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Transition Moldings Explained

Important facts about floating installations and moldings

Floating floors may not abut or touch any perimeter object or wall. An expansion gap is always required, and the gap needs to be covered. For very large rooms, it is customary and prudent to increase the expansion gap beyond the minimum requirements. As a general rule, the more expansion the better, as long as you can cover it with an appropriate molding. Transition and wall moldings ARE nailed or screwed to the walls and or sub-floors, NOT to the flooring products.

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Note: The images/illustrations shown below are descriptive only. The actual shape will vary by manufacturer.

Wall Base / Baseboard

If you there are no wall moldings present, or if you have removed the existing wall moldings, wall base provides an elegant and stylish transition between floors and walls. Make sure the wall base is thick enough on the bottom to cover the expansion gap required by the specific flooring product.

Base Shoe / Quarter Round

Use Quarter Round to create a smooth transition from floor to walls. Ideal for tight spots like the toe space underneath cabinets. It also can be used in addition to existing wall base if you do not want to remove it prior to installation. Quarter round can be used along with and in addition to new Wall Base to achieve extra expansion space in large rooms.


The T-Molding is used as a bridge between two floors of approximately equal height. T-moldings are typically used in doorways without thresholds (with the same flooring on each side of the doorway) or in L-shaped rooms or hallways were you want to change the direction of the planks.


Reducer strips provide a transition to other floors, usually floors with a lower height. For example, the classic use of a Reducer is a transition to sheet vinyl, vinyl tile and linoleum.

Threshold / End Cap / Universal Edge / Sq Nose

This molding has the most names ( and often the most uses) Typically used at exterior doorways, around fireplaces, next to sliding door tracks, closets tracks, carpet, higher floors etc. Virtually anywhere you need to create a finished edge, and wall base or quarter round will not work.

Step Down

This molding creates an attractive threshold and provides the proper overhang for a transition from one floor level to another, such as a step into a sunken living room or a landing.

VersaEdge Stair Nosing

The VersaEdge stair nosing is a unique and adaptable stair transition. VersaEdge works with a variety of floor thicknesses and can accommodate overlap, lock down or flush mount installation methods. So it works equally well for an entire stairway (flush mount) or a single step like a sunken living room (overlap).

Slim Trim

The Slim Trim 3-in-1 multi-function transition molding functions as a Reducer, T-molding or End Cap and is available for many brands.

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5-in-1 Multi-function

This ingenious molding by Mohawk enables the profile to be used in various contexts – typically replacing a T-Molding, Reducer and Sq.Nose, by use of an included cutting tool. This often reduces on waste and overall cost.


A plastic or metal channel that provides a secure attachment point for transitions. With some brands, the track is included in the package with the molding. Other brands show them as optional components. The track is nailed or screwed onto the sub-floor.

Which is the smartest Calvin and Hobbes strip that explains life?

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The smartest Calvin and Hobbes strip about life? Only one? Is that even possible?

I personally find all of them simply marvelous, but in order to have a little kick in the answer, I will post a few with a ranking system. Obviously everyone has their own preference, you can comment yours below and I would love to see it.

For me, these struck a chord the most, in the following order –

Such meaning, such beautiful portrayal of contrast between desire and contentment.

Questioning the meaning of life and its ephemeralness? Instilling strange sadness and contemplation at the same time…in 4 hand.

