TitanTrade Review – Is it Scam or Legit Broker

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XTradeChain Review: Scam or Legit Trading Company?

Welcome to my XTradeChain review.

XTradeChain is a revenue sharing program designed to look like a trading platform. There is no proof of any trading in the Forex markets or Crypto Currency but the whole idea is to make a certain percentage of your investment in a daily basis.

I don’t know how you were introduced to this site but I’m sure it was in a way that you were under the impression that you were going to be making money.

You might think you are going to do some trading but that’s not what is really going on here.

Follow along in this review and I will show you exactly what is going on behind the scenes of XTradeChain.

Not many can understand how these sites work, so I hope with the information I will provide you can make wiser decisions.

Let’s get on with the show as I’m sure you are anxious to learn more.

Table of Contents

XTradeChain Review – Product Overview

Name: XTradeChain

Owner: Unknown

Type of Business: Revenue sharing (not trading)

Overall Rating: 1/5 stars

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Broker!
    Best Choice For Beginners!
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XTradeChain has way too many red flags. There is no trading going on here and this is not a trusted company. Avoid this at all costs and don’t waste your time with this one.

If you are looking to make real money online, you can always checkout my top recommended program but please do not waste your time and money with XTradeChain.

What is XTradeChain?

There aren’t any reviews about this program just yet besides the one on Scamadvisor.com, which doesn’t help much.

They do mention that the domain is only two months old but they also give it a 91% trust factor, which is not something you should base your trust on.

The site is not even a year old and there is no indication of who owns or runs the site.

That alone is not a good sign and all you get from that is the fact that it is completely brand new.

What they do claim is that they are doing some trading and you can invest and get 2.65% paid daily based on the amount you invest.

With trading being such an up and down, 50/50 kind of thing, how can such a percentage be promised?

Well, I have the answer for that too.

The Product/Service (Trading)

The first thing you notice on XTradeChain is the nice looking website but most especially the nice little boxes they created.

Not only does it look legit but it gets you thinking that this is a real deal trading platform.

Crypto Currency and Forex “trading” sites are all over the place, which is not normal.

Forex trading has been around for decades but just now are they being promoted heavily.

I have traded in the past, so I know how complicated things can be, especially with all the scam brokers out there.

However, these make money Forex trading sites like X Trade Chain are completely different.

They give you the impression that they are a trading company when they really aren’t.

Just like FX Trading Corp and Statum Global which I reviewed recently, X Trade Chain uses trading as their service.

Not to say that they are trading but they claim to do it or they will be nothing but a nice little Ponzi scheme.

What XTradeChain Really is

XTradeChain is nothing more than a high yield investment program (HYIP) or what we online people know as a revshare.

Revshares are programs that come with a very specific software that distributes money equally between all of its members, depending on the amount they invest.

So rather than making money from trading like they claim, money is generated through the funds that its members invest.

With the program distributing funds at a decent rate, it gives the company more time to get others to join.

By doing this, everyone can continue to recruit so that payments aren’t delayed.

The Incentives

This is exactly how money keeps rolling in with XTradeChain and every other revenue sharing program out there.

Without this and you can bet that this whole thing will shutdown in a heartbeat.

Then the owners will come up with some excuse as to why they aren’t paying.

“payment processors are giving them a hard time”

“the funds are being held due to some legal matters”

Once you start hearing excuses, it is a sure sign that the company is about to disappear.

But to prevent that from happening, you are offered a nice little incentive.

For every person you bring into X Trade Chain, you will get a certain percentage of what they put in.

It is usually 10%, which means you get $10 for every $100 that your referral puts in.

With programs like this, it is very common that people put in over $1,000 as they understand how this whole operation works.

What to Look Out For

Before you join XTradeChain or any other so called trading program, there are several things that you must know and understand.

There are too many people that join and don’t know what they are getting involved with.

They put money in and then think they can just get their money back like this is some kind of retail store.

Well it’s not and this is the part of this review that you should pay attention to the most.

So before you even make a deposit, let me show you what you need and should know about these programs.

1. It Will Take at Least a Month Before You See Any Profits

You will see all kinds of proof that others are making money with XTradeChain and that’s just how it is.

By doing that, they will get you to see that they in fact are making money.

They are not lying but you do need to know that they are most likely not in profit.

