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Trader’s Buddy Software Review

Launched in 2020, Trader’s Buddy is presented as new revolutionary trading software on global financial market, including South Africa.

What Trader’s Buddy software delivers to interested South African traders is a mix of auto trading experience, semi auto trading and social trading platform as well.

Entire software can be used by beginner traders and professionals also.

Trader’s Buddy is a free trading software which requires no download. This unique software connects traders with experts around the world by using peer-2-peer trading platform.

Further in this Trader’s Buddy software review, we’ll provide a detailed information regarding how to trade on this platform and which options does a South African trader has in terms of investing in binary options.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Broker!
    Best Choice For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!


    Perfect For Experienced Traders!

What Trader’s Buddy Really Has to Offer?

Our Trader’s Buddy software review showed us what can traders in South Africa expect from this binary robot.

As mentioned above in the review, traders can see how this binary auto software offers not just automatic trading, but also social and semi auto trading options.

This innovative and yet simple trading software enables its registered traders to experience both automated as well as semi automated trading experience. For the use of semi trading, South Africans can have more control over their trading portfolio and confirm a trade when Trader’s Buddy sends a signal.

Binary Experience with 3 Trading Algorithms

To provide South African readers a proper and valid type of info, we discovered in Trader’s Buddy software review how they provide three trading algorithms to be used when placing trades.

Rush Options are options with short term expiry up to 120 seconds. It is possible to use it in manual or auto trading mode.

Rush options seem perfect for those traders who prefer adrenalin and fast trading results.

The seconds algorithm is called Baser – medium term trading options with expiry time up to 4 hours. When this option is activated, Trader’s Buddy will analyze financial market in the period of 4 hours.

Baser is an excellent choice for day binary traders due the fact it offers medium risk rewards.

Third Trader’s Buddy algorithm which is an exclusive option to interested traders is called Investo. It is actually a long term option with expiry of max. 3 days.

When Investo is activated, traders can be certain they have chosen a long term options that included high investment trading character where they can place between 1 or 2 trades per week.

Trader’s Buddy Semi Auto Trading in South Africa

Trader’s Buddy is created by binary professionals who have a goal to enhance traders’ experience when trading binary options by offering them necessary trading tools for less risky trades.

This is why they decided to enable traders to choose between auto trading mode or semi automatic trading.

When semi auto trading is switched on, traders in South Africa can receive exclusive signals based on current market situations which can result into high payouts and less risky trades. For example, if traders don’t want to accept a trading signal, they don’t have to and can simply ignore it until a new one comes in.

Semi automatic trading is an excellent option for traders novice who are in a search for having more trading knowledge. This semi system builds trading confidence and can assist traders to have more successful trades.

Trader’s Buddy Social Trading Experience

Social trading is a whole new level of investing in binary options where traders rely on experience of other traders involved. When social trading feature is enabled, South Africans can receive trading advices for successful expert traders with years spent in binary options trading.

Those recommendations that are available, traders can see coloured green which shows their eligibility. Basically, traders are able to copy successful trades and apply them on their own. Experts are selected according to their win-ratio percentage.

Experience Additional Features with Trader’s Buddy Software

Our Trader’s Buddy software showed us how they prepared very well to satisfy all types of interested traders, beginners and professionals. They seem to realize how education is an important ingredient in terms of investing in binary options.

For this reason, they introduce Trader’s Buddy Educational Center with goal to expand existing trading knowledge. The use of different tutorials and videos can be very useful for South African traders to gather more info and decide on how to trade binaries by using Trader’s Buddy software.

Trader’s Buddy Education includes a variety of trading techniques and materials for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Another powerful trading feature we meet on Trader’s Buddy software is Automatic Stop Loss.

When activated, it enables traders in South Africa to have full control over their current trades and overall own trading portfolio.

Traders can choose this feature to set a limit for number of trades per day.

Another important element shouldn’t be neglected when planning to invest in binary trading and that is customer support service. With Trader’s Buddy, South African traders can get dedicated support agents 24/7.

Traders can contact them via live chat to get instant message regarding any questions, concerning how to register or how to use this binary trading software.

Introduction of Pending Orders Technology

Trader’s Buddy software review revealed how traders in South Africa can use a new and advanced technology: Pending Orders.

Unlike other binary robots on the market, Pending Orders feature enables traders to ques the orders which cannot be tradable right away. Majority of professional traders use this option to take the most benefits from market momentum.

Regarding connected brokers, Trader’s Buddy claims to collaborate only with reputable binary brands in the industry which follow industry rules and are committed into protecting traders’ investments.

Trader’s Buddy 2020

  • Return up to: High
  • Min. Invest: $25
  • Min. Deposit: $250
  • Price: No
  • Download: No

Trader’s Buddy is a completely new binary options product that aims to connect the binary traders with various brokers and to put a fresh, new spin on binary options trading. It was launched in 2020 and it is one of the newest binary options product available.

In this review, we will go over some of the most important characteristics of Trader’s Buddy and explain their uses and functions. It is certainly very important to be informed about a product you are planning to use, regardless of the industry it is found in. This is even more important in a financial industry as there can be serious repercussions if you are not educated enough about a specific product of your choice.

