Paragon Crypto Trading Signals Scam or Legit Read This Review!

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CryptoRobot365 Review


What is Crypto Robot 365? Crypto Robot 365 is an automated trading robot designed to facilitate traders looking for automatic trading in binary options. Although it is not the first […]

Full Review Details

Broker CryptoRobot365
Website URL NEW
Founded 2020
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Minimum Account Size $250
Free Demo Account
US Traders Allowed
Overall Score 91%


  • High Payouts
  • Many Digital Currencies
  • Reliable Brokers

Full Review

What is Crypto Robot 365?

Crypto Robot 365 is an automated trading robot designed to facilitate traders looking for automatic trading in binary options. Although it is not the first robot made available in the market, it has something new to offer which other competitor robots do not. Without making it look odd, we are going to review Crypto Robot 365 in an unbiased manner. It is a robot that is capable of trading in a more advanced form of a currency known as cryptocurrency.

Is Crypto Robot 365 Really A SCAM?

It is a fact that the market is flooded with many scam robots. We too had some reservation concerning the legitimacy of the robot. We decided to review it thoroughly and to our amazement we find that it is one of the best and legit robots capable of trading cryptocurrency. Yes, that true! Now traders can trade bitcoins and other digital currencies using Crypto Robot 365. It works the same way as other binary options robot do, but its unique design, user-friendly interface, and customizable features make it stand out of the crowd.

Many of you may be still wondering what this terminology “crypto” is used for? For your information, it is a type of digital currency that is encrypted in such a way that no one can copy it. All cryptocurrency transactions take place in a block chain which is a kind of public ledger. Each bitcoin has its value and can be used for once only. People can store bitcoins using online wallets on their phones, tablets, hard drives etc. until they use it. Having said that, let’s get back to our underlying robot that we selected to review as we came across many traders wishing to use a robot that allows them to trade cryptocurrencies.

Main Features of Crypto Robot 365

  • The robot is capable of generating successful trades of more than 90%
  • It uses most advanced trading strategies keeping the risk to an optimum level.
  • It uses most popular money management strategies for trading purposes such as classic, martingale, and Fibonacci
  • It has a user-friendly interface that allows traders to use it comfortably
  • It has seven most common technical trend indicators available for traders to develop their trading strategies.
  • It is fully customizable and automated.
  • It can be configured as per the needs of individual traders.
  • It has no associated cost – No upfront or recurring charges.
  • It can be accessed anytime, using a computer connected to the internet from any part of the world.
  • It has proven record history of its past performance
  • It comes with 24/5 customer support

Pros of Using Crypto Robot 365

Since Crypto Robot 365 was designed after extensive research work, maximum optimization and back testing, it can bring traders more than 90% of trades being successful. This is not just for the sake of talk, we really mean that. However, you are not required to keep our words, obviously, you have your own will. You can see the past performance of the robot yourself. Moreover, a demo account is also offered so that you may use it without risking your real money and find us suggesting you the best binary options trading robot in the market.

Traders can customize Crypto Robot 365 as per their needs. Traders have the option to use any or all of the seven most commonly used technical indicators to devise their trading strategies. Traders can also use different available money management strategies to place their trades that includes classic, Fibonacci and martingale. The robot is designed in such a way that it incorporates maximum security and risk aversion parameters. It places a trade finding the best opportunity available following the right time when the market is supposed to be most volatile.

Cons of Using a Crypto Robot 365

Since the robot is fully customizable and the traders have to configure it by themselves, therefore, trades especially those who are new to trading find it a bit difficult. Obviously, they may do not have any idea about the best trading strategy, most useful technical indicator, appropriate money management strategy etc. Still, novice traders do not need to get worried because Crypto Robot 365 has the user’s manual available to guide traders the proper settings recommended by their experts.

Another disadvantage is that it is based on the web. You cannot use it until you have a computer with an internet connection. Please note that it can also be used via mobile phones and tablets still internet connectivity is a must. Sometimes electricity failure or outage of internet connectivity can make your trades effected for example as soon as you place a trade and got disconnected, it is very likely that you trade is not communicated to the server and the possible opportunity is lost. This can, however, be dealt with a smooth internet connection and electricity backups such as UPS (ultra-power savers) or charged devices.


