’t seen a major downturn since its advent in 2020, it is still a relatively new business model.

No Secondary Market

Once you invest with YieldStreet, your investment is tied up for that particular duration. The platform does not have secondary market options to invest your revenue further.

YieldStreet Review – Conclusion

YieldStreet is a great alternative investment platform if you’re an accredited investor looking for diverse investment opportunities. It uses a strict assessment policy before financing projects, and all its loans are backed with tangible assets that help reduce overall investment risk.

Besides that, for savvy investors, the platform has more enticing options outside the stock market and traditional real estate. Most importantly, it maintains transparency in all its investment options.

While no investment platform is perfect and risk-free, and YieldStreet has yet to stand the test of time, the platform provides a promising option for experienced investors.

The Alpha financial perspectives will help you find new ways to make money, which are aggressive, unknown and require significant hard work. Use Personal Capital to monitor your cash flow and net worth.

Swagbucks Review – Is This Legit/Scam? Can you Make Money from it?

Swagbucks is another good opportunity to make money online by working just 5-10 minutes a day. You can earn at least $100 per month after reading this post.

This article will be your complete guide if you want to know the Swagbucks review and if this is legit or scam way to make money out of this.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is yet another kind of a complete money making package like Clixsense. You get paid for doing various micro jobs like doing surveys, shopping online, watching videos, searching the web, playing games and doing various other tasks.

In simpler words you can say Swagbucks is a reward program that remunerates you when you perform certain given tasks.

However, Swagbucks is a bit different than any other site that provides income opportunity.

Although earning from ySense is much higher than Swagbucks but the work is more interesting in Swagbucks. With Swagbucks it can be entertaining if you know the right way to do it.

So let us learn more about Swagbucks.

Swagbucks Review- Can you make money from it?

As I said in earlier paragraph that Swagbucks is basically a reward program. What does it mean is you get rewards in the form of points when you complete a task.

The reward or point in Swagbucks is known as SB.

1 SB = 1 Cent, So 100 SBs = $1 and 1000 SB = $10

You earn SBs and redeem it for Amazon Gift cards and so many others or even cash.

So for example, if you earn 2500 SBs then you can redeem it for $25 Amazon gift card. Using this gift card, you can buy whatever item you like from Amazon.

However, if you put your gift cards into PayPal then they can transfer to your bank account which is basically cash. But I haven’t tried this.

Who is it for?

You need to check my complete Swagbucks review before you decide it’s for you or not. You will also know whether Swagbucks is scam or safe and legit.

Well! Before you get too excited, you need to understand that Swagbucks is not for everyone. Although the tasks are very easy to perform but you can’t make big money from it.

So if you are kind of a person who is looking to earn more than $1000 per month working on Swagbucks than its not for you. Moreover Swagbucks is good for making cash if you are living in USA, UK, Australia, Canada & Ireland.

You can not make a living with Swagbucks earning but you can buy at least groceries, gifts to your loved ones, enjoy some outings or celebrate Christmas with the cash your make with Swagbucks.

If you are smart enough then you can do various tasks while watching TV, cooking in kitchen or even brushing your teeth.

So keep on reading!

Swagbucks Signup Process and Getting Started with it

I am not going to waste time telling you how to sign up because it is a no brainer. You just click this signup link, give your email address, name and password. Your account is created. It is very simple and free of cost!

Once you join, you get 50 SB bonus points without doing anything. Just for motivation as a beginner!

While signing up for Swagbucks I will recommend you to use same email as of PayPal because this email will be the default communication channel between you and Swagbucks.

Now you need to start making some SBs.

*Just for caution, when we use the phrase like making money or earning money then it basically means earning SBs.

All the Available Opportunities to Earn Money with Swagbucks

Once you enter your Swagbucks account you will be shown various ways to earn money. Before we dig deep into tasks let us first learn about all the available opportunities through which you can earn money with Swagbucks in general.

Then we will talk about it later.

There are 6 popular ways through which you earn money.

1. Get Cashback from Shopping through Swagbucks

If you want to buy anything from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks and hundreds of other retailers then instead of going directly to the site, login to your Swagbucks account & click on the shopping sites and then purchase it.