Main definitions of strip in English

strip 1

Pronunciation /strip/ /strɪp/

transitive verb strips, stripping, stripped

1 Remove all coverings from.

  • ‘‘He strips his own bed, does the vacuuming and makes his own pancakes,’ she said with a smile.’
  • ‘At least that sheet was there so it saved me stripping the whole bed off.’
  • ‘Bearing in mind I had just stripped the beds – why do we always want clean sheets ‘for Christmas’?’
  • ‘However, I had partially stripped the bed yesterday in my efforts to find it, but obviously had not gone down quite far enough.’
  • ‘Every morning each bed had to be stripped and remade with freshly ironed linen.’
  • ‘I noticed that when a patient was discharged the bed was stripped and wiped down with sterile cloth.’
  • ‘The bed had been stripped but she could fix that.’
  • ‘I stripped my bed of the familiar black bedspread and trudged back down the hall and to the stairs, after letting a loud yawn escape my mouth.’
  • ‘When she stepped out of her bathroom in new pajamas she quickly stripped her bed and pillow cases and replaced them.’
  • ‘He stripped the bed and rolled the soiled coverlet about the night dress.’
  • ‘The bed had been stripped all the way from the hangings to the bedwarmer.’
  • ‘Quickly, she stripped her bed of the pillows, sheet and quilt before folding it back into a settee.’
  • ‘He then stripped the bed of its linen and fetched new sheets and pillow cases from the closet.’
  • ‘I generally strip the bed and toss the sheets in the washer.’
  • ‘She hit the button carelessly and continued to strip the bed, throwing her many pillows onto the carpet.’
  • ‘Many other servants came in to strip the bed and put new sheets and comforter on her monstrous bed.’
  • ‘There is a scene at the end, after they have left, when the maid comes in to strip the beds.’
  • ‘Then I took down all the nets, washed them, stripped the beds and put up my new curtains.’
  • ‘The sandy looking topsoil is stripped back to reveal its history.’
  • ‘After the ependyma covering its ventricular surface is stripped away, the elongated caudate nucleus is exposed.’
  1. 1.1 Remove the clothes from (someone)
  • ‘A feeding frenzy ensued – within minutes the unfortunate man was stripped of his clothes.’
  • ‘I was stripped of my clothes, my innocence, and my life.’
  • ‘He was stripped of all clothes save for his shoes, the papers in his room in complete disarray.’
  • ‘Malcolm stood still as his servant proceeded to strip him naked and dress him in fairly complicated clothes.’
  • ‘And then they took me in another room and stripped me naked again.’
  • ‘They stripped us naked to make sure we weren’t hiding anything else.’
  • ‘The second time I was arrested, I was even stripped naked in a room in the regional Parliament in Banda Aceh.’
  • ‘And he tells the story how he was stripped naked by the Gestapo to see if he was circumcised.’
  • ‘The CSKA fans managed to strip their players almost naked, leaving them with nothing but their shorts.’
  • ‘She already stripped him naked before the session.’
  • ‘A few months before that, a 13-year-old student was stripped naked and paraded down the halls of her school.’
  • ‘She looked down and realized that she was stripped naked.’
  • ‘They strip him naked throw him on the muddy track and tell him to run laps.’
  • ‘He was stripped naked and dragged kicking and screaming to the lawn directly in front of City Hall.’
  • ‘You couldn’t be more vulnerable if you were stripped naked and wheeled out on a trestle table for the waiting room to gawp at.’
  • ‘I had never felt this naked, even when the pirates had stripped me for my cleaning earlier that very day.’
  • ‘There were bruises all over her body, and she had been stripped naked.’
  • ‘His head and eyebrows were shaved, and he was stripped to the waist.’
  • ‘At one point a women was stripped to her bra in front of us.’
  • ‘Dorian stripped to shorts and a tank top and he was rock hard and dry.’
  • ‘Realizing this, we strip off our clothes and dance through the yard.’
  • ‘Once I get home, I strip off my clothes, toss them into the hamper and shower.’
  • ‘On an impulse you strip off all your clothes, swim into the centre of the lake and turn onto your back.’
  • ‘Quickly stripping down to my underwear and bra, I dashed towards my closet.’
  • ‘The boys quickly stripped down to boxers and swan dived into the pond.’
  • ‘Chris grinned and quickly stripped down to his plain black boxers before jumping into the hot tub.’
  • ‘So they all stripped naked, this included all piercing, and placed their clothes on the table.’
  • ‘I stripped off to my boxers and curled up under the covers.’
  • ‘He had stripped naked in an attempt to free himself from the pesky pests.’
  • ‘I slowly strip off my clothes and get into the hot shower.’
  • ‘He was just going to wait for her to strip to her underwear.’
  • ‘I stripped off my clothes and stepped in to a waterfall of hot water.’
  • ‘Surely she didn’t expect her to strip in front of a complete stranger.’
  • ‘Apparently he didn’t want to strip in front of hundreds of screaming girls.’
  • ‘Despite his efforts, however, Gooden stripped to his underpants and jumped.’
  • ‘Is she the exhibitionist who stripped to her bra as she danced on the tables of pubs in Grimsby?’
  • ‘The Marine continued stripping, removing his belt.’
  • ‘First, the women stripped, removing all clothing, jewelry and glasses; they were photographed while the men stayed clothed.’
