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OptionsHouse Review

OptionsHouse is fantastic for options trading, providing investors with industry-leading tools and extremely competitive commission rates.

Review Sections:

IMPORTANT NOTICE JULY 2020: OptionsHouse is now a part of E*TRADE. Please read our E*TRADE Review for a full breakdown of the combined brokerage.

OptionsHouse has come a long way. After its establishment in 2005, the online broker grew until May 2020 when it was announced the company and tradeMONSTER would be coming together under one roof. OptionsHouse was best known for its highly competitive commission rates, while tradeMONSTER was known for its terrific web-based options trading platform.

From 2020 until the summer of 2020, the combined OptionsHouse brand thrived, ultimately being purchased by ETRADE for $725 million. At the time this review went to press in February 2020, OptionsHouse continued to run as a stand-alone entity and brand, doing what it has always done best, providing clients fantastic options tools with highly competitive commissions.

Commissions & Fees

Stock trades are a flat rate of $4.95 per trade and options trades are just $4.95 + $.50 per contract. This flat-rate commission structure is significantly less expensive than those of all the large, full-service brokers, such as TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, and Fidelity.

What we also deeply appreciate is that OptionsHouse’s structure is clean cut, with little or no gimmicks or special-case scenarios that can ramp up costs in a hurry.

In fact, when you break these rates down against the entire industry, OptionsHouse finishes No. 2 overall behind Interactive Brokers. For equities and options traders this is a seriously competitive commission structure that cannot be overlooked. What we also deeply appreciate is that OptionsHouse’s structure is clean cut, with little or no gimmicks or special-case scenarios that can ramp up costs in a hurry. No platform fees or data fees either – the rates are all inclusive.

Feature OptionsHouse Ally Invest Interactive Brokers Just2Trade
Stock Trade Fee (per trade) $4.95 $0.00 N/A $2.50
Stock Trade Fee (per share) N/A N/A $0.005 $0.003
Mutual Fund Trade Fee $20.00 $9.95 $14.95 $12.50
Options Base Fee $4.95 $0.00 $0.00 $2.50
Options Per Contract Fee $0.50 $0.50 $0.65 $0.50
Broker Assisted Trades Fee $25.00 $20.00 $30.00 $22.50
Commissions & Fees 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 5 Stars 3.5 Stars

To provide its active options trading customers with an even better deal, OptionsHouse kicked off 2020 by implementing a new Dime Buyback program, under which the company removed commission charges tied to closing short options contracts of $.10 or less, no matter what the spread type is. For example, if a customer makes a two-legged options trade and one leg was a buyback for $.10 or less, the second leg commission would be reduced to $0.

Platforms & Tools

OptionsHouse competes with the best in the industry when it comes to powerful platforms for trading options. Built as a web-based platform, OptionsHouse innovates and delivers speed, quality, ease of use, and the tools needed for options traders to succeed.

For newer investors, there isn’t a better platform on which to learn how to trade options.

OptionsHouse offers both virtual trading and regular trading. For newer investors, there isn’t a better platform on which to learn how to trade options. Pulling up quotes is a breeze, and OptionsHouse makes it easy to file personal notes with each trade.

Regarding OptionsHouse’s streaming charts, the functionality is good but there are drawbacks. First, the interface is not user-friendly and, compared to other brokers, it took us significantly longer to become acquainted with making customizations. Second, there are limited tools (just nine) with which to mark up charts. Third, there is a lack of technical studies available – only 35, compared to the industry average, which is close to 100. This extends to study customizations, which we also found to be limited.

On the plus side, you can place limit orders on the chart itself, then access a pre-filled order ticket to review and submit the trade. OptionsHouse also allows you to view your past buys and sells right on the chart, a feature few other brokers offer.

Moving onto options capabilities, OptionsHouse shines. The option chain screen displays a fully customizable streaming real time option chain with 30 different optional columns, including every greek.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

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Once you find an option of interest, clicking it pops open OptionsHouse’s summary window, which includes key metrics alongside different quick links for further analysis. Click Analyze and the tradeLAB Snapshot Analysis pops open. Not only is Risk/Reward completely broken down with simple smiley faces to translate the pros and cons, but key events to watch out for are displayed alongside a P&L chart. It’s a work of art.

If that isn’t good enough, OptionsHouse then provides a Spectral Analysis, which includes all the data needed to make an informed decision. My favorite feature on this tab is Risk Metrics, which displays the option greeks. Since not all investors understand greeks, OptionsHouse has a simple pull-down menu to change from “Greek” to “English,” making the data user-friendly for new investors. Awesome.

