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Intuit, Inc.

Customer Service

+1 520 901 3280 10 13
+1 800 446 8848 8 13

Complaints & Reviews

Unable to correct a return through turbotax website

On the advice of turbotax, I uploaded a pdf of my w2 instead of typing it in myself. The payer’s ein translated one digit off by their software and I missed the mistake upon review, resulting in reject code fw2-502 for federal and state returns when filed. On attempt to fix the EIN per turbotax instructions, the turbotax website just sends me into a loop with no way to fix it. I would like them to fix their software, or refund my payments to them.

Turbo Tax Premier Service

ABSOLUTELY A WASTE OF MONEY. I too had the same problem with Turbo Tax not asking me any questions about my medical insurance and, sure enough, my federal tax refund will now be delayed because Turbo Tax did not do their job. Called and complained and the just said sorry, there is nothing we can do–although they even ADMITED that it was their mistake to not include this in the filing process. Well, there is SOMETHING I can do and that is to NEVER use this company again.

no insurance questions — held refund for 6-8 weeks

after filling, in about two weeks i got a letter from the irs telling me there should have been ins. info given. None was asked for in the filling format, Turd tax said” “yeah, that was an oversight) After calling turdoslax tax, i had to fill out another form (they did help with this) but not an im sorry, our fault or kiss my a. What a junk company. I need my refund. THEY MESSED UP, i pay the price. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER us this pos company. Now thanks to trurd tax, it will be at least 11 weeks for a refund. Find a blind person with a second grade education, they will do a better job.

turbotax 2020 — past years AGI

When I e-filed our tax return(married/joint), at the end, it asks for last years AGI. I found it and input into the form. Return was rejected because it said AGI was incorrect. The AGI for last year was pulled from turbotax 2020. How can this be wrong. I imagine it has something to do with the fact that I have not worked in 16 months, but turbotax doesn’t offer any accomodation for adjusting the AGI when you file joint. My return was rejected, so I filed it through the mail. When I go back into turbo tax where I originally e-filed, all it says is, “your return was rejected, let us help you fix it”. hahahahaha. They are absolutely of no use in fixing this. I can’t even get a status of my return because of the way they asked for the information, then rejected it. I will pay someone to do my taxes next year, instead of using this worthless product. Incidentally, their phone support is useless as well.

Turbotax Deluxe Online

Do not buy this product. The online version discontinued the use of its audit risk meter and does no audit checking at all. To prove my point I entered ridiculous amounts for itemized deductions up to my entire income which would make this return have a 100% chance of getting audited. However, Turbotax runs through its final review and says my return is in great shape and good to go.


After spending $80 on the 2020 Turbo Tax and doing my taxes they charged me a $39.99 Refund Processing Fee. This is a got you hidden fee and should be against the law.


I call costumer support and want to make one change and I can not talk to anyone

Turbo Tax


I was charged $40 for the State, $40 for the Federal AND $40 for Automatic Deposit. that is $160 from my return! What a bunch of crap.

Tax Preparation Software

I am writing this review here because I doubt my review would be available on the Intuit website.

First, all the Turbo Tax advertising makes a big deal about Free Tax Filing. It is only when you start your return that you are told you are not eligable for the free tax filing. I ended up paying $140.00 I could have paid a tax preparation service that and got the additional services that Intuit was trying to sell me. In addition, I was unable to save/print my return without jumping through a few hoops. I went ahead and did my taxes on Turbo Tax this year but I will look into other options next year. This no longer seems to be a cost effective option. I feel like I am paying for all those people getting free tax filing through Turbo Tax.

Customer service

No way to talk to someone about question on amended tax return. Phone robots are useless. Stop using them. Hire some people and train them. Spend your money wisely. Avoid robots. You are making a lot of money on this tax crap. Provide help to the helpless. Get real people in there. You will do better financially. OBTW. This will be the last year I use Turbo Tax to do my taxes. I’ll do it myself.

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Prepaid card

It is impossible to activate this card. When I enter the last four digits of my social security number I am told the number is wrong!! I’m 80 years old and have had the same number since social security was enacted over 40 years ago. This is only one of the issues with this card. I wish I had opted for direct deposit into my checking account, and I can assure you I will never use turbo tax again.

I have tried unsuccesfully many times to activate my turbotax visa debit card. I have repeatedly been told that the social security number I am providing is an incorrect number. I have had the number for almost 80 years, so I am very familiar with the last four digits of my social security number. I am requesting a check from turbotax for the amount of my IRS refund.

I cannot activate the turbotax visa debit card you sent to me, and I have read numerous complaints that the card is useless even after it is activated. Each time I have attempted to activate the card I have received a response saying that the last four digits of my social security number (required for activation of the card) is an incorrect number. Obviously I am well familiar with the last four digits of my ss card, so it seems obvious to me that Turbo Tax has no intention of giving me access to my IRS refund. I want a check in the amount of my full IRS refund to be mailed to me immediately.

serious software glitches and terrible customer support

I’ve used Turbotax for years. This year had major issues. Entered income and after several entries of 1099 r statements, the tax refund went from about $4000 to 325, 000 OWED (more than my taxable income). Reviewed my income and all was right, so deleted the latest income that may have caused the issue (non-taxable 401K distribution to an IRA (g was checked). When re-entered, refund changed from owed to 3.2+million in a refund. How crazy it that.