They are hoping that you and many others jump on board so that they can at least get back what they put in.

Just don’t expect to get your initial investment in 2 weeks as it will take at least one month before you get that back.

2. Big Investments Are Necessary

Those that have been doing this stuff for a while know exactly what to do and usually know when a new revshare is about to launch.

They get in early and put in a lot of money.

Not only are they going to make more money but they are going to do it faster than those that put in the bare minimum.

When dealing with sites like this, you will not make anything if you plan on going with little money.

Those that get in early are the ones that will win, while those that get in later will do nothing but pay the early birds.

Once things start to slow down, they will take what they’ve made and move on to the next best thing.

This also leads to my next point.

3. There Are No Refunds

Too often do you see people join a revshare and then try to get their money back.

That’s not how it works.

Once you put your money in, there is no turning back.

Being that most newer members are told that you need to invest a good amount, they will take their grocery money and use it to invest.

Then they realize that they will not see any profits until at least a month and then try to ask for a refund.

Not gonna happen.

So to save you from making that same mistake, understand that there are no refunds.

4. There Are No Guarantees

On top of not being able to get your money back, there is also a chance that you will not even make any money.

And on top of that, there is also a chance that you might not even get back what you put in.

Judging by the statistics on XTradeChain, it doesn’t look like this is going to be your best bet when it comes to revshares.

Not because it’s low but because it does not tell the truth.

I can promise you that there isn’t 55,000 + members and there is also not 25+ trading professionals.

I can get past disguising revshares with something like trading but adding more lies is not going to fly.

Not to mention the wrong spelling for the word statistics (statics).

5. This Will Not Last

Not a single revhsare will last.

I don’t care if there are actual owners trying to keep them around forever, the truth is that none will ever withstand the test of time.

Well, there’s just no way that you can keep having new members join.

It’s that simple and that is why they will not last.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise because they either don’t know what they are talking about or they are just trying to get you to join so that they can make money.

Should You Join XTradeChain?

As much as I try to pick out the good in any company, XTradeChain has nothing good to show for.

They have no reputation and there are just too many red flags.

For one, you can see all the poor grammar sprinkled on their site.

That doesn’t make sense but it doesn’t beat the actual members they mention.

Oliver Jones and James Arron are the founders?

The company is based out of Dubai but that’s who owns it?

that makes no sense and more reason for you to avoid this one.

There are hundreds of revenue sharing programs out there and I can promise you that this is not your best option.

I did revshares back in the day and they aren’t like they used to be.

Everything is disguised as a trading platform and there is no trading happening.

Before they used advertising as its product, which was at least honest in that department.

These days, revshares have gone down the hill and everything is complete garbage.

Like I said earlier, they will not last and that’s just the reality of things.

My Recommendation

Forget about trying to roll the dice when it comes to making money online.

I’ve done it in the past and although it can make you money, revshares will not be your ticket to financial freedom.

If you want to make real money online, it is going to require some work, determination, and most especially the right program.

I personally recommend the affiliate marketing business model as that is a real way to make money online.

Besides that, I don’t recommend you join XTradeChain.

It looks too shady and I doubt there is anyone making a decent income.

I hope this XTradeChain review has helped you understand what is really going on here and I most especially hope that you can make a wiser decision.

Making money online is great but it isn’t going to happen with this one.

Until next time, great job in doing your research and remember to always be scam smart.

About John

I hope you enjoyed that post. I’m John and I am the owner of this site. I like to think I’m a normal dude just like everyone else but that wouldn’t make me unique. I do have 4 kids and I have gone through the hardest of times, most especially financially. With some learning and growing, I have managed to get back on my feet and live the laptop lifestyle most people only dream of. With that knowledge, I hope to align you with a real and legit way to make money online.

Is TextBroker Legit? – Does It Really Work or Is It A Scam? [Full Review]

There’s never been a better time to be a writer… or at least that’s what I’ve been told. There’s two sides to that story, but one thing is certain; websites like Textbroker make it a lot easier to get started.

A lot of these “writer” sites are scams though, so which ones can you trust? Is Textbroker legit? In this review I’ll go over that because if you love writing, it’s probably your dream to earn a living as writer. I get it. This website was born from my dream to become a paid writer and while it’s not exactly how I imagined I’d earn my income writing, I now get to help others. In this review I’ll discuss the following topics…

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Text Broker. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.
See full disclaimer for more info

What Is Textbroker?