Once you have finished analyzing, you can quickly import the data into a fresh trade ticket, use the trade calculator to find the right position size, add optional notes, and then place the trade. (Note: This intuitiveness with design and UI continues beyond researching and placing trades. All live positions are completely customizable. OptionsHouse automatically groups options into spreads for you, then allows you to completely regroup them and customize them to your liking using a simple drag-and-drop interface.)

Even with all these capabilities, the highlight for options remains the strategySEEK tool, which is where you will find the platform’s option screener. strategySEEK is hands down the best options scanner in the industry.

Even with all these capabilities, the highlight for options remains the strategySEEK tool, which is where you will find the platform’s option screener. strategySEEK is hands down the best options scanner in the industry. First, you forecast the price at which you think the stock might end up down the road. Next, you drag and drop to set and order your priorities for the trade: Profit, Return, Probability, and Safety. Lastly, you click “Show Strategies” for a list of the best possible matches. From here, you can create an order and place the trade, analyze the trade (see above), or adjust the scanner and rerun.

It isn’t just the interface that makes strategySEEK impressive, it’s also the data and behind-the- scenes calculations taking place to power the tool’s recommendations. The OptionsHouse platform calculates EVERY possibility, millions of them, using a plethora of data, and displays results in milliseconds. This attention to detail is also seen throughout the rest of the platform in tools such as the liveACTION scanner.

All in all, the arsenal of tools available to options traders is truly impressive. OptionsHouse has a clear understanding of what options traders want, and delivers it in stunning fashion. And, as far as equities trading goes, while the platform has a strong foundation of functionality, the overall trading experience could be better. This is especially true for the charting interface, which needs an overhaul. That said, when it comes to browser-based platforms, options trading, and ease of use for new investors, OptionsHouse is king.


On the right sidebar of the Quote screen is OptionsHouse’s take on stock research, which is a breakdown of company information and fundamentals. OptionsHouse offers its own Fundamental Report Cards for each company, which, until October 2020, also included letter-relative ratings. While I applaud the OptionsHouse platform team for thinking outside the box, I found the data difficult to interpret and unimpressive.

With such competitive commissions, OptionsHouse must cut somewhere, and research is where the broker shaves cost.

Beyond the Fundamental Report Cards, not much else is offered. There are no third-party research reports, no way of conducting metric comparisons against other companies, no SEC filings, and you cannot even view a simple balance sheet. With such competitive commissions, OptionsHouse must cut somewhere, and research is where the broker shaves cost.

Similarly for ETFs and Mutual Funds research, the experience is poor. The data is very limiting and the only real positive is being able to see a Morningstar star rating for both ETFs and mutual funds. OptionsHouse is not recommended for research-hungry investors.

Mobile Trading

In late 2020, OptionsHouse released a brand-new mobile experience, completely rebuilt from the ground up. In prior years, OptionsHouse’s mobile apps suffered in the speed department because of their HTML 5 core. Thankfully, speed is no longer a worry and the broker now has a fantastic foundation to build from.

Looking at the features of the new experience, on the plus side, the app has the strong core functionality traders desire: real-time streaming quotes, excellent position management capabilities, and synced watch lists. The app also enables traders to place basic and complex options orders, view post-hours charts, and more. OptionsHouse also ties in some creative design elements, such as a fanning out the five most recent quotes when you tap on “Quote” on the bottom bar.

On the cons side, the app is still so new there are features missing that are still under development and awaiting release later in 2020. When looking at stock charts and trying to perform technical analysis, you cannot rotate the screen horizontally to view the chart cleanly. Studies are fairly limited at 11 (although they can be deeply customized, which is nice) and there are no tools beyond pinching to zoom in and out. OptionsHouse has left its previous app in the app store for this reason, which makes sense.

All data considered, while OptionsHouse clients are stuck using two separate app experiences until the new app is fully featured, the mobile offering is still great. OptionsHouse placed fourth out of 16 brokers.

Other Notes

OptionsHouse delivers customer service that is on par with industry standards. The broker is certainly not industry leading, finishing eighth overall, but it delivers a quality experience that should appease most clients.

Also not covered in my review commentary is OptionsHouse’s educational resources. While these resources improved in 2020 with the addition of webinars and more educational content on the company’s blog, OptionsHouse still lacks across the board. Education is limited to just options, there are no videos, organization is poor, and there is a lot left to be desired.

