Strong Monday Trading on the EURUSD (33 ITM)

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Chart of price change EUR/USD

Currency pair EURUSD represent the relation of EU currency – euro against US dollar. Base currency in this pair is the euro and quoted – US dollar. The euro / dollar is the most popular currency pair in the Forex market. Nearly a half of all trading speculation in the exchange market is carried out with the participation of this pair. The main distinctive features of this trading symbol are high volatility and liquidity. This tool belongs to the major trading symbols. Thanks to the activity and popularity of currency pair EURUSD, as the trading instrument, is seldom chosen both by beginners and by professional players of the Forex market.

Economic news

The yen sagged against the greenback on Monday after Japanese media reported that Prime Minister could announce a state of emergency on Tuesday to .

Investors shifted towards safe harbor assets and namely to government bonds and greenback. Benchmark U.S. 10-year bonds declined in price to last y.

The pound hit a three-week high against the euro, whereas reversed gains versus the dollar on Thursday. Still, demand for safe currencies such.

The U.S. Fed’s steps are bearing fruit and the greenback has gone up against the euro, but is still falling against the yen.

The U.S. dollar strengthened against a range of currencies on Tuesday amid demand from Japanese companies due to the end of the fiscal year, while .

The DAX 30 index started session in red, but managed to recover and gained 0.43 percent slightly to trade higher 9,700 on Monday afternoon, after B.

The dollar index, measuring the greenback value against its 6 main rivals grew by 0.33 percent, to 98,69 at 1022 GMT, as investors turned again to .

The dollar index extended the decrease for the 4th session in a row to trade a bit below 100 on Friday and was on way to post its strongest weekly .

Brokers’ Analytics

EURUSD, “Euro vs US Dollar”In the H4 chart, EURUSD slowed down its sideways movement, which may be considered as a correction of the previous ascending wave.

EURUSD, “Euro vs US Dollar”EURUSD is consolidating around 1.0800; it has expanded the range up to 1.0835 and then down to 1.0776, and right now is growing to reach 1.0825.

BTCUSD, “Bitcoin vs US Dollar”BTCUSD is trading at 6967.00; the instrument is moving above Ichimoku Cloud, thus indicating a bullish tendency. The markets could indicate .

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EURUSD, “Euro vs US Dollar”After completing another descending structure at 1.0773, EURUSD is expected to resume growing towards 1.0846 and the fall to reach 1.0830, thus.

06.04.2020EURUSD, “Euro vs. US Dollar”In the H4 chart, EURUSD is still trading below 1/8. In this case, the pair may break 0/8 and then continue falling towards the suppo.

On Thursday the 2nd of April, trading on the euro closed down, with the EURUSD pair dropping to 1.0821.

EURUSD, “Euro vs US Dollar”After completing the second half of the descending wave at 1.0830, EURUSD is consolidating near the lows. Today, the pair may test form one mor.

03.04.2020EURUSD, “Euro vs. US Dollar”In the H4 chart, EURUSD is trading below 1/8. In this case, the pair may continue falling towards the support at -1/8. However, this.

GuruTrade users Blogs

Covid-19 pandemic will cost the world economy $4.1 trillion, which is equivalent to 5 percent of GDP

Demand for the U.S. dollar remains relatively high, while one couldn’t say the same about the euro in early Friday’s trading, as investors had concerns over the subdued.

On Monday morning, February 10, EUR/USD is traded at 1.0955. The euro is slightly correcting but remains at its lowest level since early October last year.

At the European markets, the major currencies demonstrate mixed dynamics. Defensive assets (franc, yen, gold) are trading in the red, the rest — marginally higher.

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EUR/USD is expected to trade not far off 1.1400 mark. Some swings in price are likely as well as periodic attempts to drive the market out of a calm state. However, all these.

Oil markets look more predictable than, for example, the British pound. Sterling fluctuates amid political news.

The highest number of financial reports of U.S. companies for the first quarter are due to be published this week. Such tech giants as Facebook, Amazon and Google are going to post.

The most actively EURUSD currency pair is traded in Western Europe and the USA. Trading sessions of the largest centers of a currency pair turnover approximately match on time, therefore, generally movements of the couple on a price chart activity, rather smoothly with the small periods. The euro / dollar is guided by the movement of a trend, by means of the graphical analysis, it is possible to allocate a trend using levels of support and resistance.