What is perhaps the most interesting thing about Trader’s Buddy is the fact that it features several modes of trading, which is a very refreshing innovation in binary options trading. We will be taking a closer look into those modes in the next sections of this review.

Trader’s Buddy Multiple Modes of Trading?

There are certainly a lot of variables when it comes to deciding what kind of a binary product someone will choose for themselves, so much so that it can be extremely difficult to try to unify those elements into a single product. However, it seems that Trader’s Buddy has come very close to that construct as the company has realized that binary options traders value versatility the most.

According to the website, Trader’s Buddy enables traders to use different modes of trading, depending on their personal choices and the design of their investment plan; semi-automatic trading or social trading.

The first mode, the semi-automatic, is the result of the recognition of the need for traders to be actively involved in making and executing decisions regarding their investment options. This mode offers the ability to receive binary signals which prompt to the found trading opportunity.

After the signal is received, you can manually approve or decline the trade directly on your trading dashboard. This means that Trader’s Buddy will not be placing any trades without your knowledge which leaves the control solely in your own hands. This option is very suited for traders who appreciate their autonomy and individual decision making in the process.

Social Trading, as they suggest, focuses on reaping the expertise and knowledge of the existing trading community which can be of enormous help. Trader’s Buddy takes into account current social trends that deal with binary options and sends you the collected and analyzed information. You are then in the position to make an informed decision.

Trader’sBuddy – Registration Process and No Downloads

When opening an account with Trader’s Buddy you will realize how efficient and quick it is. There are no frills or complications involved. You simply need to fill out the registration form with a few basic details and submit it.

Even though registering with Trader’s Buddy is not challenging, there is always a possibility that the process is not going smoothly. In this case, make sure you contact the customer support via the provided means and they will help you get back on the right track.

Seeing that Trader’s Buddy is a completely web-based product, traders are happy when they realize that they won’t have to download any programs, plugins or add-ons. You are free to use it on any device that can be connected to the internet and support a common browser. Just access the platform through the browser, log in and you are all set.

Trader’s Buddy – A Single Versatile Account

What makes Trader’s Buddy Account so versatile you might ask? Well, you only need one account to trade with as many brokers as you wish. To further illustrate this point, it important to remind the traders that most other products do not offer this options, even when it is so clear that a huge number of traders wish to use different strategies with different brokers. According to the website, now it is all accessible from a single Trader’s Buddy account.

This also means that there is no switching from one trading interface to another, but that you can do all your binary options trading from one trading dashboard on one window. This is excellent news for those traders who do not feel comfortable opening and managing various accounts but want a centralized platform.

All the available brokers are neatly organized on the very top of the platform, which is very convenient and goes hand in hand with the rest of the organizational structure of this binary options product.

Trader’sBuddy – Trading Algorithms and Stop Loss

This trading software has more innovations in store, not just the ones we already mentioned. According to the website itself, it is equipped with three trading algorithms that generate binary signals. Choosing which one to use is a personal decision based on your own preferences and investment plans.

Rush Options Algorithm – focuses on short term options that can be traded for up to 120 seconds. This is a fast paced algorithm and best suited for very adventurous traders.

Basers Algorithm – designed to focus on medium length options, specifically those that have 4 hours expiry rates. This is also a medium risk trading strategy, according to the website.

Investo Algorithm – this is a great choice for more traditional traders that likes to trade for the long run. Signals that are generated from this algorithm go up to three days.

Automatic Stop Loss

Automatic Stop Loss is a feature that allows traders to remain in complete control over their investment portfolio. You are able to control your limits and daily risks. This goes hand in hand with the more traditional approach to binary options trading, but it also indicates a focused and detail oriented trader that likes to be autonomous in their decision making.

Trader’sBuddy – Education Center and Pending Orders

Trader’s Buddy offers a great range of helpful content in their Education Center that is available even before the registration. One of the pillars of binary options trading is the need for constant education and knowledge acquiring. Education Center is filled with great tutorials and content that will definitely be of huge help on your trading journey, regardless of your level of expertise.

Another thing that Trader’s Buddy has prepared for their traders, and cannot be found anywhere else is the Pending Orders feature.

Pending Orders

The website claims that this feature enables traders to place trades that are not tradable with your broker at the moment you want to place them. What this means, is that you can now take advantage of market fluctuations with this innovative feature.

It is important to highlight that this type of a feature cannot be found on any other binary product, which indicates a high level of proficiency and innovation while developing such a product. That is something binary options traders are always drawn to.

Trader’sBuddy Customer Support

Trader’s Buddy support teams are available for questions 24/7. This means that they have gone to great lengths to provide you with a service that is available to you whenever you might need it. From platform navigation to account opening, their knowledgeable team will be able to help you swiftly and professionally.

Customer Support can be contacted via Contact Form that can be found on the website, Live Chat placed on the bottom left part of the website and an Email.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Broker!
    Best Choice For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
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    Perfect For Experienced Traders!

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