  • ‘I stripped sown to my bathing suit and ran towards the lake but I stopped suddenly at the edge.’
  • ‘He pulled out the warmest clothes he could find, tossing them on the bed before quickly stripping himself of his pajamas.’
  • ‘Upon stripping the dress from her lean body, Fionnabhair pulled the pants up around her hips and the tunic over her head.’
  • ‘I rushed over to him, throwing my helmet off and stripping my gloves and jacket.’
  • ‘The acceleration strips the lining of the artery away faster than it can be replenished.’
  • ‘I stripped my clothing off, donned a lab coat, and drove home where I left the clothes in the coal shed to ‘cool’ off.’
  • ‘Blood was on his jacket, and as he stripped his gloves off his hands, he stared at the three.’
  • ‘Within seconds he stripped off the fancy garment and flung it at Sir Miley.’
  • ‘Julie has tears streaming down her face; Blaze just looks at his little brother as he strips his shirt off.’
  • ‘His style got results very quickly, but it was also stripping the lining from his stomach.’
  • ‘She stripped the dress off and ran to her dresser.’
  • ‘‘Anytime anywhere,’ Merrick sneered as he stripped his shirt and followed her in.’
  • ‘He stripped his coat off and marched down the empty hallway.’
  • ‘I stripped his shirt, and examined the deep wounds on his chest.’
  • ‘She stripped the sweater and jeans, and dumped them in her locker.’
  • ‘He stripped the leather gloves from his hands and pounded his fist into his steel palm with a clanking thud.’
  • ‘Then I took the wire cutters and stripped the casing off of the wire that was attached to the gate lock.’
  • ‘She quickly stripped her shirt when she got into her bedroom and grabbed one from her walk in closet.’
  • ‘He stripped the suit off, so he was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a thin shirt.’
  • ‘Several of the Marines stripped off their wet shirts and changed into their spares.’
  • ‘He sighed, too tired to think anymore, and stripped off his shirt.’
  • ‘We use products that remove ‘bad’ oil and surface skin – thereby stripping away a crucial protective barrier.’
  • ‘‘Black Mountain poetry is stripped bare of everything,’ an acolyte of Frank O’Hara said.’
  • ‘Beavers fell trees, elephants trample plants, ants strip trees of bark, moles dig tunnels, and so the list goes on.’
  • ‘Some have become overgrown, while others have been lost forever due to grazing animals stripping bark from the trees.’
  • ‘I mean, the trees are stripped of their leaves and branches, but also the storm surge has had the most devastating result.’
  • ‘Six eucalypts were removed after metre wide sections of bark were stripped from the year-old trees in September last year.’
  • ‘These creatures are so efficient that a colony of them can strip a citrus tree of its leaves in a single night.’
  • ‘We have a 4-month-old puppy that chewed and stripped the bark off a young cypress tree.’
  • ‘Mike, Jane, Steve and Tara volunteered to help me strip the tree.’
  • ‘It used its large bill to strip the bark from trees that had recently died, exposing the beetle larvae that served as its dietary staple.’
  • ‘Wear marks on the tusks suggest they were used to strip bark from trees, and possibly to dig up plants.’
  • ‘She closed her great jaws over the tree and stripped the branches and leaves from the main trunk.’
  • ‘They strip the bark off trees to get at the sweet, sappy tissue underneath, damaging it badly.’
  • ‘The bird strips the bark off dying trees with its powerful beak to get to insect grubs beneath.’
  • ‘You might encounter one shoving over a tree or stripping it of leaves and bark.’
  • ‘They strip bark off of dying trees with their powerful ivory-colored bills to reach the bugs and larvae beneath.’
  • ‘She pulled a small branch off a tree and began stripping it of its leaves.’
  • ‘To prepare the tree for the sculpting process its bark would first be stripped away.’
  • ‘A mature tree in Ballina’s town park has been stripped of its bark and left to die after being attacked on Wednesday night last.’
  • ‘She’d tried to convince him to strip the bark off, but listened to reason when Jinx explained that the bark worked as kindling.’
  • ‘The wood, long ago stripped of its bark and made brittle by countless freezes, snaps and crumbles in his hand.’
  • ‘The bird was at the very tip of a branch stripped bare of foliage.’
  • ‘Next job is to strip the varnish from the neck, and sand it down to the wood.’
  • ‘They run out of beer by about 7pm so we then turned to the wine, which I’m afraid would have stripped the paint off any wall.’
  • ‘When the paint was stripped it revealed numerous scratches and old repairs.’
  • ‘In 1999, a man from Essex, southeast England, left four families on his street homeless while trying to strip paint in his house.’
  • ‘If we are to develop a more realistic sense of place we will need to strip the varnish from some cherished myths about our island world.’
  • ‘The aim of the study was to find a cheaper and less hazardous way of removing lead paint than stripping the paint off the walls.’
  • ‘Use caution when stripping the paint from the pilot/step castings, as they are very fragile.’
  • ‘Thinking quickly, Stephenson stripped the paint from his beer can, punched a hole in the bottom, and fixed it in place on the model.’
  • ‘I suspect that paint is being stripped in Wanganui.’
  • ‘All the paint had to be stripped and the corrosion rectified.’