The traders who chose this couple as a trading instrument should pay attention to the economic events, and also other fundamental factors in Western Europe and the USA, including monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank, a difference of key interest rates of the Fed and European Central Bank, reports of large corporations, and also the dynamics of the commodity markets. Another important factor having an impact on a currency pair EURUSD is geopolitical changes.

For today, the common currency of the EU and world reserve currency — US dollar, represent the largest part of global currency mass and the most liquid couple EURUSD.

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Forex trading strategy #3 (EUR/USD simple system)

As we move forward we discover a strategy that fits only chosen currency pairs.
Take a look at the next Forex trading system:

Currency pair: EUR/USD.
Time frame: 30 min.
Indicators: MACD (12, 26, 9), Parabolic SAR default settings (0.02, 0.2)

Entry rules: When Parabolic SAR gives buy signal and MACD lines crossed upwards – buy.

When Parabolic SAR gives sell signal and MACD lines crossed downwards – sell.
Exit rules: exit at the next MACD lines crossover or if the market starts trading sideways for some time.

Happy Forex trading!

Edward Revy,

Copyright © Forex Strategies Revealed

much thanks to you guys for your information. but please how does SAR and MACD indicators work because am a beginner? someone should help please!

i am sorry. i am a noob.
in my Mt4 platform MACD indicator looks different than yours. there is only 1 line.

Great strategy. I also commend you for being responsive and answering people’s questions to the best of your ability. Your mentorship is greatly appreciated.

eur/usd is all about the momentum

Hey Edward. I’m a Singaporean and am using your demo trading platform as a start. What would be the best times to trade, in SG time? Thanks in advance.

But how to make MACD to be as two lines.

are u sure that is MACD instead Stoch.

best regards,

Hello Edward, I am getting into the FOREX market today. Always had an interest but now I am finally pulling the trigger. Listening to what the pros and most successful traders are saying, I am going to trade a demo account for at least three months. So tell me, where can I go to get what I need to setup my office. Monitors how many, what business/news networks to watch, where to get updated trade info about the EUR/USD. I am going to solely focus on this currency pair. Simple and focused is my business strategy. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Chris DeShazer

thx Edward Revy for this strategy

i think if we add a RSI(21) we Overcome false signals

can this work all timee

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It is up to you and noone else.
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This strategy looks very good & simple! I´ll test it in the M15 of EUR/USD. I put the EMA50 in the Chart and the Stochastic. I think, the Stochastic can give a “pre-signal” before the MACD and Parabolic gives the “real” signal.
It was just an idea of me, but I will test it.

Here you get a picture of todays chart with 2 trades. Sell wenn MACD and Parabolic gives the signals. Look at the Stochastic if it´s getting from up to down. Close the position when Stochastic is down. What do you think?

could u give me a site that give me the same chart u have here or tell me how to make on fxcm platform
thanks nasser

Hi Edward I’m David from Italy,
here there is a little questions: is it possible to use the ADX signal too to re-confirm the trand? And if yes with which values? I use deafult ADX 14 and consider the crossing DI+ and DI- but is it important in this case the “strength” or it could be good only as re-confirm?

Thanks in advance and I beg yourt pardon form my English.
Bye, David

Break-even trading system EUR / USD from Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank analysts have revealed seasonality in intraday trading on the EUR / USD pair since 2009. When do you need to open and close positions and what will be the yield? 19/09: Deutsche Bank analysts revealed a pattern in the dynamics of EUR / USD during the trading day. Conducting an analysis of the seasonality of intraday Forex trading, a sequence was found by which traders could break even.

How to buy EUR / USD and earn more than 3%?

If from 2009 every day to open a short position at the EUR / USD pair at the opening of trading in London and close it in the middle of this trading session, then the average annual income would be more than 3%.

It is noted that the most informative is the length of time between the start of the London and American trading session. It is during this period of time that the most accurate forecasts of the movement of currencies are built. The dynamics of the courses at this time has a high correlation with the general trend of the whole day. At the same time, trade during the second half of the Asian session and the entire American is less predictable.

Deutsche Bank analysts were able to identify similar patterns in EUR / USD pair и GBP / USD. Traditionally, they decline at the beginning of the London session and strengthen in the second half of the New York session. Typically, currencies decline in the trading sessions to which they belong, with the exception of the Japanese yen. The Japanese yen is strengthening. Deutsche Bank cites the hedging volume of Japanese investors as the reason.

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