There won’t be any price difference in your shopping but if you go to the site through Swagbucks, you earn 2 SB to 10 SB per dollar spent.

Here you can shop from all of your favorite shops, look out for local deals and use coupons. So if you already have plans for shopping online then shop through Swagbucks.

2. Watch Videos

You watch videos and earn SBs. Under this category you have nCrave, sponsored videos and “Take the Tour” .

Videos are being already categorized, you choose your favorite category and watch videos. Each video can be 1 minute to 3 minutes long and for watching 3 to 4 videos you can make 2 SB – 5 SBs.

3. Answer Surveys

Here you get paid to take surveys and earn SBs. Surveys can be the best way to earn from Swagbucks. You start with answering surveys that pays you 2 SB to 4 SBs. It will take 2 to 3 minutes completing such surveys.

However, if you want to answer surveys that pay 10 SB or 50 SB or even 100 SB then you need to qualify. Everyone can’t qualify for high paying surveys.

4. Discover Offers at Swagbucks

In this section, you earn SBs & gift cards by completing various offers. Some of the offers are like discovering content, signups, free offers, shopping, free samples etc.

You can make 1 SB to 2 SB completing these offers. There are also sponsored offers where you can earn more SBs.

5. Search the Web

I know you like Google a lot. But if you search anything through Yahoo Powered search engine at Swagbucks then you can earn SB.

You do not get paid for each search but if you do consistently like searching at every one hour then you can make 10 SB to 12 SB a day. You can also download and install Swagbucks search toolbars.

6. Play

You play games and earn SBs points. One game can pay you 1 or more SB. However, there is a limit and you can make only 10 SBs a day.

If you want to earn more SBs then you can make in-game purchases through Swagbucks partners at Game Show Network (GSN) .

Apart from these 6 ways you can also make money with Referrals.


For every referral you get lifetime 10% of whatever he or she earns . Referrals can be one of the most important ways for earning SBs. More & more people you refer to Swagbucks, more & more SB points and so cash you earn from Swagbucks.

So these were most popular ways to make money with Swagbucks. I have kept it very short and simple.

Setting Target: Minimum $100 Per Month

Although there are many ways to earn SB points but if you want to make up to $100 a month then you have to follow a well laid out strategy. If you are not going to follow a well-planned strategy, then you will make not more than $20 – $30 a month.

Hence you must know to choose right tasks.

Target of $30 – $40 per Month in First Month

After joining the Swagbucks your first target must be earning up to $30 to $40 in first month. So minimum 100 SB points a day.

Target: $1 = 100 SBs a Day

Day 1 at Swagbucks

Task 1: Download and Install Swagbucks Toolbar . Just use it once. You can make more SB points after installing and using it.

  • Money Earned: 50 SB
  • Time Spend: 2 to 3 seconds

Task 2: Set Daily Goals :-If your daily goal is hundred and you meet your goal each day for next 21 days then you get 10 SB points in bonus.

  • Money Earned: 10 SBs
  • Time Spent: 0 Seconds

Task 3: Start with TO DO LIST Section :- Take Daily Poll each day

  • Money Earned: 1 SB
  • Time Spent: 10 to 20 Seconds

Task 4: Click on the Daily Offers Options . Choose easy tasks from the screen (learn more later).

  • Money Earned: 2 SBs to 4 SBs
  • Time Spend: 4 to 5 minutes

Task 5: Search using the Swagbucks search engine . You do not get paid for every search but if you do every hour then you get paid.

  • Money Earned: 15 SBs
  • Time Spent: 2 to 3 minutes every hour.

Task 6: Go to WATCH section and start playing videos . You must watch a playlist containing 3 to 4 videos. Always remember the fitness and sports videos pays you more. Watch 10 to 20 playlists. With Daily Crave you can easily earn 1 SB a day.

  • Money Earned: 40 SBs
  • Time Spend: You can put on auto play and go to bathroom or blow your hair or do your job in kitchen. You do not have to necessarily sit and watch all videos.

Task 7: If you have extra phone then you can download Swagbucks app and watch videos. There are 6 different apps with its’ own rating. For every 10 videos you watched you can make 3 SBs to 4 SBs. Each video is just 10 to 30 seconds long. So you can watch 10 packs with 10 videos each.