Called customer support, which is totally useless as after a major hold, the only thing they offered was a recording to check online help files. REALLY? This is a glitch in THEIR software. Deleted entry again. Closed the file completely without saving. Re-opened the file and re-entered the information and refund came out to about 4K (about what I expected but now I am very wary of anything being calculated by this program!).

Filed my return (late February) and then went into the program again to print some files. Was told to update and the files were CRITICAL. Too late for me and why can’t this company get their act together regarding software updates BEFORE people file. Very dissatisfied with this year’s program and no way to complain to the company directly.

calculated nd state withholding wrong

We have been clients of TurboTax for 8 years but never again. On [protected] we input our data online and they said we had to upgrade to the Deluxe version and cannot efile but must mail in both our federal and state forms. We input the data correctly and for the state withholding we input $303. TurboTax doubled it to $606. We contacted a person at TurboTax (after having to allow them to access my computer) who tried to help us and said they couldn’t figure out why the software doubled the amout. We tried to amend it but the software kept coming up with the same error. We were ‘invited’ to upgrade to the Premier version for an additional $50 to talkd to a CPA. Don’t know how a CPA would fix the software error. So we are stuck paying $80 for the Deluxe TurboTax to have them basically print out the forms with errors and we have to pay to mail them in. TurboTax GUARANTEES 100% accurancy but no one it seems can fix this. If we hadn’t caught it on the printed forms we would have filed a fraudulent tax return. We are SO done with TurboTax.We have always used the Free version until this year. We are retired and cannot understand why we could not use the free version.

premier customer service

I Purchased Turbotax Premier. Had difficulty with installation. Called customer service, talked to customer service resp Keisha. Had very poor experience, she was very rude and interrupted me multiple times, then hung up the phone mid-sentence. She kept repeating that she could not help me and recommended that I repurchase the software I had already purchased rather than help resolve my issue.

I used turbotax Premier again this year. I forgot last year I said I would not do it again. But I did. What a nightmare. All I wanted to do was pay the 19.99 to e file my state return. Spent one hour fourty five minutes with customer service rep. and was not able to do it even with their help. Was using a minutes phone because the rep would tell me, only a couple more minutes.She did try to help, but could not on their end.Today I spent four and a half hours, same thing, she could not get it to work and finally said we can do it a nother way and she needed to get her notes on how to do it .Again she was very nice but no call back. I printed them off and will send them in. Never again!

deluxe online

I’ve used Turbo Tax for the past 8 years to file my taxes. After this year I am never using them again. I paid for the upgraded version to have 24 hour access to their consultants and a review. I received different info each time and their advisors refused to help me unless I shared my screen with them when my basic tax questions did not require giving them access. I then spoke with a Panelis (“Peter”) who sealed the deal to walk away. The associate was rude, condescending, unhelpful and kept telling me how I was feeling. He also started off our conversation by saying “he’s been doing this for x amount of years and is going to law school soon so I’m kind of a big deal. You should trust me”. He refused to help me on the day we spoke and demanded I schedule a callback for a different day instead because it was late and he was sure I was tired. (I work nights and I’m paying for 24/7 access so no if I was tired I would be in bed instead of consulting you). On that day he called me, and asked if I spoke with someone else because the work order had been closed, he also admitted he did not remember my name or the info about my case. There was no work order because he never opened one. He then proceeded to downtalk me and make me feel stupid when I was just re-informing him of the situation to get him up to speed. He then hung up on me. After this I gave Turbo one more chance but the next associate again refused to help without me sharing my screen. They’ve since lost me as a client forever. Went to HR Block the same day and got my taxes filed for $15 extra than turbo was charging, had a in person consultation and got $3K more back.

has the worst commercials

The commercials that repeat the word free is very annoying and i’m tired of seeing it on my tv! It is so ignorant and dumb because it does not make any sense. The little boy trying to spell the word free acts like it is a big long word that he can not spell and that it is so very difficult, so ignorant. I do not think whoever created this commercial has any common sense. A 6 year old could make a better commercial.

turbotax deluxe

I bought the delux and at the end when I wanted to print my forms the download kept coming back in an encrypted form and you cannot find a real person to contact.. my efile was denied so I had to mail in the forms but could not get them to format them correctly to mail in..80.00 for nothing. they charge you money they don;t give the service they say they will

turbotax deluxe

I bought the Deluxe Turbotax and cannot get it to “jump to 1098T” form. I get the reply “. IRS is still working on finishing up the education expenses area (Form 8863) for 2020.” I don’t need form 8863, I asked for form 1098T. I tried all the suggestions that the support community has written. Also, Turbotax won’t load state of Hawaii. I’m want a refund for the subpar Intuit Turbotax. Very poor product and frustrating to work with. There’s no real person to talk to and all the suggestions don’t work or aren’t applicable. Don’t buy TurboTax Deluxe.


I was charged for filing taxes through turbotax, although I did not file them.
On January 29th 2020 I was inputting information into turbotax. The webiste clearly states “start for free, pay when you file”. I was under the impression that I could input all of my info and not be charged until I file, as is CLEARLY blasted all over the website. Upon submitting my bank account info I received a notification that I was charged $86.40. Nowhere was there a submit payment button or ANY notification that I was to be charged. I immediately called turbotax as soon as they opened and was told, “because you input your bank account, for you that was the end.” I explained that it is clearly advertised “free to try, pay when you file” and that I had not filed. So in other words, I am being charged for a service I did not receive based on a misleading or outright lie of an advertisement. I have disputed this with my credit card company and will follow up complaint with attorney general and consumer affairs as I see there are MANY others having this same issue. I will also be happy to speak to the media, and when a class action law suit is file I will be happy to join in as it is only a matter of time with these horrific business practices.