Textbroker is a content marketplace that connects freelance writers with clients to collaborate on projects that include product descriptions, press releases, web copy, blog posts, technical articles, white papers, social media posts and news stories.

Their client base ranges from small and large businesses to independent bloggers and publishing houses.

Personally… I recommend writing for yourself as it’s far more lucrative, but content mills like Textbroker do have their place in the work-at-home industry.

Founded in 2007 by Jan Becker-Fochler in Germany, Textbroker is now headquartered in Las Vegas and one of the most popular content marketplaces.

Is Textbroker a Scam?

No… Textbroker is not a scam, but when your business involves a work-at-home/make money online opportunity, people get suspicious.

As home-based freelancing becomes more common I think perceptions will change, but for now… any company operating in this industry will be dealing with the inevitable scam accusations and comparisons.

And for good reason…

There’s a lot of scams out there. Some content marketplaces have a reputation of doing things like cancelling accounts for no reason and finding creative ways to avoid paying their writers.

That’s not the case with Textbroker.

Having said that… the reason you may have heard (or read) that Textbroker isn’t legit is because of the low pay. It’s hard enough to make good money as a freelance writer. but with Textbroker it’s unlikely you’ll even earn minimum wage.

Does that mean they’re not legit?

The important word here is “freelancer”. You are effectively a contract worker managing a home business and Textbroker is your client. You have full discretion whether to accept or refuse a project, but because you’re not an employee, there are no minimum pay obligations.

With an estimated 100,000 writers and financial backing from Viewpoint Capital, Textbroker has a good reputation of being reliable and paying on time. They are definitely legit.

Who Is Textbroker For?

As an opportunity, Textbroker is for the aspiring freelancer. Anyone who loves to write. loves getting paid to write.

While professional freelance writers can earn from $250 – $1000 or more per post, everyone has to start somewhere right?

With Textbroker you’ll make a fraction of that but the great thing about freelancing is that you diversify to add many sources of income.

You can also make money doing things like online surveys with sites like surveyjunkie.com for example, or watching videos, searching the web, and visiting websites with swagbucks.com.

These can only provide extra spending money of course, but when you’re freelancing, every little bit counts and make the difference between quitting your day job or suffering through it even longer.

If you’re serious about creating a real work-at-home lifestyle, starting an online business may be your best option.

Making money from home might even be something you need because of health, children at home or just a desperate need to escape the rat race. There are countless opportunities out there today, Textbroker being one of them.

If an online business is what you want though, then a starting point is what you’re going to need in order to get what you want.

Now, I’m going to give you a free step by step beginner’s guide to making money online and you can get it by clicking HERE.

How Does It Work?

Becoming an author for Textbroker is a four-step process…

1. Registration

I’m not sure why, but Textbroker is asking for a lot here. Maybe too much. But, it’s their site… so their rules.

You will need to provide your name and email of course, but you’ll also be asked for your full address, phone number, profession, date of birth and gender. They’ll also need for proof of US residency and a selfie showing your ID using your web or laptop cam.

If you’re a non-US writer, I’ll talk more about that below and explain how you can still write for Textbroker.

2. Submit a Writing Sample

Once you’ve registered you can either write a sample on a topic of your choosing, or provide one that you already have. It needs to be a minimum of 200 words and on something you’re familiar with.

3. Rating Assignment

It may take a week or two before you hear back from them after you’ve submitted your sample, at which point Textbroker’s editors will assign you a ranking between 2 and 5 stars. Your ranking determines the projects you work on and your pay rate.

4. Setting Up Your Profile

Now that you’re “in” you can set up your author profile. This can be a lengthy process but it’s important because it’s what clients will see.

The main areas will appear as tabs.

  • General Info – Add your resume here along with things like pay rate (for direct orders) and availability (how many words you can commit to per week).
  • Abilities – Under this tab you’ll be asked to fill in your education, occupation, industry experience and type of writing you specialize in (eg. interviews, speeches, press releases)
  • Writing Samples – the most important thing a client wants to know about you is how well you write. Here you can include up to 3 original writing samples so they can see I your writing matches what they’re looking for.
  • Languages – Include any other languages you are fluent in so you can accept projects in those languages. You can also include writing samples here.
  • Interests – These are topics you like to write about. Clients often search by topic for a list of writers and filling in this section will improve your visibility.
  • Travel – Listing the places you’ve traveled gives clients a better overall picture of who you are, what your experience level is, and it can shortlist you for projects that require specific knowledge of a location.