As mentioned earlier, Crypto Robot 365 is offered for free and has no associated cost. You are required to open an account with one of the recommended brokers of the robot company in order to be able to use it. To be very honest, this conditional offer has something to understand and that is the company has to find its way to get compensated. Therefore, by referring customers the company receives a referral commission from brokers. To cut it short, the company charge brokers but not the customers.

Customer Support

Reputed companies understand the importance of customer support and therefore, ensures that efficient customer facilitation staff is available to assist trader round the clock. Crypto Robot 365 does the same. Well trained, sophisticated professional staff is available 24/5 to assist traders. Traders can contact them via phone, email or a live chat interface.

Conclusion – Scam or Legit?

After going through an extensive research, we formed our opinion in favor of Crypto Robot 365 after founding it a legit robot. It is one of the best binary option trading robots available in the market. Its user-friendly interface, fully customizable features, advanced trading strategies, 24/5 customer support makes it stand alone. We also came across many reviews and comments of traders already using the Crypto Robot 365, they all seemed pretty satisfied. Therefore, we give them five (5) stars suggesting traders come join them and start making profits.

Обзор CryptoHopper – торгового бота с различными тарифами, возможностями и пробным периодом использования

Существуют боты, которые упрощают процесс торговли криптовалютами, «лучшим» из которых считается CryptoHopper. Это инструмент, позволяющий трейдерам с различным опытом максимально использовать свои возможности. Как и все боты, CryptoHopper предназначен для максимизации прибыли и минимизации потерь.

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Торговый бот CryptoHopper расширяет возможности трейдеров, устраняя человеческие слабости из торгового процесса, предоставляя простой и полнофункциональный сервис, а также поддерживая множество криптовалют.

Следует обратить внимание на то, что CryptoHopper не может гарантировать прибыль, а настоящая статья представляет собой лишь обзор возможностей этого продукта и не является рекламным материалом. Тем не менее, бот CryptoHopper может помочь трейдерам принимать правильные торговые решения, используя алгоритмически запрограммированные торговые подходы и внешние сигналы. Вы также можете настроить его на лучшие криптовалюты для дейтрейдинга.

Как начать работать с CryptoHopper

Чтобы настроить аккаунт в CryptoHopper, вам необходимо зайти на сайт и ввести свой email, имя, имя пользователя и надёжный пароль. Затем нужно подтвердить email. Вы попадёте к мастеру настройки вашего аккаунта. Затем вы выбираете биржу и настраиваете бота при помощи ключей API, предоставляемых биржей. CryptoHopper поддерживает биржи Kraken, Poloniex, Binance, Bittrex и Gdax. У CryptoHopper есть обучающие материалы для каждого этапа настройки. Как только ваш аккаунт будет готов к использованию, вы получите доступ к ряду функций на панели инструментов.

Кроме того, CryptoHopper позволяет подключиться к сервисам торговых сигналов от продвинутых трейдеров, которые могут быть как платными, так и бесплатными. От них вы получаете удобные отчёты о движении цен и доходности монет; при этом следует разбираться, краткосрочный это сигнал или долгосрочный. Если вы не уверены, то такими сервисами пользоваться не следует. Они используют алгоритмы облачных вычислений и машинного обучения, но в самом CryptoHopper есть возможность комбинирования сигналов для покупки и индикаторов технического анализа одновременно.

Цены на CryptoHopper

У CryptoHopper есть три тарифных плана кроме бесплатной семидневной пробной версии под названием Explorer Hopper Trial. В бесплатной пробной версии вы просто регистрируетесь и начинаете пользоваться сервисом, который будет вам предоставлять доступ к таким индикаторам, как Stoch, RSI, Bollinger Bands и MACD.

Вы можете начать пользоваться пакетом Explorer Hopper Starter за $19 в месяц, который рассчитан на 80 позиций при максимуме в 15 монет. Пакет поставляется с двумя триггерами и с техническим анализом (ТА) через каждые 10 минут. Кроме того, у подписчиков этого пакета есть базовая техподдержка.