Final Thoughts

OptionsHouse has proved to be a terrific home for options traders over the years. There was no better confirmation of OptionsHouse’s dominance than the firm’s acquisition by ETRADE for $750 million in July 2020.

For now, OptionsHouse remains a stand-alone brand that continues to do what it does best. While it is weak in its offering of education, research, and tools catering to active stock traders specifically, OptionsHouse is on par with the industry with its customer service and shines everywhere else. For options trading, OptionsHouse is No 1, thanks to its discounted pricing structure and industry-leading tools.


For our Best Brokers for Stock Trading we assessed, rated, and ranked sixteen different online brokers over a period of six months. In total, we conducted 349 customer service tests, collected 5,277 data points, and produced over 40,000 words of research. How we test.

About the author: Blain Reinkensmeyer As Head of Research at StockBrokers.com, Blain Reinkensmeyer has 18 years of trading experience with over 1,000 trades placed during that time. Referenced as a leading expert on the US online brokerage industry, Blain has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, and the Chicago Tribune, among others.

Ratings Overall

*OptionsHouse was not included in the latest annual review, as a result this data may not be up to date.

Best Options Broker Trading Platform

Wayne Duggan
Contributor, Benzinga

For traders specifically looking to trade options, choosing the best options trading platform can be particularly crucial. Most major brokers have options trading capabilities, but not every platform is geared specifically for options trading. Below, we’re taking a look at the top choices for these trading platforms, from free options trading to paid platforms.

You Invest by J.P. Morgan

You Invest by J.P. Morgan

Enjoy up to $625 when you open and fund a new You Invest Trade account with $25,000 or more in new money within 45 days. New money is cash or securities from a non-Chase or non-J.P. Morgan account. Maintain the balance for 90 days and we’ll add your bonus in 10 business days. Find out how.

Best Options Brokers:

  • Best Overall: You Invest by J.P. Morgan
  • Best Technology: TradeStation
  • Best for Beginners: TD Ameritrade
  • Best for Marginal Accounts: Interactive Brokers
  • Best for Mobile Traders: E*TRADE
  • Best Derivatives Only Broker: tastyworks
  • Best for Social Traders: Gatsby
  • Honorable Mention: eOption

In general, options trading is a very profitable offering for brokers, so there are plenty of great deals out there for traders.

Table of contents [ Hide ]

Best for Options Traders

Low commissions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to choosing the best option trading platform. Traders need to consider hidden fees, such as platform fees and data fees.

Different traders have different skill levels, trading strategies, and needs. Options trading can be complicated, and beginners need to make sure to find a platform with plenty of educational resources and guidance. Advanced traders need to look for professional-grade features and research. Before choosing the right broker , each trader needs to consider his or her trading style and which features are most important in maximizing profitability.

Here’s an overview of some of the top option-trading platforms based on several different criteria.


Best For
  • Current Chase Bank members
  • Those who prefer basic trading services
  • Earning free trades

1. You Invest by J.P. Morgan

If you’re already a customer with Chase Bank, Chase You Invest by J.P. Morgan is a no-brainer. You can easily research, trade and manage your investments from your mobile device. You Invest provides online tools to search for investments, track companies and rollover your assets.

Only U.S. clients are able to open a You Invest account but it takes, on average, just a day to open and you’re able to apply fully online. Equipped with portfolio reports and pie charts, the mobile app is simple and user-friendly. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

With Chase You Invest you’ll have access to roughly 5,000 stock exchanges. There are plenty of research and educational tools provided on the app. Overall, we recommend the Chase You Invest platform for stock trading because it’s easy to open and fund an account. It’s also reliable thanks to its strong parent company, J.P. Morgan.

Best For
  • Advanced traders
  • Options and futures traders
  • Active stock traders
  • Comprehensive trading platform and professional-grade tools
  • Wide range of tradable securities
  • Fully-operational mobile app

2. Best for Advanced Traders: TradeStation

TradeStation is for advanced traders who need a comprehensive platform. The brokerage offers an impressive range of investable assets as frequent and professional traders appreciate its wide range of analysis tools. TradeStation’s app is also equally effective, offering full platform capabilities.

TradeStation offers 2 distinct account types: its basic TS GO account aimed at new trades and its more in-depth TS Select account aimed at more advanced traders looking for a comprehensive set of tools and research options. There’s no minimum account balance required to open a TS GO account. TS Select accounts require a $2,000 minimum deposit.