Once you’ve completed this step (which may be a few weeks from the time you originally applied) you can start writing.

Finding Projects

When you’re new, the main way to find projects is to search for them. But as you gain experience there are other ways to land jobs within Textbroker.

Choose a Project

When you’re starting out this is how you’ll get work. Clients will submit projects and request writers with a specific quality rating. These go into an open order queue where you can search by topic and author rating.

Direct Order

As you establish relationships with clients they may request you specifically. You can negotiate your own per-word-price for direct orders regardless of your rating.

I should also mention here that the price you set is not the price the client pays. Textbroker adds 30% which is something you’ll need to consider when coming up with a fair rate.

Team Orders

I’m not entirely certain how team orders work or what the criteria is to join a team. However… other members have reported that being part of a team pays better with a higher number of available projects.

When a client submits a team project they set the per-word-price.

Textbroker Pay

For all the positive comments and reviews about Textbroker, this is where they fall short. It’s not likely you’ll earn enough to write for them full-time.

As mentioned earlier, your pay is determined by your rank(2 – 5 stars)… which is set by Textbroker’s editorial staff. I’ve included (below) an example of what a 500-word article would pay based on your author rank.

  • 2-Star – .7 cents/word (500 words pays $3.50)
  • 3-Star – 1 cent/word (500 words pays $5.00)
  • 4-Star – 1.4 cents/word (500 words pays $7.00)
  • 5-Star – 5 cents/word (500 words pays $25.00)

There’s a significant jump from a 4 star writer to a 5 star writer and although you may consider yourself a really good writer, your ranking can be affected by the type of projects you choose.

For example… you may knock it out of the park when it comes to first person POV articles, but struggle with third-person news releases and sales copy.

Choosing the wrong projects could mean rejections from clients which will not only hurt your rankings but could get your account closed.

I don’t know what their criteria is for 5-star writers but it’s a fair assumption that they are competent in most styles.

Everyone has to start somewhere though.

If writing for those rates doesn’t interest you, you can also make money doing online surveys on surveyjunkie.com or swagbucks.com. Swag Bucks even pays you for things like watching videos, searching the web, and visiting websites.

Like writing 500 words for $7 though, surveys don’t pay very much. They are a good first step for a lot of people learning to make money online but to make a decent income you’d have to so something more, like start an online business instead.

If making real money from home is what you want , then getting your foot in the door and learning where to start is what you need in order to get what you want.

To learn how I did it, I’m going to give you a free step by step beginner’s guide to making money online and you can grab it by clicking HERE.

Textbroker’s Fee

Having purchased content before it’s important to remember that your per-word-rate is not the same as the clients. Textbroker collects a fee as well.

When buying an article for example, I had to keep in mind that the writer was not getting the entire $20 or $30 I was spending and adjust my expectations accordingly.

Likewise, as a writer you might think the client is only paying you a certain amount, but they are actually paying more, and I’ve seen this in many of the complaints…

“The client is only paying me xxx for this… what do they expect?”

So… building client relationships and establishing long-term projects goes a lot smoother when you’re on the same page here and understand each other.

With that said, these are the client rates…

  • 2-Star – 1.3 cents/word (500 words cost is $6.50)
  • 3-Star – 1.8 cent/word (500 words cost is $9.00)
  • 4-Star – 2.4 cents/word (500 words cost is $12.00)
  • 5-Star – 7.2 cents/word (500 words cost is $36.00)

As you can see, the amount the client is paying is significantly more than what Textbroker is paying.

For example… if you’re a 5-Star writer earning $25 for 500 words, the client is actually paying $36 and right or wrong, they expect a $36 article.

When you do the math, Textbroker’s fee ranges between 30% and 47% depending on star-ranking, which is among the highest in the industry.

Pay Method and Frequency

There’s a small minimum payout of $10 before you can request a payout which must be submitted by 11:59 pm (pacific time) on Thursdays. Your pay will be transferred via PayPal by the end of business Friday.