  • ‘Well, tobacco is stripped from the plant as large leaves.’
  • ‘Lighter mildew doesn’t hurt, because leaves are stripped from the stem.’
  • ‘It got to where I’d be stripping tobacco suckers from the plants, and I’d be able to sense a lurking copperhead.’
  • ‘When they feel crisp, strip them from the stems and store them whole in an airtight container, away from the light.’

2 Leave bare of accessories or fittings.

  • ‘A troubled theatre was forced to stay closed despite new managers taking over after it was stripped bare of its fixtures and fittings.’
  • ‘The geese pull plants up by the roots to feed on them, stripping the ground bare.’
  • ‘The house was stripped back to bare walls, rebuilt and extended during the first half of the 1990s and is now finished to a high, modern standard.’
  • ‘The day you announce they have been stripped bare, I’ll buy you lunch.’
  • ‘There is no conventional set; instead everything is stripped bare and used in unconventional ways.’
  • ‘Many shops that used to display ample stock on the sidewalk were stripped bare.’
  • ‘There were fears that the three-day meet would literally strip York bare of (still-rationed) food and drink.’
  • ‘And it took just four days for those rabbits to strip Ben’s plot bare of every one of his potential prize-winners.’
  • ‘The original interior has been stripped back to its bare shell and the exposed structure sandblasted.’
  • ‘Crowds of looters waited for it to beach firmly on a sand bank so that the serious business of stripping it bare could begin.’
  • ‘Inside, the rooms are stripped bare, and Anju fingers through some remaining books and papers.’
  • ‘I lugged the box to the bare, stripped living room.’
  • ‘This left the US-funded base to be stripped bare by locals.’
  • ‘Australian phosphate mining over the past decades has stripped the island bare.’
  • ‘The room was stripped bare but there was no doubt that it was at one time a child’s room.’
  • ‘Greek temple pediments were stripped bare and the sculpture set into the pediments of temples in Rome.’
  • ‘The room was identical to their room, once inhabited, now stripped bare.’
  • ‘Many shops that used to display ample stock on the sidewalk were stripped bare.’
  • ‘The cockpit has been stripped to the bare bones and restoration will begin soon.’
  • ‘In February work will begin stripping the inside of the Midland House office block.’
  1. 2.1 Remove the accessory fittings of or take apart (a machine, motor vehicle, etc.) to inspect or adjust it.

  • ‘We completely strip your machine down to the last nut and bolt then rebuild ensuring every component works perfectly.’
  • ‘Johnny developed a life long love for fixing things and could strip a tractor down and put it together again.’
  • ‘Police who stripped the van found rope and black adjustable ties.’
  • ‘Directed to return to their units, the men responded by stripping the engines and airplanes of parts as souvenirs of the experience.’
  • ‘When Paul got to the shop, he stripped the car down to the bare chassis and inspected every nut and bolt.’
  • ‘They’d stripped the prototype engine out and were constructing a more refined version.’
  • ‘After taking a few hours to strip the car of everything they thought might be useful, they divided it amongst themselves.’
  • ‘Within minutes the squatters had stripped the car.’
  • ‘A market trader has told how he faces going out of business after overnight raiders stripped his van of £10,000 worth of goods.’
  • ‘Before starting to strip the engine we drained all the oil from the engine – noting a high metal content.’
  • ‘But the last week has seen six attacks on cars in north Ryedale, with the cars being stripped of their valuable badges each time.’
  • ‘After that the pistol was detail stripped and inspected again.’
  • ‘Those used in racing events are stripped apart and studied for tolerance, performance and ride quality.’
  • ‘You wouldn’t have a clue, would you, until you pull it apart, and really stripped it down.’
  • ‘At the 5,000 round mark we field stripped the rifle and inspected it.’
  • ‘The more dilapidated eastern end of the Turbine building was partly stripped and cannibalised for other parts of the building.’
  • ‘It was partially stripped and disassembled, basically thousands of parts in boxes and no directions!’
  • ‘The engines for USA must be built before the Canada engines are used, let alone stripped and inspected.’
  • ‘Without using tools at all you can strip the chassis down considerably.’
  • ‘To remove the smell entirely, strip the insides of the car and steam clean everything.’