Order number: TTWCB150716612
Order date: Jan 29, 2020
Total charges: $86.40

2020, 2020,2020 turbo tax free.

I have been using Turbo Tax for many years. In the last few years it stated Free, but that only for a very simple Tax Return. I am ritired and only recive retirement income as well SS and some interest. Very simple, no decutions. But that last two yeasrs the program always ask to upgrade to Deluc and pay $44.00 just beacuse I earn interest above $1, 500.00. SO
No deduction, only two fix incpome and some interest, why pays for delux. Its NOT FREE.

intuit turbotax

I am locked out of access to my account.
On 1/9/20 I recieved “TurboTax E-mail Change Request Received – Record#635706” which says I will have access in 1 business day.
1/11/20 ” Your request should be completed within 1 business day. Please expect notification from [protected]@QuickBase.com”
1/14/20 I recieved another email from
Turbo Tax Customer Care
1/20/2020 I had a 45 minute call and was told it would be fixed. I recieved nothing after that.
1/26/20 Today I am writing this complaint.

I was notified by the IRS that I did not file in 2020, I told Intuit that I need access as I have much if my charitable giving on their site, and I believe I started or completed a tax return.

I want to comply with my duty to follow up on 2020 and am unable to if I don’t have access.

Please advise me what actions to take
Elizabeth McBride

over charging for turbotax deluxe

I have been using turbo tax deluxe for 15 years from 2004 to 2020. I received an email from turbo tax that alerted me to up to a $15 discount at certain stores including Amazon. We purchased the Deluxe version at $29.88. What I didn’t realize is that the deluxe version is now offered including a state as well as without a state. The version with a state was $39.99. I did not realize I purchased the wrong version until I finished my Fed return and started the state. At that point I had to download the state and was charged $39.99. To sum this up I paid $69.87 for what I could have had for $39.99. I over paid $29.88.

I am finised with Turbo Tax after 15 years this just isn’t right.

tax filing

I received an assessment from the Virginia tax division stating that I did not pay my state taxes for the year 2020. I filed with Turbo Tax that year, as I did the previous and subsequent years. Tax division person said I indicated I was doing estimated payments. This isn’t true, and why would I do estimated payments on taxes already owed.? The taxes were done the same way every year. When I contacted Turbo Tax, I could not get into my account. Why? No, I was not going to commit to another year of Turbo Tax if there was wrong-doing, and I believe there was. So I was unable to talk further with the representative because I had to go to work. I told her I could talk with her after 7:00 PM when I got off work. Since she couldn’t do that, she would then call the next day around 11:30. She didn’t call. She called the following day around 3:30 (she knew I left for work at noon) and left a message claiming her “system” was down. She called again the next day, at 3:30. I have no way of contacting her—Turbo Tax does not let me talk to anyone. They claim I don’t have an account, yet I did my taxes with them for 3 years. I can’t do anything to resolve this! I do not have bank records going back that far. I think my taxes were filed wrong, because I am sure I would have paid the state taxes in full, as I have done every year. Now the state is going to seize my bank account and garnish my wages. Something needs to be done because TURBO TAX MADE THE MISTAKE!

payment not refunded

I have used Turbotax for about 25 years and never really had any issues with it. However last yer I used the program and selected the service to process my state and federal electronic refund into my bank account. There is a fee associated with this and I agreed to pay it. The state refund was processed accordingly but for some reason the federal refund was not. Instead of receiving my refund electronically the IRS issued a norm paper check in the normal amount of time, in this case about 8 to 10 weeks after my submittal.
In June i received an email notice from Turbotax requesting the fee for electronic processing. I called Turbotax, explained that my refund was not processed electronically and that i did not feel that I should have to pay the fee. The representative agreed and said she would cancel the bill. In July I received another notice now claiming I was late in paying the fee. I again called and spoke to a supervisor named Lisa Powell. She agreed that I did not owe the fee but said she could not cancel the bill. She said if I paid the fee she would immediately refund the amount. I paid the fee that day electronically. This is (was) 2020 after all and I do almost all of my banking electronically. It is now January of 2020 and for the last six months I have called repeatedly and still have not received the fee refund. Every person I have spoken to agrees that i should not have to pay the fee. They all assure me that the refund is being processed but none can explain why it is taking so long to actually be paid. They say they can not pay me electronically apparently because they have not discovered the internet and electronic payments despite the fact that that is exactly what they are charging me for.

This giant company has stolen my money by subterfuge and refuses to give it back. They are willing to lose a customer of 25 years for a few dollars. Greedy and dishonest.

SJCAM SJ4000 Review

A Cheap GoPro Clone

The SJCAM SJ4000 action camera is a pretty close copy of the GoPro Hero series.

But it’s about 1/3 the price.

I’m guessing neither GoPro or SJCAM will like that comparison, but there it is.

In fact, the SJ4000 is so close in shape, size and format that it fits in GoPro housings and uses GoPro accessories.

That said, the SJ4000 — here in the WiFi edition — has features the GoPro should have had a long time ago.

The built-in WiFi works surprisingly well and much better than anyone would expect for a camera that costs less than 70 bucks.

And that includes a waterproof housing…

The “Sports” kit shown here adds a bunch of adapters and mounts and even a plug-in wall charger.

The SJ4000 has an easy-to-use menu system or you can also use the free app to change the settings.

The app provides a live view, as does the small color LCD monitor on the back of the camera.