Следующий пакет – Adventure Hopper Medium, который стоит $49 в месяц. Он рассчитан на 200 позиций при максимуме в 50 монет. У пакета есть пять триггеров при заложенном времени выполнения ТА через каждые пять минут. Кроме того, у подписчиков пакета есть расширенная техподдержка.

Наконец, самый “продвинутый” пакет – это Hero Hopper Pro за $99 в месяц. Он рассчитан на 500 позиций при максимуме в 75 выбранных монет. У этого пакета может быть 10 триггеров при заложенном времени выполнения ТА через каждые две минуты. Для пользователей этого бота предусмотрена функция арбитража, и они могут получать сигналы по всем монетам, пользуясь лучшей техподдержкой.

В CryptoHopper не предусмотрено никакого возмещения убытков, и пользователи могут изучать продукт только в бесплатной пробной версии, прежде чем перейдут на платную. Всё делается «на свой страх и риск». CryptoHopper можно оплатить через PayPal, дебетовые и кредитные карты, криптовалюты, а также при помощи банковского перевода.

Интерфейс CryptoHopper

CryptoHopper – это веб-решение с интуитивно понятным пользовательским интерфейсом и многочисленными функциями. Пользователи могут настроить бота для как для ручной торговли, так и автоматической. Кроме того, у CryptoHopper есть различные торговые инструменты, которые включают в себя и такие функции, как тестирование бота, настраиваемые / сохраняемые шаблоны, трейлинг-стопы и настраиваемые индикаторы. CryptoHopper может работать как в настольной, так и мобильной версии. Платформа проста в использовании и не требует никакого опыта программирования или специальных технических знаний.

CryptoHopper для начинающих

В отличие от других торговых ботов, у CryptoHopper есть уникальные функции, которые делают его удобным для начинающих. Платформа предоставляет доступ в свою «Академию» для всех участников. Кроме того, у платформы есть видеотека, которая объясняет работу бота.

У CryptoHopper есть очень активные группы в Discord и Telegram, а сама платформа поддерживает английский, французский, испанский, голландский и португальский языки.

Насколько выгодно использование CryptoHopper

Используя доступные функции CryptoHopper, пользователи могут получать высокую прибыль, но бывают и случаи, когда кто-то слишком быстро стремится к ней. Однако торговые стратегии в CryptoHopper лучше применять к медленному рынку с низким уровнем риска, и тогда, видимо, можно рассчитывать на прибыль.

Следует помнить, что рынок криптовалют очень волатильный, и использование торгового бота всегда рискованно. Если у вас есть опыт в торговле, то вы сможете реализовать лучшие стратегии при помощи бота. А если вы новичок, то должны быть готовы инвестировать свои деньги и время в обучение, прежде чем получать существенную прибыль. От CryptoHopper вы можете ожидать от 1% до 10% прибыли в типичной сделке.

Насколько безопасен CryptoHopper

Информации о разработчиках CryptoHopper почти нет, а сама компания зарегистрирована в Голландии. В платформе реализован ряд мер безопасности: у бота нет прав на вывод средств, в случае взлома злоумышленники не смогут напрямую получить доступ к данным или средствам. Команда также взаимодействует с ведущими биржами. Платформа использует двухфакторную аутентификацию (2FA) для защиты аккаунтов.

Плюсы CryptoHopper

  • основан полностью на облачном сервисе, нет риска потери данных, и пользователи могут получить доступ к данным из любого места;
  • у бота один из лучших ТА с различными встроенными индикаторами;
  • подходит для новичков и открывает им все технические аспекты торговли.

Минусы CryptoHopper

  • отсутствие информации о создателях CryptoHopper, что, по сути, позволяет им избежать ответственности и не позволяет пользователям полностью доверять;
  • высокая ежемесячная стоимость в $99 (полный потенциал бота раскрывается именно при такой цене).


Видимо, учитывая заложенные в CryptoHopper технические возможности и привлечение сторонних торговых экспертов оправдывают тот хайп, который сложился вокруг этого продукта. Похоже, CryptoHopper стоит попробовать как новичкам, так и продвинутым трейдерам, которые при разумном подходе могут получить хороший опыт и извлечь определённую выгоду из этого бота.