3 strip someone of Deprive someone of (rank, power, or property)

  • ‘Hitler immediately stripped Hess of all the ranks he held in the Nazi Party including being a party member.’
  • ‘Kangueehi this week announced that Botes has been stripped of all his powers as chairman of the body’s Doping Committee.’
  • ‘Even then, Alucius would be stripped of most of his power.’
  • ‘When they got no answers to their questions they banished out mortal forms and stripped Lord Dread of his powers.’
  • ‘As of this moment, you will be stripped of any rank the Marine Corps might’ve given you.’
  • ‘Found guilty of treason, the Fire Master was stripped of his rank and was made an outcaste from the society of Valis.’
  • ‘The department reinstated her, but stripped her of her rank as sergeant.’
  • ‘Fine but if it does interfere I will be forced to strip you of your rank and I will take command of this ship.’
  • ‘If he didn’t attend, King Thomas could strip him of his rank, which would cripple him magically.’
  • ‘For while it strips the president of apparent power, it also strips him of apparent culpability.’
  • ‘Initially, many old warlords resisted the wide-ranging reforms that stripped them of their powers.’
  • ‘He was then stripped of his gold medal and condemned by the media and public.’
  • ‘Whether the entire foursome will be stripped of their medals will have to be seen.’
  • ‘But his request was rejected because he was stripped of Japanese citizenship when the war ended.’
  • ‘Essex was executed; Southampton was imprisoned for life and stripped of his titles.’
  • ‘Ben Johnson originally won that race but was later stripped of his title for doping.’
  • ‘After that he was stripped of the captaincy and left out for six matches.’
  • ‘Another pro-nudism argument in poverty-stricken Brazil is that nakedness strips people of their social differences.’
  • ‘But then came a destructive burst that stripped the home team of the points.’

4 Sell off (the assets of a company) for profit.

  • ‘One is that the CEOs in question will be powerful enough to strip assets from their companies for their own gain – and get away with it.’
  • ‘Assets were stripped and massive sums spirited out of the country.’
  • ‘Have the oligarchs stripped assets from the companies they acquired in privatization, rather than investing in them?’
  • ‘A private equity deal would have loaded the chain store with debt, slashed costs, and stripped the assets.’
  • ‘We had to strip some assets from other star systems in order to deploy them near the border of Gaian territory.’
  • ‘However, the newly created Civil Recovery Unit admitted it had not managed to strip assets from any of Scotland’s ‘Mr Bigs’.’
  • ‘Corrupt managers strip their assets, while the firms’ inefficiencies lead to the accumulation of nonperforming loans.’
  • ‘He has stressed the consortium is keen to develop the business and has no plans to strip its assets.’
  • ‘As Browne himself admitted, once acquisitions were stripped away, underlying production fell 2% in the previous year.’
  • ‘Any takeover will now be done at a premium to get costs down, with companies looking to strip particular assets.’
  • ‘The company says that underlying profits were up 55 per cent, if the ASP investment is stripped out.’
  • ‘These measures, at the very least, would not strip intellectual property owners of their right.’
  • ‘Notebook resells second-hand laptops, and any that cannot be sold are stripped for parts.’
  • ‘Will he fund it like Roman, or will he strip it of its assets?’
  • ‘It is ‘systematically stripping the wealth and assets of some of the country’s poorest neighbourhoods’.’
  • ‘Assets were being stripped out of Germany to feed the French and the British.’
  • ‘Until he is sentenced on May 10, it will not be known if the assets will be stripped from him by the courts.’
  • ‘We have been stripped of substantial public assets and are further in debt than ever.’
  1. 4.1 Finance Divest (a bond) of its interest coupons so that it and they may be sold separately.
  • ‘This unique series of funds buy Treasury bonds stripped of their interest coupons.’
  • ‘Fimmda will publish the market rates for stripped zero coupon bonds on a monthly basis for valuation and tax purposes.’
  • ‘You can also buy the coupons instead of the stripped bond itself.’
  • ‘There is also a question of whether there is a scheme of dividend stripping.’
  • ‘In any event, traditional dividend stripping fell out of favor as a tax strategy.’