The camera even allows dash cam loop recording!

Overall, the SJ4000 takes pretty good video — not outstanding and not as good as the better GoPro cameras.

But if you’re looking for a square format action camera that works with many accessories also available for the GoPro, the SJCAM4000 is a darn good deal.


“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…”, or so the saying goes. But the acerbic Oscar Wilde added this kicker: “…that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

Back around, oh, a dozen or so years ago when we first started reviewing what are now called “action cameras” (and even before the era of the HD format), GoPro came out with a funny-looking camera that was fairly revolutionary for its time.

Since then, the square GoPro format camera has become very popular.

And as one might expect, the explosion of cheap action cameras over the last few years has included many no-name brands cashing in on the GoPro design.

Actually, that’s not really a problem because — as motorcyclists well know — this type of competition helps to lower prices and creates better products.

SJCAM is one of the better-known manufacturers and they’ve recently greatly improved their marketing presence and even their website, which now appears much more professional than it did in the past.

Their product line has also expanded recently, beyond the standard square-shaped cameras and into new realms.

For example, SJCAM now makes a cute little “cube”-shaped action cam called the M10, which is a riff on the Polaroid Cube we reviewed a couple of years ago.

And how about the strangely-shaped M20 (something like a modern version of the AEE HD50 we reviewed in 2020)?

The fact is, there are dozens or even hundreds of small, cheap and pretty good action cameras available today that can be used on a motorcycle.

I’m not sure how GoPro maintains their lofty pricing strategy but for general fun-style motorcycle use, posting videos to Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube, you don’t need an expensive action cam.

Buy a couple of el cheapos and stick ’em all over your bike and helmet and you can easily become a pretty darn good videographer and the envy of your friends.

And the SJCAM SJ4000 is a pretty good place to start…

Where to Buy SJCAM SJ4000

Which SJ4000?

SJCAM has improved their market presence recently with an updated website and several new products.

The SJ4000 now comes in three different flavors: the base SJ4000, the SJ4000 WiFi version shown here and a new SJ4000+ action camera with up to 2K (2560×1440) recording format.

If you’re looking for basic HD video recording for general motorcycle use and you plan on posting to social media or a website, the SJ4000 is perfectly fine.

Forget the 2K recording; you really don’t need it for those cheesy motorcycle clips 99.99% of us will make.

And to be honest, WiFi doesn’t add all that much to the mix, since the SJ4000 has a live view anyway.

The remote WiFi live view capability only really helps when you’re aligning the camera on a helmet or elsewhere, because you can see what the camera is pointed at before you start the ride.

But the menu system built into the SJ4000 is so easy to use, we actually prefer it to the app.

Because even with the very quick and flawless (so far for us) pairing time between the SJ4000 and your smartphone or tablet, it’s still faster and probably easier to make the changes using the SJ4000’s built-in menu system.

So you can easily buy the base model SJ4000 for $79.00 list (about $68.00 street price), which comes with the waterproof housing, and you’re good to go.

The WiFi version has a list price of $99.00 and the SJ4000+ lists for $139.00.

One more thing: be careful what you’re buying and make sure you read the “what’s included” part (and make sure the box specifically states “WiFi” if you’re looking for that version).

We’ve seen SJ4000 kits of all different types, some with more included accessories than others. You’ve been warned…

In the Box

We lucked out — just by chance, we picked the SJ4000 “Sports” kit before we realized there are multiple versions of the SJ4000 action camera kits.

The SJ4000 WiFi Sports kit (our Amazon.com affiliate link) includes a bunch of accessory mounting brackets for the waterproof housing (the housing is included with every SJ4000 version).

As we’ve always said, one of the most important features of a motorcycle action camera is how it’s mounted, so you can’t have too many options here.

The square format with waterproof housing (you can’t really use the SJ4000 or GoPro on a motorcycle without it) makes mounting a bit more of a challenge on a helmet or bike, don’t forget.

The SJ4000 WiFi Sports kit includes:

  • The SJ4000 camera with waterproof housing.
  • A bicycle handlebar mount.
  • Various base mounts and clips for the waterproof housing.
  • A USB Cable and wall outlet charger.
  • A basic multi-language instruction manual (.pdf).
  • A microfiber lens cleaning cloth, some hook-and-loop strips and cable ties.

New Sports kits apparently also now include a bonus 32 GB Transcend microSD memory card, already installed in the camera. This was not included in our kit, however.

Note that 32 GB is the maximum recommended capacity for memory cards in the SJ4000.

Feature Highlights

The SJ4000 records HD video using the H.264 format in .MOV files.

Video formats include 1080p/30fps; 720p at 30fps or 60fps (confirmed that the 720p/60fps is interpolated, not actual, as we stated in our video below); and 480P (848×480) at 60fps.

Some highlights of the SJ4000 feature set include:

  • The camera also takes still photos but, like most of the other action cameras we’ve reviewed, your smartphone probably does better at that.
  • The camera kit also includes a 900mAH removable Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which to be honest doesn’t really keep the camera running all that long — maybe an hour or so — depending on usage.
  • The camera can be powered as a webcam but it would be impractical to do that while riding because you can’t use the waterproof housing at the same time.Note, however, that there is a special waterproof housing available as an option that has a built-in connection for a car charger.
  • Continuous Shooting Burst Rate of 3, 5, 10 photos in a burst.
  • Time Lapse mode: 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds.

Interesting SJ4000 Features

The SJ4000 has a fairly extensive menu system for this type of camera (and better than most, considering the price range).