Однако в любом случае следует опираться на личный опыт торговли, делать собственные исследования, учитывать риски и полагаться лишь на проверенные вещи.

Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, How to Choose and to Use Them

Novice cryptocurrency traders have to learn many things including trading strategies, analysis types, trading psychology etc. This is not an easy way to do. Moreover, this knowledge and those skills do not guarantee that a trader will succeed.

Some investors try to start earning even without knowledge. They find cryptocurrency trading signals and follow them hoping that those alerts will give them instant and constant profit. This article is related to crypto trading signals and their features. We are going to cover several aspects including the advantages and disadvantages of free and premium signals.

Types of cryptocurrency trading signals

Before we start to classify trading signals, we would like to pay attention to their nature. There is nothing mysterious about this phenomenon as many newcomers thing. Cryptocurrency trading signals are the result of traders or machine analysis.

How do they appear? Let’s suppose a trader has conducted his own analysis and realized that BTC/USD is going to rise in the next couple of days. He issues this signal to the community or sells it to his or her subscribers.

As for machine signals, they are coming from automatic trading systems. Those algorithms forecast future price fluctuations.

Let’s get down to free and premium signals. The first group involves fees meaning traders have to pay some amount in order to receive signals. There are several providers currently and traders can choose one of them or even a couple. Everything depends on the fee that one has to pay to get access to the signals.

Some investors (especially newcomers) think that premium signals are a kind of trading Grail and they will be useful in all market situations. Those traders think that they pay for services and will receive high-quality signals. However, the truth is that those premium services cannot guarantee 100 percent results in all situations. Why?

The main reason is that they are provided by humans and as we know, “errare humanum est.” No one can predict markets in all situations and without errors. Moreover, there are many scam signal projects that promise to provide iron-clad results for their subscribers.

We recommend traders learning everything about markets and price fluctuations but if you want to use those signals, we can give some advice on how to choose them.

The first sign of a good and quality service is an open chat group where users can discuss signals and the beginners are able to see whether they are worth their attention.

Another way to choose such products is to test them on a demo. Some providers offer trial periods allowing users to find out if their system is really working and is profitable.

The next thing to pay attention to is testimonials from those who have already used this or that service. However, you need to understand that some providers spend a huge amount of money to promote their products and they do their best to “buy” their reputation. They purchase first places in different ratings and pay bloggers to write positive articles about them.

Free cryptocurrency trading signals are also provided and you can find them easily on different websites and social media. However, they have even lower quality than premium ones. The most important thing you need to understand is that nobody is in charge of those services. They have no obligations towards their users and make even more mistakes.

Where to find cryptocurrency trading signals

Those who want to use such opportunities are frustrated sometimes as they don’t know where to find signals. We are not going to provide you with websites and social media groups here, but we are going to prompt how to look for them.

The first place to find those alerts is special websites issuing trading signals to their subscribers. They are both premium and free. You can also look through some closed communities. However, they are mostly premium meaning you will have to pay for membership.

There are also several forums where you can find entry points. They are free to enter and to look through. Sometimes, traders share their opinions there and those who look for crypto trading signals may find some interesting ideas.

Another way to get help in trading is to use professional analysis services. They can be found on different special websites.

Finally, you can use special software and bots in order to improve your trading results. Those bots and other algorithms gather information from different sources and provide users with useful data.

Telegram and crypto trading signals

This is a rather new source of crypto trading signals. There are several Telegram groups providing entry points to subscribers. Special bots allow traders to receive signals. Subscribers may use them for free, but there are also some premium bots.

The good news here is that there are many bots in Telegram. The bad is that only a few of them are worth your attention. We are going to give some recommendations on how to choose a Telegram bot or signal group:

Before you enter the group, pay attention to the source, where you have found information about it. This website should be trustworthy.

The next step is inner channel analysis. Pay attention to bot’s activity, the number of subscribers and their behavior.

Look at the number of subscribers as compared to the number of views. If those figures are increased artificially, the number of views will be significantly lower than the total number of subscribers.