5 Tear the thread or teeth from (a screw, gearwheel, etc.).

  • ‘Getting the screw out can strip the bushing threads in the frame.’
  • ‘Don’t over do it, or you just end up stripping the screws.’
  • ‘I have mounted other things and it felt like you could not tighten things up without stripping the screw in the steel.’
  • ‘Her skating partner has stripped the threads in an axle, due to a fall, and now he has a locked wheel.’
  • ‘I’m not sure if the threads are stripped or what.’
  • ‘Cowger says that being young, naive and anxious to please, when he’d stripped a bolt he would write out a repair ticket.’
  • ‘Be extremely cautious as as you tighten the screws, so not to strip the screw holes.’
  • ‘After several attempts to make them fit, we stripped the threads.’
  • ‘Since the receiver is aluminum it is possible to strip out the threads if you go overboard with the hex wrench.’
  • ‘The factory that built your rifle knows how to disassemble it without stripping threads or breaking pins.’
  • ‘What if, after all those years of talking to Beth to hold onto his sanity, he’d finally stripped his gears?’
  • ‘Use quality tools and work with care so you don’t strip the cleat bolts.’
  1. 5.1 no object (of a screw, gearwheel, etc.) lose its thread or teeth.
  • ‘The Phillips screw had stripped, and Nettie knew she should have gone with a Robertson.’
  • ‘It was at that point that the screw thread stripped and the pressure blew the whistle up in the air.’
  • ‘Because of that, your bolts are much longer, and the bolt snapped rather than the aluminum thread stripping out.’
  • ‘One of the pins has come loose and the threads appear stripped, can I repair it?’
  • ‘Don’t use the electric screwdriver to torque down the screws – it can strip out the heads.’
  • ‘The work was routine, but two stripped screws made the job more complicated and prevented the panel’s removal.’
  • ‘It had an ‘H’ harness like belt hanging on a hook, stripped of gear.’
  • ‘Hold the skate over the Allen wrench and place the stripped bolt directly on top of the Allen wrench, as centred on the hole as possible.’
  • ‘Ensure the fuze well is clean and the threads are not stripped.’
  • ‘We were ready to remove the old squelch module when we quickly noticed that the top of the screw head was stripped.’

6 no object (of a bullet) be fired from a rifled gun without spin owing to a loss of surface.

1 An act of undressing, especially in a striptease.

  • ‘You don’t seem overly concerned in the strip with keeping up a continuous narrative.’
  • ‘Excuse self to find the ladies’ room, indulging in a private strip for the mirror, just to see if I am sexy at all.’
  1. 1.1 as modifier Used for or involving the performance of stripteases.
  • ‘Bourbon Street’s world famous for its bars and strip joints.’
  • ‘First, most of the sailors can’t afford Manhattan’s strip joints.’
  • ‘Disability does nothing to dampen his interest in smoking, drinking, skiving school and visiting strip joints.’
  • ‘She not only bares herself for your scrutiny on her blog, she bares all at a couple of strip joints.’
  • ‘It became a club hit in the US, and is apparently still a staple in strip joints.’
  • ‘Are you sure that the previous Egyptian mission surveillance photos weren’t mixed with those from a 21st century strip joint?’
  • ‘So are strikes carried out by illegal-immigrant operatives with a fondness for strip joints living in the United States.’
  • ‘I was working in this strip joint in Louisville about two years ago.’
  • ‘A couple of weeks ago the Don Hotel, the last of the city’s legendary strip joints, closed its doors.’
  • ‘Bars and strip joints were the only buildings on the side of the long street.’
  • ‘Caesars is reputed to be the hottest strip joint in Kingston.’
  • ‘He gets a tip from Mike that the Whale went to a strip joint.’
  • ‘One spot that should not be missed downtown is Fremont Street, where a large number of casinos and strip bars are located.’
  • ‘Jason marched right up and into the strip joint, determined to get some directions.’
  • ‘My stripping ‘career’ didn’t begin in a sleazy strip joint, conveniently located on the side of some local highway.’
  • ‘What kind of person goes into a strip joint at midday on the weekend?’
  • ‘The story, as most people must know, concerns the efforts of six men to raise money for their wives and families by performing a strip act.’
  • ‘Clubs and strip joints were open for business, and dark pubs were filled to the brim with chilled customers.’
  • ‘By dives, you mean bars, strip joints, greasy spoon places?’


Middle English (as a verb): of Germanic origin; related to Dutch stropen. strip (sense 2 of the noun) arose in the late 20th century, possibly from the notion of clothing to which a player ‘strips’ down.