While perhaps not as extensive as the cool little Mobius action cam (review) with its large user base and extensive customization ability, the SJ4000 allows a few interesting customization possibilities, available directly through its 7-page on-board menu system:

Field of View: Sort of an undocumented feature (not mentioned in the SJCAM marketing literature that we found) is the ability to change the camera’s field of view from wide (170 degrees) to “medium” and “narrow”.

Also available is an “off” function for FOV but we’re not sure what that does.

ISO Equivalents: Not usually available in action cameras, the ISO can be set to auto (default) or 100, 200 or 400 ISO.

White Balance: Another uncommon feature is the ability to modify white balance from auto to cloudy, daylight and for incandescent lighting.

Exposure Values: The SJ4000 allows exposure changes from +3.0 to -3.0 EV in 0.33 step increments, a very uncommon feature in this type of camera.

We left the exposure and all the settings on default for our videos because that’s what most owners will do, but the exposure adjustments will come in very handy on this camera as you can see in the video because the default setting overexposes by about 1 stop.

Sharpness: Sharpness of recording can be set to “soft”, “normal” or “strong”.

Dash Cam/Loop Recording: Yes, the SJ4000 can even be used for loop recording as a dash cam, although mounting and powering the camera is challenging, so this feature isn’t as valuable as it could be.

Underwater Setting: Not sure what this does (probably accounts for light color changes under water) but it’s there as an on or off setting.

Motion Detection: The SJ4000 can be set (on/off) to start recording whenever motion is detected in front of the lens. Handy for all you stealthy Philip Marlowe types.

Miscellaneous Features: Button sounds on/off; screen dimming off/30 seconds/1 minute/3 minutes/5 minutes.

Frequency: Check to make sure the frequency is set correctly for your country (50 Hz or 60 Hz) before you connect the SJ4000 to a TV set. Ours was set at 50 Hz even though we use 60 Hz in the U.S.

Where to Buy SJCAM SJ4000

Using the SJ4000

Back in the old days (and they were not really the “good old days”, despite what others have told you), using an action camera was as difficult as using a Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system. Translation: it was a PIA.

Today, however, if you can turn the SJ4000 on, you pretty much know how to use it.

Insert the battery and microSD card, charge the camera (it takes much longer than you’d like) and press the on/off mode button in front.

Next, push the record button on top and you’re recording. Push again to stop.

Push the mode button in front a second time to access the still photo feature (and then press the button on top to snap a photo).

Press again to play back the stored photos and video on the microSD card.

Press once more to access the menu system.

There are 7 pages of menu choices and you can scroll down using the up/down arrow buttons on the side of the camera.

Push the “OK” button on top to select your choice, then scroll again to your desired setting and press “OK” again to save.

Waterproof Housing and Mount

The SJ4000 comes with a waterproof housing that for all the world looks identical to a GoPro housing and indeed, they are interchangeable as we discovered.

The SJ4000 is missing one key ingredient though: the suction cup mount with articulated arm.

But we trashed most of them and kept this $20.00 Sony suction cup mount because it has multiple degrees of freedom for positioning the camera.

You’ll need something like it for the square format of the GoPro and SJ4000.

SJ4000 WiFi

The SJ4000 WiFi version, as its name implies, has a WiFi connectivity feature.

What’s surprising about it is that the WiFi connectivity is not only easy to use, it actually works — the first time and (so far) every time.

We absolutely did not expect this, because too many of the “connected” action cameras we’ve reviewed in the past have so many problems and issues with both initiating and maintaining a connection.

There’s a little homework to be done before the first connection.

First, start the WiFi system in the SJ4000 by pressing the “up” button on the side of the camera (the up button also has a WiFi pictogram).

Of course, you’ll need a smartphone or tablet and you’ll have to switch the WiFi connection from your home router or wherever it’s currently connected and select the SJ4000.

A password is displayed on the SJ4000’s live view screen (hint: you can actually change the password if you’d like by using the menu system). Enter the password on your smart device and you’re in.

Again, this was surprisingly — dare we say shockingly? — simple, fast, easy and it works every time.

Press the WiFi button on the side of the camera once, connect with the phone or tablet (if the password is saved, it doesn’t have to be re-entered) and it works.

But…it’s not a necessity by any means for using and enjoying the SJ4000.

Once it’s set up and running, the SJCAM app (available here for download) can be used to change the camera settings and get a live view.

Other than using the live view to aim the camera if it’s mounted on a helmet or the side of the bike, the WiFi connection isn’t really necessary and, in fact, burns up precious battery life.

Bottom line? The WiFi connectivity is fun to play with but not really necessary.

Where to Buy SJCAM SJ4000

Video Quality

The best way that we found to enjoy the SJ4000 video is to record at the 1080p/30fps setting.

Using 60fps is usually better for motorcycles because more frames make for a smoother video.

But the SJ4000’s 720p/60fps setting is interpolated from 30fps and we found that the quality of the 720p/60fps video isn’t as good as the 1080p/30fps versions.

The 1080p video is sharp and clear and the exposure is good, with some noticeable switching back and forth as the camera enters shadows and light.

Some minimal modifications to exposure can be made in the menu system, as noted in previous sections, but don’t expect anything like DSLR style customization.

For general motorcycle use and posting to Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, etc., it’s perfectly acceptable.

One other thing: we noticed that when the camera is in the waterproof housing with the solid clear back installed, the sound is recorded without wind noise (albeit at a lower volume). So this is something of an extra bonus.