  • Money Earned: 30 SBs
  • Time Spend: Do same thing as you did with watching videos from playlist.

You have completed Total 7 Tasks in Day 1.

  • Money Earned a Day: 10 + 1 + 4 + 15 + 40 + 30 = 100 SB points
  • Hours Spent: Around 30 minutes as a beginner.

Repeat the Day 1 task for rest of the month.

So for 30 Days = 100 SBs X 30 = 3000 SBs

This is how you are going to achieve your first target of $30+ in first month.

Target of $80 to $100 a month

Now your next target must be earning $100 a month. So your target is around 330 SBs a day. Hence 330 SB X 30 = 10,000 SB in a month.

Continue with the first 5 tasks (except searching from Swagbucks) from previous paragraph.

Day 1

Actually you have already done the first 3 tasks but in this month you have to increase your earnings.

Task 1 : Searching with Swagbucks search engine. You have to increase your daily searching and search more often.

  • Money Earned: 20 SBs
  • Time Spend: Searching every half an hour in a day.

Task 2 : For Watch section you have to watch all kinds of videos. There are more than 18 categories and watch videos from all of them. At least watch 15 playlists. Always choose playlists that pays more SBs. Videos from Sports and Fitness categories are really high paying. Watch is one of the sections from where your most of the earning will come.

  • Money Earned: 50 SBs
  • Time Spend: At 2 to 3 hours. You know the trick. Just start the playlist and do your other work.

Task 3 : As you know there are 6 different categories of apps. Now you need to watch more videos from other categories like sports, movie clips, Lifestyle etc. You have to watch at least 200 videos 30 seconds long.

  • Money Earned: 40 SBs
  • Time Spend: Do same thing as you did with watching videos. Remember you can do it simultaneously, run videos on computer and your iPhone while doing some other thing. You don’t have to spend extra time.

The next 8 tasks are new ones that you need to complete for reaching $100 a month.

Task 4 : You need to start taking surveys. There are surveys that can pay you over 100 SBs. But that is not for you because you have to qualify first. But you can start with smaller surveys that pay you 2 SBs. Later on you can move on to surveys that pay up to 10 SBs. Complete 2 to 3 such surveys.

  • Money Earned: 20 SBs
  • Time Spend: Half an hour to one hour daily.

Task 5 : Playing games can be very easy but they are not free. You have to pay to join them. But you can search games which you can play for free and earn SBs.

1 game pays you 1 SB. Only 10 SB per day is the limit so you play at least 10 such games a day.

  • Money Earned: 10 SBs
  • Time Spend: 15 to 20 minutes

Task 6 : Go to Content Discovery under the Discover section. You should find tasks that are free and pays you 2 SB to 4 SBs. Not just Content Discovery but also find tasks for Sign Ups, Free Offers, Sponsored offers etc. Discovery Section is very important because here you are going to make most of your Swagbucks earnings.

  • Money Earned: 55 SBs
  • Time Spend: 1 to 2 hours

Task 7 : You can download Swagbucks TV on your iOS or Android device. You can watch movie clips and earn up to 40 SBs for watching videos.

  • Money Earned: 35 SBs
  • Time Spend: 2 to 3 Hours

Task 8 : There is huge potential earning money from the shopping with Swagbucks. If you already have shopping plans they always shop at favorite store through Swagbucks. You can put your coupons on Swagbucks and while redeeming you get extra SBs. Make use of gift cards at Swagbucks. You don’t get SBs right away but 30 days after you make a purchase. Even if you redeem 5 coupons at Swagbucks then you can easily earn up to $5.

  • Money Earned: 50 SBs
  • Time Spend: 1 to 2 hrs

Task 9 : Referrals have strong earning potential at Swagbucks. Even if you manage to get 2 to 3 referrals a week then that is enough. You get 10% of their earning apart from $3 or $5 cash. Refer this 40 ways to promote referral so that you can get maximum number of referrals.