If you’re new to trading, you’ll love TradeStation’s Simulated Trading tool. Its Simulated Trading tool allows you to practice entering buy and sell orders, using TradeStation’s suite of charting and analysis tools and using your trading strategy without risking any of your own money.

3. Best for Beginners: TD Ameritrade

Best For
  • Novice investors
  • Retirement savers
  • Day traders
  • World-class trading platforms
  • Detailed research reports and Education Center
  • Assets ranging from stocks and ETFs to derivatives like futures and options

There’s no better place to get started trading options than TD Ameritrade. Right off the bat, TD Ameritrade’s $0 account minimum makes the platform accessible to every options trader. The Trade Architect platform provides a simple, easy-to-navigate trading environment that isn’t intimidating for new options traders and provides easy order execution.

Traders have access to 24/7 customer support over the phone, as well as email support and more than 100 local branches. The platform also offers virtual trading, so beginners can get a feel for the market without putting real money at risk. For more advanced traders, the thinkorswim platform provides professional-grade advances option trading features, such as Options Statistics for identifying trading opportunities and the Sizzle Index for identifying the hottest contracts.

TD Ameritrade recently completed an acquisition of Scottrade, which will provide options traders with another level of flexibility as well. Right now, TD Ameritrade charges $0 fin options based fess and $0.65 for options per contract.

4. Best for Marginal Accounts: Interactive Brokers

Best For
  • Access to foreign markets
  • Comprehensive mobile app that makes trading simple
  • Wide range of available account types and tradable assets
  • Comprehensive, quick desktop platform
  • Mobile app mirrors full capabilities of desktop version
  • Access to massive range of tradable assets

The Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation provides a comprehensive list of options trading features and has been compared to the look and feel of a commercial airline cockpit. The workstation includes integrated tools such as IB Risk Navigator, Options Analytics and Model Navigator. It has a configurable format, quick-click order entry capabilities, and is extremely customizable.

The OptionTrader Combo tab allows traders to monitor price variations, view all available chains or filter for specific contracts and configure columns to view calculated model prices, implied volatilities open interest and Greeks.

Interactive Brokers also helps active traders minimize commissions and fees as well. Interactive Brokers charges nothing in options based fees but charges $0.65 per contract fee for options.

5. Best for Mobile Traders: E*TRADE

Best For
  • Active traders
  • Derivatives traders
  • Retirement savers
  • Sophisticated trading platforms
  • Wide range of tradable assets
  • Exceptional customer service

E*TRADE’s Power E*TRADE platform and mobile app are the gold standards of option trading platforms. Power E*TRADE currently offers traders premium-quality tools without the premium price tag.

According to a customer service rep, the long-term plan is to have the Power E*TRADE platform replace E*TRADE Pro as the premium service, but for now, it is free for all E*TRADE users.

Power E*TRADE is the perfect combination of speed, quality, tools, and navigation capabilities. The platform offers virtual trading for testing strategies. The option chain screen provides access to customizable real-time streaming option chains with up to 30 columns. The tradeLAB Snapshot Analysis breaks down risk/reward in an easy-to-understand way, indicating pros and cons as well as key events to watch for and a profit and loss chart. The strategySEEK tool allows users to scan market data and identify potential trading strategies.

For all E*TRADE’s advances option trading features, the broker charges $0 in options based fees and $0.65 for options per contract.

Best For
  • Options traders
  • Futures traders
  • Advanced traders
  • Powerful platform inspired by thinkorswim
  • Multiple order types and strategies
  • Cheap options commissions

6. Best Derivatives Only Broker: tastyworks

Tastyworks allows opening of an individual, entity/trust or joint account, and the account type held with the brokerage can be margin, cash or retirement. In margin trading, you are allowed to trade with borrowed capital, facilitating the use of all trading strategies available with the broker, while a cash account requires that you fully fund transactions, and also restricts usage of some trading strategies such as spread and uncovered options.

The web-based trading platform allows access from any computer and gives all functionalities as the downloadable version. Some of the features in the browser version is the Follow page, where you can follow the firm’s curated experts’ trade, Trade Curve, which allows visualization of trades easily and the Trade History option, which helps you analyze your trades.