Main definitions of strip in English

strip 2

Pronunciation /strip/ /strɪp/

1 A long, narrow piece of cloth, paper, plastic, or some other material.

  • ‘Carefully, she cut several holly leaves out of a strip of green paper and three berries out a piece of vivid crimson.’
  • ‘Tape a strip of paper or fabric ribbon around the jar.’
  • ‘Even without these boundaries, there are good visual and organizational reasons to put strips of commands at the top of the screen.’
  • ‘Place green salad on individual plates and top with chicken strips.’
  • ‘The top strip was blue so that the sky looked right, and the bottom stripe was green for any shots of grass.’
  • ‘Served on a bed of rice, this consisted of soft strips of veal topped with hot prunes, all liberally sprinkled with sesame seeds.’
  • ‘So, starting today, there’s a new strip running across the top of the front page of this site for a phoneblog.’
  • ‘Place into bowls, and top with tortilla strips, cheese and chives.’
  • ‘They are good in sandwiches or cut into strips on top of a salad.’
  • ‘I eat cheese every day, so my favorite lunch is a thin-crust pizza topped with chicken strips.’
  • ‘The top and the decorative strip are characteristic of Chinese bells and commonly found on Choson bells.’
  • ‘Cut across the strips to produce a pile of very thin slices.’
  • ‘She flounced a few inches away, then began tearing strips off the sheet.’
  • ‘As they neared the hatch to the main section of the ship, he began to tear off strips and apply it over the cracks in the captain’s helmet.’
  • ‘Pressing them on top of the cut, he secured them with the strips.’
  • ‘Then I placed two strips of 1/4-inch foam core between the top mat and the gold matboard.’
  • ‘The magnetic strip is read and used to produce a new card or buy goods online.’
  • ‘Initial tests of the strips have been successful when Devro’s products have been compared with other brands.’
  • ‘She had on a pair of pale pink track pants, with grey running down the legs in two thin strips, a black top, and a blue jacket.’
  • ‘Then add several strips of cucumber next to the crab and on top of the avocado.’
  1. 1.1 A long, narrow area of land.
  • ‘A riparian zone is a strip of land extending on average 10-30m from a designated river.’
  • ‘The island was narrow, a strip of land about twenty miles long, running in a north-south direction.’
  • ‘An area of 2,000 square metres is equivalent to a strip of land just 100 metres long and 20 metres wide.’
  • ‘This erosion hazard area is the strip of land that should disappear within the next 30 years, given the historical erosion rate.’
  • ‘In the villages most people own a strip of land and grow their own food.’
  • ‘The bitumen-surfaced path has been created by buying a strip of land along the edge of the field next to the road.’
  • ‘Grass buffers are narrow strips of land between the crop and stream.’
  • ‘Between each plot, there’s a strip of no-man’s land disguised as a hedge or a ditch.’
  • ‘Compared to a strip of land in Hungary, it’s a cinch.’
  • ‘On Tuesday just six caravans were occupying a strip of land destined to house a £500,000 youth club and multi-use hall.’
  • ‘Cabinet Magazine would like you to buy a strip of land in New Mexico.’
  • ‘This had been a lake with a strip of land connecting the Welsh and Wexford coasts in the south.’
  • ‘Card can also be used for borders, with separate strips to define planting areas.’
  • ‘The most productive row crop fields occupy the narrow strip of flat land by the river.’
  • ‘In this sense, peasants were simply tenants who worked a strip of land or maybe several strips.’
  • ‘The Lido in Venice is a strip of land dividing the lagoon from the Adriatic, just a short vaporetto ride from St Mark’s.’
  • ‘I began to slowly swim around, trying to find a strip of land on the horizon, but all that was visible was pure ocean blue.’
  • ‘In this case, the area was a strip of beach about a hundred yards long.’
  • ‘The other nine soldiers who had had nothing else to do had spent all day clearing out a strip of land for a runway.’
  • ‘We’ve taken 30 acres out of production already for double-wide waterways and filter strips.’
  • ‘Wesley high school stood in the middle of town just off the main strip of Wesley road.’
  • ‘Nelson agreed and they said goodbye as the Ryan women walked out into the main strip of town.’
  • ‘On weekend nights dancing, laughing and music can be heard spilling from the bars, clubs and restaurants that line the strip.’
  • ‘Sarah’s favorite eatery was located not too far from Centreville’s main strip – Acadia Road.’
  • ‘Galleries line Ocean Avenue, the town’s main strip, but area museums are also a good bet.’
  • ‘The main pastime in town was cruising the strip, so we headed over there in the afternoon to see what we could find.’
  • ‘And since one of the slopes that slipped faced Miami’s main business strip, everyone in town knew that the cows had saved the day.’
  • ‘But not all of Vegas’ attractions are nestled on the main strip.’
  • ‘Heaving my own sigh of defeat, I led her out of the strip of town.’
  • ‘I had a big smile on my face and was practically skipping back towards the main strip.’
  • ‘As soon as we finished setting up our tent, we hightailed it to the main strip.’
  • ‘This is really the main strip in Biloxi, at least where the hotels and the casinos are.’
  • ‘We stopped and ate in a historically-rich diner joint in the main strip.’
  • ‘Instead of shooting each other, they ran around lining up cars on the main strip.’
  • ‘As they began to walk down the main strip Janine spoke up.’
  • ‘So next week The News will be coming from the Flamingo Casino on the strip in down town Las Vegas.’
  • ‘The nightclub was one of the newest on the main strip of Sunset City and bore the city’s name.’
  • ‘There is an emergency command center in a hotel here right on the strip.’
  • ‘At Studio Bliss, a recently opened spa on the St-Laurent strip, you can double your pleasure with a four-hand massage or soak up a rain massage.’
  • ‘His dream is to make all the foreshores a continuous strip of over priced cafes topped with similarly overpriced apartments.’
  • ‘This contains a thin, flat strip made of a layer of iron and a layer of brass soldered together, and bent into a coil.’
  • ‘Her hand trembled with the effort of keeping the metal sensor strip in place.’
  • ‘It is just a long metal strip with a little keypad and monitor on it that will fuse itself to your glove.’
  • ‘Sgt Smith said he later discovered the weapon was not a sword, but a metal carpet strip or carpet gripper.’
  • ‘The caster roll is used in the manufacture of metal plate, strip, sheet, or foil.’
  • ‘You press a remote control button on your pole handle and – voila – a thin metal strip extends from the sides of your skis.’
  • ‘Attached to the box was a long, metal strip that extended about twenty feet.’
  • ‘I grabbed onto the long strip of metal slipped through the handles of the door.’
  • ‘The island’s butcher-block top is divided into two sections by an undulating strip of stainless steel.’
  • ‘She had it re-framed in a wide black frame with a narrow gilded strip at the sight edge.’
  • ‘The strip of metal was light enough on his shoulder and he could, for a while longer, ignore the steady drip of water down his neck.’
  • ‘The hold I had on my brother’s hand got even tighter as the doctor began to gradually urge the thin strip of metal out of my body.’
  • ‘The tail has a raised appearance with large light clusters and that single metal strip gives it a very distinctive look.’
  • ‘Most noticeable were the metallic spheres, the red strip of indented metal in the center shining ominously when the light hit.’
  • ‘If she had felt the thick strip of metal down my side, she certainly would have been curious.’
  • ‘He hooked the leather-lined, broad strip of bronze around his corded-muscle mid-section.’
  • ‘‘Not bad for your first time, Davis,’ Johnson says as I cross the metal strip that marks the end of the course.’
  • ‘A fully electronic unit, it consists of a wide, flat strip that extends into the tank, topped by a cap housing the electronics.’
  • ‘Wrought zinc and zinc alloys may be obtained as rolled strip, sheet and foil; extruded rod and shapes; and drawn rod and wire.’
  • ‘The driver nodded once and pressed a narrow strip of metal to the floor.’