  • Money Earned: 10 SBs
  • Time Spend: Just Promotion for Few Minutes

Task 10 : Swagbucks codes are a great way to scrounge up some SBs. You can search from some websites which give codes for Swagbucks. You put the code in Swagbucks and you get free SBs. However do not fall for expired codes.

  • Money Earned: 20 SBs
  • Time Spend: 15 to 20 Minutes

Task 11 : Do not ignore social media platform like Swagbucks Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Here you can find codes and other opportunities to earn SBs like if someone is giving it for free or there is contest to earn more SBs.

  • Money Earned: 10 SBs
  • Time Spend: 15 to 20 Minutes

Total Tasks you completed in Day 1 : 7 + 8 = 15

Money Earned a Day : 20 + 50 + 40 + 20 + 10 + 55 + 35 + 50 + 10 + 20 + 10 + 15 (SBs from Previous Tasks) = 335 SBs

Hours Spend : 2 Minutes to 1 Hours with some experience.

Repeat the Day 1 task for rest of the month.

So for 30 Days = 335 SBs X 30 = 10,500 or 10,000 SBs

This is how you achieve the target of $100 in 30 days.

*A Table for Tasks and SBs Earned

S No. TASKS SBs Earned in a day SBs Earned in Month $ / Month No. of Hours
1 Swagbucks Toolbar 1 30 $0.3 2 – 3 Seconds
2 Set Daily Goals 10 300 $3 NIL
3 TO DO LIST 1 30 $.3 2 to 5 Minutes
4 Daily Offers 4 120 $1.2 5 to 10 Minutes
5 Searching Through Swagbucks Search Engine 20 600 $6 10 to 15 Minutes
6 WATCH Section – Watching Videos 50 1500 $15 20 to 30 Mins
7 Downloading Apps and Watching Videos 40 1200 $12 20 to 30 Mins
8 Surveys 20 600 $6 ½ Hour
9 Playing Games 10 300 $3 ½ Hour
10 CONTENT DISCOVERY Section – Offers 55 1650 $16.5 20 to 30 Mins
11 Swagbucks TV 35 1050 $10.5 20 to 30 Mins
12 Shopping with Swagbucks 50 1500 $15 20 to 30 Mins
13 Referrals 10 300 $3 NIL
14 Swagbucks Codes 20 600 $6 ½ Hours
15 Swagbucks Social Media – Twitter, Facebook 10 300 $3 ½ Hours
Total 336 SBs 10,080 SBs $100 Approx. 20-30 Mins (As You Do Tasks Simultaneously)

*Always remember the SBs earned mentioned in above table are tentative. It will depend upon you how much effort you are willing to put in.

Analyzing the Chart

Analyzing the above table is most important part of this article. Look at the underlined Tasks number 6, 7, 10 and 11 in above table.

If you add their respective SB points earned, then it will be $15 + $12 + $16.5 + $10.5 = $54.

It means out of $100, 54% only comes from WATCH section and DISCOVERY section.

Hence if you want to reach $100 a month then your two main tasks would be watching videos and discovering content.

So focus on these two sections. Be careful while choosing a video to watch. While discovering content give more time exploring tasks which are high paying but easy to complete.

Another best way to increase your income is through Cashback. Whenever you buy something online then just login to Swagbucks first and then click your favorites store from here.

In fact, if you like then you can ignore certain tasks like Playing Games, Surveys and even shopping and focus more on making SBs from these two sections.

Best Redeemable Options for Swagbuck points You Earned

I do not think redeeming your hard earned money would be any difficult. You can go to Reward Store and choose a store like Amazon, Walmart, Nike, Visa etc to redeem your SBs.

If you have 1000 SBs then you get to redeem it for a gift card worth $10. Similarly, for $100 gift card you must have 10,000 SBs. Redeem it for groceries, clothing, music and entertainment, restaurant offers, pet, cars etc whatever you like.

They cover all the different categories. You just have to choose anyone of them. Use Price Range meter to find gift cards redeemable for number of SBs you earned.

You can also use these SB points to convert in PayPal cash. You can find the withdraw option there and request for cashout to your PayPal account.


Do NOT put your hard earned SBs in Swagbucks. They are just waste of time. Redeem your SB points as soon as you earned them.

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