Another important criterion to pay attention to is whether the team of the project makes reports after they issue signals. Professional signal providers issue such reports so that subscribers can understand whether alerts work or not.

Finally, pay attention to the possibility of contact providers.

The main advantage of Telegram signals is that they are issued frequently and you can find alerts for different currency pairs.

Cryptocurrency pump trading signals

This is another type of crypto signal. Pump strategy is known for its risks. However, profits also may be significant and some traders look for crypto pumps in order to significantly increase their profits.

What is a pump and how to find it? This is artificial price growth of any coin. Currency is pumped in order to attract other traders’ attention to it. The more coin is in demand, the higher its price will be. Pump&Dump requires high trading volumes and is often organized by a group of traders.

The pump is considered a scam, however, there are different points of view. Let’s see how traders organize it. The pump has two main stages – informational attack and exchange activities. Pumpers release news on the coin they want to pump in the future.

That news looks like insider information and includes recommendations on which currency to buy and when.

An informational attack is done via social media and messengers like Telegram. The main idea of such activities is to attract attention to the coin and to trigger demand growth. When investors’ interest is high, the price goes up.

In order to support the coin, pumpers make a kind of “wall” preventing cryptocurrency from declining. When targets are reached, pump traders start to dump the price meaning they sell the coin and earn money. As for ordinary investors, they are to get rid of their assets in a very fast manner. Otherwise, they risk losing their money.

Pump&Dump strategies may have several stages. When the price goes down, pumpers may start to buy the coin and support it. This will be another wave. Once targets are reached, pump traders sell crypto again. However, everything depends here on other players’ behavior. If they recognize a pump, they can leave the coin.

How to protect yourself from pump signals

As we have previously mentioned, pump signals may result in huge profits, but risks to lose significant funds are high as well. We are going to provide you with a brief guide on how to determine those pump&dump signals and how to avoid them.

Attention and caution are the keys. The cryptocurrency market is “young” and may suffer from speculative activities. The liquidity is low, which allows pumpers to conduct their activities. The main features of the pump are the following:

This strategy is often used for cheap and low liquidity cons. It is almost impossible to pump and dump Bitcoin due to high volumes.

Pay attention to different exchanges. If the price of the coin remains almost unchanged in other trading places, the risks of a pump are higher.

The pump can be detected when you read news about this or that coin. If one group promotes crypto, this is one of the features of a future pump.

How to read cryptocurrency trading signals

We have described already types of signals that can be used in crypto trading and warned readers about pump&dump. It is time to find out, how to read crypto signals properly.

A typical trading signal in the cryptocurrency industry has four keywords – Buy, Sell, Term, Link.

Buy means the price at which you purchase the coin. This is the first part of every signal, which is based on the analysis. Sell is the exit point, meaning the level at which it is better to get read of the coin.

The term is an approximate term of reaching the target. As for the link, it connects with exchange and coin.

Below we offer some recommendations that will help traders to read signals and how to react to them properly.

You need to see the situation on the chart. It is recommended to avoid buying a coin if its growth is less than five percent.

It is better to avoid buying a coin if its growth surpasses 15 percent. This recommendation is less important than the first one as altcoins may show huge uptrends.

Go through different social media in order to find signals from experts in the crypto market.

Finally, it is recommended to check the coins rate at coinmarketcap. Higher ranked coins are better to trade as they have higher liquidity. They are also better protected from pump&dump due to higher volumes.

Should novice traders and investors use cryptocurrency trading signals

Before we place the full stop in this article, we are going to give some more advice for beginner traders. Many beginners want to start their careers using trading signals. However, we advise learning more about trading first.

Why is it important to get knowledge? If you want to do trading or investing professionally, you need to learn about the crypto market and coins’ price fluctuations first. You can use trading signals, but it is important for you to understand what is going on before taking any decision.

About the author

Andrew Strogoff is a skilled Forex trader and technical analyst from Limassol, Cyprus. He started cryptocurrency trading three years ago, and now is fond of blogging, swimming, cars, new technologies. Loyal blockchain adopter.

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