To request payment there’s a green button in your account that says “Account – Pay-off”.

Non-US Writers

I was originally under the impression that Textbroker was only for US residents, and that’s certainly what they advertise.

However, when you’re on their website there’s small tab in the right-hand corner that says “International”. When you click on it there’s a drop down menu of languages you can choose from.

If you’re looking for English writing jobs outside of the US you’ll have to click on UK (English).

You can follow the corresponding author pages to the Textbroker International application which says they’re hiring writers from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the Republic of Ireland.

What I’m not sure about is whether you’ll have access to the same clients that US writers do. I don’t see why not but if that’s the case I’m sure Textbroker has their reasons. And, there may be more than enough jobs outside the US to keep you busy anyway.

Textbroker Tips

These are some tips and suggestions related to Textbroker and writing in general. If you’re a seasoned writer and freelancer you can skip ahead… but if you’re new, maybe you’ll find them helpful…

    Don’t Use Quotes – Avoid using quotes when you’re writing content as Textbroker has a strict policy when it comes to copied content. It goes through an automatic checker (software that runs it through CopyScape maybe) and if it comes up with any duplicated content… quotes included, your content will be kicked back to you.

It’s easier to just avoid using quotes altogether.

Use Textbroker’s Writer Resources – As a writer, it’s easy for me to be overly confident and assume that I know what I’m doing. The truth though, is that I’ve been writing my own way for more than thirty years and I’ve developed a ton of bad habits that wouldn’t pass editorial review.

Textbroker has many tutorials, videos and a community you can learn from.

Take Care of Yourself – Another issue that I (and many other writers) have suffered from is neglecting our health and developing bad posture. If you’re just starting out this might seem like a “parent’s lecture”… but believe me, after hundreds of thousands of words hunched over a laptop screen and snacking on unhealthy food, you’ll think differently.

Use a timer, take breaks, walk, and if possible set yourself up with a large high-res monitor at eye level… your back, neck and shoulders will thank you.

Of course, it goes without saying you should eat healthy…. not just for your physical health but for the cognitive benefits of a proper diet. When I’m eating healthy I write significantly faster, remain focused for longer, and my work requires far less editing because the original draft was much better.

Textbroker Employee Reviews and Complaints

Most of Textbroker’s employee reviews are good, but like any company, they have their fair share of complaints. Some of the issues reported I’ve already discussed above.

  • Low pay.
  • Not enough projects to work on.
  • Some clients expect 5-Star content at 3-Star prices. They can be difficult to work with requesting multiple revisions (which are both time consuming and free on your part).
  • Outdated and cumbersome user interface.

Among the positive reviews, writers are saying…

  • Textbroker is reliable and even if the pay is low, you can count on them to pay on time.
  • Can choose the jobs that interest you.
  • It’s a good environment to get started and begin developing the skills that make an effective freelance writer.

What I Like

  • There are so many shady content mills out there that it’s nice to see one that has a reputation for being honest and dependable.
  • Work when and where you want.
  • Writer resources which include tutorials, videos, community help, and regular feedback from editorial staff.
  • Projects are automatically accepted and paid for if a client doesn’t respond within 4 – 8 days (72 hours if you’re going by the client’s terms of service).

What I Don’t Like

  • No passive income potential. When you write for someone else you’ll only get paid once.
  • In most cases you’re a ghostwriter. You won’t get credit for your work and you can’t use it for your portfolio.
  • Only 24 hours to respond and re-submit revisions or your work gets sent to another writer for modification and you don’t get paid.
  • Unless you have a 5-Star ranking, the pay is painfully low.

Final Thoughts

As far as content mills go, Textbroker is one of the better ones. However, it won’t provide a full-time income.

Making money as a writer is absolutely possible, but it requires more than just writing. You need to write with a purpose and know where the money is.

Marketplaces like these can be a good stepping stone and a place to improve your craft but at some point. if you want to make a full-time income from home, you’ll need an overall freelance strategy.

Another great stepping stone if you’re not sure where to start is online surveys. Survey Junkie will pay you for your experience and opinion on various consumer topics. Swag Bucks is another company that pays you for doing things online like visiting websites, playing games, watching videos and even searching the web.