Though opening an account is fairly easy, a prospective client is required to register with tastyworks ahead of time with an email address, username, and password, as well as:

  • Address and phone numbers,
  • Citizenship status,
  • Personal information such as Social Security Number and employment information,
  • Bank details and
  • Copies of identity and address proofs.

Once an account is registered, it normally takes one to three days to be approved.

Best For
  • Retail investors
  • Traders new to options
  • Social traders
  • Millennial traders
  • No commissions
  • Simple but stylish platform
  • Social trading features

7. Best for Social Traders: Gatsby

It can be intimidating if you’re not a current follower of trade lingo or a professional trade enthusiast, but that’s why Gatsby has created its platform. Gatsby merges everyone’s resources and expertise to give you the chance to optimize trading strategies.

Gatsby leaves the commissions for other brokers so that you can begin earning instantly after signing up, and ss a new trader or professional, you’ll have the option to trade for companies and ETFs.

If you don’t want to to trade for companies? You have the choice to trade against them.

Best For
  • Options traders looking for low-cost options contracts
  • Beginner and advanced traders looking for options education
  • Advanced traders who don’t need a lot of platform guidance
  • Unbeatable options contracts pricing
  • Mobile app that mirrors capabilities of desktop app
  • Free and comprehensive options education

8. Honorable Mention: eOption

eOption provides an industry solution to active traders looking to avoid the high costs associated with their trade frequency.

They specialize in options trading and pride themselves in having some of the lowest commissions and margins among their competitors. eOptions offerings don’t stop there. Investors interested in ETFs and stocks can also benefit from eOption’s low fees.

As for their low margin rates, eOption stands out among the competition. Their base rate for an account with a balance of $49,999 or lower is 7% and comes in at 4.5% for accounts with $1 million and over.

What is Options Trading?

When it comes to the stock market, most people think no further than buying and selling individual stocks. Truthfully, the process of options trading isn’t much different than stock trading.

However, an option is simply a contract to buy or sell a stock at a pre-negotiated price and by a certain date. Simple as that. Learn more about how to trade options.

Options traders bet on which direction they think the price of a stock will go. Options contracts can be based on a wide variety of underlying securities, however, and many different types of orders can be placed, which makes them more versatile than stocks.

For example, those trading options can decide whether the prices could go up or down on the following:

Make sense? Sure, it does.

Buying and Selling Options

To buy options, you simply choose exactly what you’d like to buy and how many, and then place a buy to open order with a broker. If your order goes up or down in value, you have some options. At any rate, you can:

  • Sell at the agreed-upon price
  • Sell the contract to another investor
  • Let the contract expire

Compare Options Brokers

Still can’t decide if the above brokers are for you? Check out this side-by-side comparison for a bird’s-eye view.

TraderVC Broker Review 2020

TraderVC is still a relatively new option for binary options brokerages but they take great pride in producing an effective binary options trading platform that is simple to use. One of the first aspects we inspected in our TraderVC review was the fact this broker places extra emphasis on the technical side of their trading platform.

By focusing on speed TraderVC can help users that specialize in short-term transactions and trades so that they can get the most out of their trading experience. Customer service remains a big aspect of this company as well with customer service lines available 24 hours a day as well as a wealth of trading experts that can help their users to see greater levels of success on the trading platform too.

With this two-pronged focus on both customer satisfaction and speed/technical service, this broker remains a leader even though it is relatively new to the scene. With payouts of up to 81%, this broker does offer some competitive bonuses but it does not currently have any type of regulation or license which can turn some users off. Read more about this broker in our TraderVC review below.

TraderVC Account Features

They still do offer much of the same security presence as well as the fairness in trading that is required to operate a successful trading platform. Through the technical service as well as the top end security options that they offer TraderVC does remain equally competitive with other trading platforms despite its lack of licensing.

With several account levels available in TraderVC you can adjust the total amount of returns that you can receive as well as access new trading resources depending on the amount of money that you are willing to invest with the broker. Keep in mind that there is also a TraderVC demo account that you can start with to access the most basic features of the interface without much of the learning tools or training resources.

Here are some of the account levels that are available in TraderVC so that you know exactly what you’re getting into when you get started:

TraderVC Starter account: Access all 60 basic assets including option types, the web and mobile platform, video tutorials, training and more. 24/7 support is available with this feature as well as a dedicated account manager for your customer service. TraderVc review found no fee is enacted for the first withdrawal in every month. All of these features will be available as soon as you deposit your first $250 into the system.