2 A comic strip.

  • ‘Steve also brings us our weekly strip cartoon Back Yard, which you can read on Page 20.’
  • ‘In lieu of an entry today, I give you this: the first strip in my new comic series, ‘Scutmonkey’.’
  • ‘Born in 1929, Han worked as a strip cartoon artist for the Shanghai Art Publishing House for decades.’
  • ‘Evidence from local people suggest the name came from a strip cartoon in the comic Dandy entitled Danny and his Grockle.’
  • ‘It consists of a series of pictures carved from alabaster, which read from left to right like a strip cartoon.’
  • ‘The Times took a few strips from the Mirror (Pogo was one) but cast the others adrift.’
  • ‘The book was an analysis of the capitalist ethic in Disney comics, illustrated with hundreds of strips.’
  • ‘There’s more to it than Marc Bell, whose playfully obtuse strips and illustrations get most of the attention.’
  • ‘In lieu of that, there’s always this reissue of the original strip in book form.’
  • ‘Tokaii’s satire strips were the hit item of the erstwhile weekly magazine ‘Bichitra’.’
  • ‘Perhaps the paper might toy with the idea of further endorsing the country’s cartoon talent with a full page of strips?’
  • ‘But there are some strips from the original comics that influenced him.’
  • ‘I sketched out a strip and this got me into the school.’
  • ‘Three times during the weekend, other cartoonists had to physically restrain him from creating a new strip.’
  • ‘His obsessive past-time of penning cartoons eventually paid off in 1977, when his strip, Life In Hell, debuted.’
  • ‘Lee, as you requested, here are some rough outlines of my next few strips.’
  • ‘Also, in the final strip, there’s a fine caricature of a Wily’s Overland, rather than the standard Jeep, which would have been easier to draw.’
  • ‘The first strip was published in 1992 in the Weekly Mail, which has since become the Mail and Guardian.’
  • ‘As revealed in the Evening Press, the change of image for the Minstermen includes plans for a new strip for next season.’
  • ‘The comic was originally designed so that it could be a Sunday strip in the newspapers, but that was not to be.’


Late Middle English from or related to Middle Low German strippe ‘strap, thong’, probably also to stripe.

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