The SJCAM SJ4000 is easy to use — easier, in fact, than the last GoPro we tried.

The price is very reasonable, although you’ll need some type of accessory mounting system and the square GoPro-type camera format can be a but clumsy to use on a helmet or motorcycle.

Also, many of the existing GoPro accessories can be used with the SJ4000 — and there are plenty of those available today.

If you’re into a square format motorcycle action camera, the SJ4000 is a, well, square deal at something like 1/3 the cost of a GoPro system.

And honestly, no one will be able to tell the difference in your YouTube videos.

Where to Buy SJCAM SJ4000

Owner Comments and Feedback

From “H.S.” (October 2020): “Good review of the SJ4000 WiFi. I think it’s a credible entry into the world of action cams, and it’s certainly a bargain.

I’ve owned a GoPro Hero4 Silver (review), my second action camera, for a year or so now. My first was the Liquid Image Ego 727 I reviewed, more of which in a bit.

The Hero4 Silver — now itself superseded by the recently introduced Hero5 series — offers some advantages over the SJ4000 WiFi.

Whether it’s worth about four times the cost of the SJ4000 is dependent on a user’s requirements and budget, certainly.

In thinking about this, here’s what I came up with.

Hardware: The GoPro can accept a 64 GB microSD card, vs. 32 GB for the SJ4000, if max capacity matters.

Next, the GoPro has several FOV settings. Those fisheye effects may be appropriate for some sports videos, but I seriously prefer the “medium” setting, and use it for my videos.

I believe the GoPro’s 60 FPS recordings are not interpolated, which may be important in some situations.

Last, based on some of my videos, I think the GoPro handles the combination of sunlight and shade a little better than the SJ400. That is, I think it has a greater exposure range.

Software: The smartphone app for the Hero4 seems more polished, at least on the iPhone, than the SJ4000 app. And, like you, I’ve never had a problem connecting the Hero4 to the phone.

Firmware updates have been released regularly.

This is one area in which the Ego 727 fell short: Liquid Image stopped releasing updates, and it’s not as if the firmware was somehow, magically, perfect at the time.

The maker of the SJCAM series, Shenzhen Hongfeng Century Technology Co., Ltd., seems more serious about updating software. Whether this practice will continue, and be on a par with GoPro, remains to be seen.

Aftermarket Hardware Compatibility: You note that SJCAM offers an optional waterproof case that can also keep the SJ4000 charged. I’d want that, if I had an SJ4000.

As it turns out, I bought a similar product from 3BR Powersports for my Hero4, their “X-PWR All-weather external power case“. I added their special USB cable and their Panel TAPP.

As with the Hero4 itself, the 3BR products are more expensive than the SJCAM offering (in fact, more expensive than the SJ4000 WiFi itself). However, the 3BR suite is end-to-end waterproof, unlike the SJCAM’s termination with a cigarette-lighter style plug.

Caught in the rain, I’d much rather have the 3BR products.

Last, I wonder about the compatibility of some of the GoPro products that mount on their stock case. For instance, I’ve used some of the GoPro underwater filters; these slip over the GoPro case, and I’m not sure whether they’ll work with the SJ4000.

Aftermarket Software Compatibility: For many of my videos, I use a priced version of a product called TrackAddict on my iPhone.

TrackAddict can start the GoPro’s recording, while simultaneously starting the phone’s collecting GPS-based data such as speed and altitude.

I think this an interesting capability, and this synchronization also eliminates the need for buying additional hardware (unless you want a higher GPS sampling rate). I employed this in my two recent on-track videos (on Vimeo), for instance, here and here.

The data was merged with the GoPro’s video using “Race Render 3“.

Unfortunately, this aspect of TrackAddict seems limited to some GoPro cameras, the Garmin VIRB (review), and 360fly models.

This may be a factor of market share, or it may be the result of the FJ4000’s hardware and software — I have no idea.

HP Tuners, the maker of TrackAddict, is not the only player in this game. I suspect that you’ll find similar compatibility limitations with competitive products.

Summary: That’s it, from my experience. I don’t know whether these differences justify the cost of going with the market leader, but I hope it gives you something to think about if you consider the purchase a long-term investment.

For just getting started, however, it certainly seems like the SJ4000 WiFi may be just the ticket.”

Editor’s Note: Simplicity and ease of use is most important, according to feedback from webBikeWorld readers.

Thus, the SJ4000 and especially the very easy-to-use Sena Tube (review) are among the top picks if all you want to do is “press and go” and get some quick video for social media.

From “P.S.” (October 2020): “Just read your review for the SJ4000. Glad you did, cause I bought one a year or so ago and didn’t know how it fared against the big gun of GoPro and such.

Also, I just found out that their might be an update for the software, will be checking this. Some features I didn’t know about (instruction from a year ago are lousy at best) which I will explore.

AAs for the connectivity… Well for me it doesn’t go that easy. I used it with and iPad and an iPhone and it doesn’t repeat, it lags, bugs, lose image and so on. I’ve kind of gave up on that feature.

Maybe the software update will help, but I was wondering if your experience was with Apple product or Android?

Was also wondering if the 480/60 frame was a 30 frame extrapolated?

As always, great work, always a joy to read you Keep up the great work, I like you a lot!”

Editor’s Reply: No Apple products are used here so the connection was with an Android phone and Android tablet.

You do have to stop the home router WiFi connection first, then connect the SJ4000 WiFi only, as a single WiFi connection to your phone or tablet.

But, I’m not sure how this would work on an Apple device.