TraderVC Pro Account: The Pro account will begin once you have deposited $1000 into the system. The pro account features all the basic benefits of a starter account as well as some extra trading signals, trading alerts and loss prevention assets. You can also access various bonuses for trading certain commodities in the system these extra bonuses can help you to earn a little bit of extra money back and take advantage by trading various commodities during peak periods.

TraderVC Premium account: No other binary options trading platform offers this type of support issue giving this one the best risk-free trade that you can make once a month on a huge asset. You will have to deposit at least $5000 into an account to access this privilege but you can get access to every other advantage including the risk-free trade from a premium account.

TraderVC Executive account: the executive account has to risk-free trades every month as well as the benefits of the Pro account and every other account type. This is one of the best ways to get every bonus as well as make two huge trades every month risk-free. This is an extremely competitive offer but it requires at least $10,000 spent in the system to unlock this membership type.

TraderVC does not have the same number of assets available for trade as some of the main binary options trading platforms, however. With only around 60+ assets and the ability to trade in US dollars, great British pounds and the Euro although the platform is very fast it only has a limited number of assets available.

As we went further ion our TraderVC review, we have determined the company does have a free TraderVC demo account that you can try out if you are interested in seeing how it actually functions. With the demo account it easy to get the hang of making some simple trades as well as seeing some of the top assets which are commonly traded.

With payouts of up to 81% on a $250 deposit, this is a fairly competitive account to get started with especially after you give the demo account a try. With ongoing assistance and tinkering in demo mode, you can really start to access the speed of trades and learn just how well the system works.

There are no downloads required with TraderVC either. It is designed to be as easy and smooth of a process as possible. Once you have registered with the program you just need to log into your account or your demo account to start learning using their resources or to begin experimenting with trading binary options. You can do all of this from almost any browser when you’re on a mobile device or on a desktop.

TradeVC Trading Software

As we went further in our TraderVC review we have affirmed the trading platform is designed to be a no download process that gives you a wealth of information all on the same screen multiple pages including information on trading options. TraderVC welcomes traders to trade with High Low, One Touch, Range and Hyper Options that should give you plenty of maneuvers for quick trading as well as trading over 60 different assets. The assets available for trade included commodities, currencies, indices, stocks and long-term market conditions that can all be speculated on and used in trading.

With each one of the trading options and tools available on the platform, you can become more proficient as a trader and many have suggested that they can start to grow their portfolio after just the first day.

TraderVC review found that returns are fairly good with a payout rate of 81% as well as multiple account levels that can present some considerable advantages. A number of unique services are also available for traders at different levels of membership including some special automated support items and speculation advice. These improvements and tools could really help to make you a better trader and to build your expertise of the platform. The wealth of training and the customer support available here can facilitate ongoing improvements through research and work.

TradeVC Support Information

The customer support features available on TraderVC are some of the best in the industry. With the focus that this company put on their customer support, they were able to offer 24-hour support in several different languages and on almost every platform.

TraderVC review found this broker offers considerable live chat support when compared to some of their competition.

TraderVC Company Information

As we went further in our TraderVC review we discovered the broker offers a number of excellent withdrawal methods including Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, and several others. They also offer low withdrawal fees as the first withdraw each want is free for everyone and a minimum deposit of $250 for credit cards and $500 for bank transfers.

Although the fees are low the minimum deposit on bank transfers is quite high and you don’t have the option to withdrawal to a separate account.

Tip: Trade with reputable and regulated brokers on FX-Advisor.

TraderVC Company Information

In the course of our TraderVC review, we ascertained that broker is owned and operated by a company called BetaTech LTD. They have a location on the ground floor of 2 A Kumanovsky Boy ST. in Sofia BG. There is no type of licensing available for a binary options broker in the location of Bulgaria and as a result, this company is not bound by the same types of fair security practices that many of the other top broker.

As we went further in our TraderVC review we discovered the broker offers a number of excellent withdrawal methods including Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, and several others. They also offer low withdrawal fees as the first withdraw each want is free for everyone and a minimum deposit of $250 for credit cards and $500 for bank transfers. Although the fees are low the minimum deposit on bank transfers is quite high and you don’t have the option to withdrawal to a separate account.

TradeVC Review Conclusion

Although the platform is incredibly robust with plenty of neat features including the risk-free trade option, the lack of a license as well as the high price for depositing on a wire transfer really take away from this option.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Broker!
    Best Choice For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!


    Perfect For Experienced Traders!

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