If making real money from home is what you want though, then a strategy to start your own online business and generate income from multiple sources is what you need in order to get what you want.

To learn how I did it, I’m going to give you a free step by step beginner’s guide to making money online and you can grab it by clicking HERE.

And, there are hundreds of other work at home jobs you can leverage.

The goal of most writers though, is to produce your own content… a book, blog, screenplay or whatever, and turn it into a money making asset that provides passive income.

Thanks for reading my Textbroker review and if you have any comments or questions, please share in the comments section below.

You can sign up with Textbroker here.

Investous review

Minimum deposit


Maximum leverage

Year founded


Trading platform

This is not a verified broker!

We do not recommend you trading with this broker. Its regulation and reputation is doubtful.

Investous is an interesting website – a glossy, overproduced piece of media bound to impress you if you are looking for a Forex Broker to start trading with. On the other hand, this type of overproduction brings us to the question: is Investous legit? Yet, no matter how impressive it is, there are telltale signs that the broker might not be as honest as the glossy cover page is telling you. It is our habit to look beyond what people want us to see, and in this case, we saw something that is dangerously reminiscent of a scam.

Investous review: on the surface

When first going to the website presenting Investous, we are showered with a comforting wall of information that seems beautiful, but really isn’t that telling of what the company has to offer. The first red flag I get is the fact that looking them up brings up no opinions about them by anyone, at all. A lack of Investous reviews is a dangerous sign that thins might not be all as they should be. Though this might not be the biggest problem. Let us look at their website.

Simply looking at the front page will make probably make you feel like that this could be the broker for you. Well, think about it, is there really any useful information other than the general ideas and thoughts about the platform? Yes, there might be a video at the bottom giving you a seemingly daily update on the state of the market, but this information isn’t new and it doesn’t provide you with anything that you wouldn’t already know if you were trading on a daily basis. It also was only started four days before this review was written, which does not grant the daily updates much of a record for trustworthiness. They offer general info and give you a false idea that they have won one award or another. Spoiler alert: they haven’t and this Investous review is here to show you why.

The main page offers navigation to the education page they have provided. While this is a step up from the usual scam broker decision to not educate their users, this broker only goes so far. Investous provides only brief definitions for some of the industry lingo, as well as brief summaries of a few very large concepts that would require pages upon pages of talking about. They only provide two strategies that you could use to trade with, while those knowledgeable about the industry will know there are way more than just two. They also give you access to web animated lessons that are short, barely informative and give you little knowledge yet look good in the browser. The Investous scam is using a typical scam broker approach – make everything look good, but very little effort into making it actually good.

Investous fraud account types

Investous seems to offer four account types: basic, silver, gold and platinum. Gold holds some serious advantages against the two lower-tier options, while Platinum barely offers any advantage to the Gold option. The website also tries really hard to make sure you take a good look at the gold option and end up buying it, even going as far as to suggest that you “pick this one”. I am always suspicious of companies pushing a single product onto me, especially when they seemingly offer such variety in their products. The gold also seems to be their most popular product, even though it offers private consultations with a senior manager, which would be really hard to do if the manager was actually at senior level. This makes the entire thing even more suspicious.

Something else that makes me suspicious and makes the Investous rating lower in my opinion, is the mysterious Diamond Account mentioned in their “withdrawal charges” section, which is never seen mentioned anywhere else. A sign that the scammers are not as adept at what they are doing as they thought, while also copy pasting some data from other websites.

Not the winners

If you scroll down a little on the website for the company, you will see that Investous claims that it has been awarded a couple of 2020 awards from Forex Awards. At the point of writing this review, Forex Awards has yet to publish anything regarding the 2020 awards, with 2020 awards being the highlights on the page. This is the most obvious lie they have on this website. And if you lie about one thing, how trustworthy are you really? Can Investous be trusted? My answer is: not at all. Especially if you are dealing with my money.

Investous.com review summary

So that’s the conclusion. It lies to you about its awards, misinforms you about all of the available account types and pretends to educate you while giving you barely any info. Contacting them is also pretty hard – while they do have a char support system, they do not seem to reply, ever. The conclusion? Avoid Investous like the plague!

This is not a verified broker!

We do not recommend you trading with this broker. Its regulation and reputation is doubtful.

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How To Choose Binary Options Broker 2020
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