Also, I think the 480p/60fps is interpolated also, that’s probably one of the things that keeps the cost low.

Neobux Review – The $0.60 per HOUR massive Waste of Time

❓ Is NEOBUX A Scam❓ Nah, but you WON’T be earning $40, $60, or $100 per day as some say. Read my review to find out the FULL TRUTH and WHY I DON’T Recommend It.

Hey Folks, Jeff Lenney here and thanks for stopping by to check out my NeoBox Review. Neobux, much like other paid survey type sites, is a huge waste of time in my opinion.

So far, I’ve reviewed quite a few sites like this and NONE have been able to generate money anywhere CLOSE to creating a full-time income. They pay PENNIES at best, and you’ll be putting A LOT of time in for a few bucks here and there.

Table of Contents

So far NONE of these have been worth much of anything, and half of them were (legitimately) flat out scams just out to steal your money.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you what actually DOES work at the end of this review, but first I want to give you my full NeoBux Review.

I want you to know upfront, I am NOT saying that Neobux is a scam. YES you can really earn money with it, but the time you put in is NOT worth it in my opinion, which is why I strongly discourage you from joining.

Anyways, let’s get started! But first of all..

What IS NeoBux and how does it work?

Basically, you sign up for a free account over at https://www.neobux.com/ – then ss a member you can earn simply by viewing all the advertisements they display.

Anyways, NeoBux has been around since 2008, and is owned by a man only known as “Fernando”.

In the program, you’re able to earn money for simply clicking on ads in their network.

Sounds easy right?

But the pay is ONLY $0.001 to $0.01 per ad click. (Yes, that’s 1/10th of a penny).

They, naturally, also say you can earn more money by sending referrals to their website, but there are definitely much more lucrative ways to making money online. (FYI – you have to click on 100 ads AND wait 15 days before you’re able to refer people to their website, and you’re limited to only 30 referrals at first).

Anyways, after your first 30 people and as you grow as a member, they’ll allow you to refer more people under you.

You also get paid for the clicks your REFERRALS make, and if they upgrade their memberships you can get paid even more. (FYI> the cost to upgrade your membership is $90.00 per year..so you’re literally PAYING money to make a tiny bit more, not at all worth it)

SO – if you refer a ton of people under you (like a pyramid scheme?) it’s possible to make a LITTLE money, but it’s a ton of work to get the referrals, and becomes almost like a full time job.

There are a few more ways to make money too, such as playing ad prize games which gives you the CHANCE to win points or money – but it’s not worth it as you need to play MANY times in order to have a chance at ‘winning’.

Neobux Adprize Games

“Neobux COIN Offers” (that don’t hit your acct for 60 days)

There are other ways to make money as well, such as Paid Surveys, Mini Jobs, etc – but half of them require you to sign up for a NEW site of one of it’s advertisers, and in many cases give them your credit card information as well to become a paid member.

My NeoBux Review: I signed up to show you

So, once you sign up it’s pretty easy to get started – you just click on ‘view advertisements’ on top and get a full chart of ads you’re able to click on.

They’ve got a pretty good anti-cheat program in place, so if you think you’re going to find some software that magically clicks on and views the ads for you, think again.

So far, in my testing, it takes about 10-12 SECONDS to view one advertisement as you have to click it, click a red dot to prove you’re a human (and not a bot), then ‘wait for the advertisement to load’ before you get your credit.

This is what it says once the ad has fully loaded and you earn your credit.

At this rate, you’d be able to view about 5-6 ads per minute – keep in mind many of these pay $0.001 – which is 1/10th of ONE-CENT.

In simple terms, you’ll need to click on 10 of these, taking 10-12 seconds EACH , to earn 1 PENNY.

Let’s break down the potential earnings from NeoBux:

  • $0.005 Cents (1/2 of a penny) per ad click
  • 32 seconds to watch the ad
  • 64 Seconds (just over 1 minute) to earn 1 CENT
  • $0.60 (60 cents) per HOUR

Yes, there are other ad clicks that pay a little more – some pay $0.005 (1/2 a Penny) per click, but I was not able to find any paying higher then that.

My Advice, stay the heck away, don’t get drawn into this or any OTHER paid survey sites. NO – Neobux is NOT a scam, as they really do pay out – BUT the amount of income you earn vs the time you put into it is less than many people in 3rd world countries earn.

Anyways, if you want to find out how you can actually make LEGIT money online, i’ll show you! ��

What I’m going to show you next really works!

I have good news, making money online is a real thing! AND – the best part? It’s MUCH more lucrative and for many (including myself) is a real, full time, online business!

You see this blog here? (The one you’re reading this review on)? I run it, and make money with it daily as an AFFILIATE for many programs that teach people, like you, how to REALLY make money online.

I try to be 100% upfront and honest about everything I do on it. (Which is why I warn you to avoid these types of programs, instead of giving them glowing recomendations)

Feel free to google me, Jeff Lenney, you’ll find tons of good things about me and the success people have had following my advice & recommendations!

Anyways, There’s an amazing program I know of, it’s 100% legit and you can make MUCH more than these silly surveys or ad click websites pay you.

Here’s the Link To Sign Up:

Don’t mind the flashiness of the video, it may seem too good to be true, he’s the real deal and I would not recommend him otherwise.

I’ve seen people BRAND NEW to the internet make money with it. Are you next?

P.S. Have you tried Neobux? Shout out below and tell me about YOUR results!

  • Jeff Lenney
  • September 15, 2020
  • Product-Reviews
Jeff Lenney

My Name is Jeff Lenney. I’m an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert. Read my Other Posts Here: Jeff Lenney’s Articles

guys it is really good

LOL – Found the Neobux Employee!

Please guys don’t depend on others comment try yourself then you realize what’s true yesterday I just sign up for neobux within 20 minutes I earned $1.80

Big Baller in the house!!

I have never had a problem with Neobux. I am a gold member, and I have been with neobux around 8-9 years. It used to be good, I mean there would be over 100 ads every day, so I could make 20-30 dollars a week. No, not a lot, but it was a good deal for me. Now, it’s not nearly as good. Sometimes there aren’t even 20 ads to click. I have 780 referrals, and lately, they haven’t been doing very well. I was going to cancel my membership last year, but I decided to give it another try, and if it was the same thing, I would quit. I think that’s what’s going to happen here.

I had 4 accounts with over 45,000 rented referrals across the 4 accounts that took me 3 years to accumulate at a cost of approximately $18,000 out of pocket between 2020 to 2020. I had a decent amount of monthly income of about $1,500 to $1,800 which I was able to cash out to paypal every so often.

From 2020 to 2020, they slowly killed my accounts. The rented referral averages dropped from .70’s to Jeff Lenney says:

Wow, that’s crazy – thanks for sharing, Mike!

yes they pay..but nothing to earn

So how I exactly make money…? Can you give me suggestions.?

Did you read the article at all? I gave a nice suggestion at the very end…. ��

Stay away from Neobux!! Its the biggest hoax on the internet. Their rented referals are a mix of bots and real people and admin controll how much click you get from them.
Years ago Neobux implemented some thing they called a referal filter. That means a rented referal must go through a filter before he can be avalaible for rent, but that is nonsens and a big lie. If that was true the click average of rented referals would be about the same, but as the years goes by the average dropped. Nowadays the average is about 50% of what it was 8 years ago.
New members sign up with Neobux thinking they found something that gonna work, they rent a few referrals and they work pretty well in the beginning, and they rent some more..
Then they do their first BIG mistake and pay 90 USD for a Golden membership because they think the benefit will increase – instead of having 0.005 USD from referral clicks you will get 0.01 after you have paid 90 USD and become a Goldem member.
But guess what?
In a week or two the referral average have dropped so much you barely earn anything. This has happened to MANY people, internet are filled with complaints and questions why the average dropped when they upgraded to Golden.
I’ve been a Neobux member in the past so I know what I am talking about.
Dont let this asshole Jose Fernando Teixeira Rato scam you. He talks well, and have a honey-tongue but if I ever goes to Porto I will find this little prick and we’ll have a nice conversation. I wonder if he will be as sarcastick and rude eye to eye as he is on the neobux forum hiding behind the screen.

Even me too . I was there since 4 years . partially invested around 3500 dollars excluding re-investing out of profit. The way I cashed out after 3.5 yrs , (just to check) amount like 5 something dollar, I received the money but, they lowered the average.
First I thought it was nothing to worry about. But, day by day decreasing?? I can’t post in forums . Don’t know what to do I”m running in loss each and every months… Filed ticket, they responded that the average in not under their responsible. Closed.
Massive Waste OF Time . and money . They even blamed PayPal. Truth is PayPal left them. Forever. Who Knows for what.
Readers please, just secure your money . Learn from others and move with caution.

Theres this very annoying fake site I think you should do a review on up1line.com I have been trying to warn people on how fake they are but don’t know how to get it done. Gave them more thank the clicks and referral they asked for at first but they keep increasing the target.

Neobux is a complete scam, I was an ultimate member with 20000 rented referrals and they manipulated my average down to 0.1. My direct refs which all came from ptc advertising had either an average of 4 or zero, none of this nonsensical 1, 2, or 3 clicks like you see on rented refs. The rented refs are all bots, period. If you have rented refs, try to get as much money out as you can and be aware that your rented ref average will be manipulated down with every cashout. Don’t be as naive as I was and learn from my mistake, do not rent referrals. They silenced me on their forums too so I couldn’t post my stats.

I also was in your position. Had been a member of Neobux for almost 9 years, having Ultimate membership and they manipulate my referal click below my Break Even Point. I ‘ve paid more than $6000 USD to buy referrals, but after PayPal left something happened. Referral clicks stars to fall, for everyone showing their stats on the forum and if you complain about it the post will be deleted, or maybe your whole account will be terminated.
Admin on that site is a dictator who would make Kim Jong Un jealous.
The most silly thing is I thought that I could always let my referals expire and I would get my money. Wrong!
If you let referals expire you have to pay a fee, which will rise the more you let expire. On top of that you also have to wait 30 days if you let more than 200 expire before you can make a payment request again (if you have any funds left on your neoBux account).
Stay away from this fraud!

Sites like these are obviously made to be automated by bots. No sane human being will click these ads every day for fractions of pennies. The trick is to sign up to a 100 or so PTC sites and automate them all. Then you write a blog talking about how great they are and leave referral links for direct referrals to sign up under you so you gain even more money.

Yes, it’s a scam. And you have accept your part of that scam. In the end, you’re ripping off advertisers, so I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. It’s not illegal. I’m not even convinced it’s unethical. Even the advertisers know they’re getting bot views.

They do a pretty good job at keeping bots from clicking the ads – and believe me, people will click all day if they think they can make an easy buck.

As for bot traffic, I don’t know of a single advertiser (and I know many) that want fake views to their site – brings zero benefits.

They closed my account without sending notification.

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