Mass Income Machines Review Is This Clickbank Program Scam Or Legit

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Mass Money Machines Review Mass Money Machines SCAM!

Mass Money Machines Review Is Mass Money Machines Scam Or Legit? Mass Money Machines Review and Bonus Mass Money Machines Review

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Mass Money Machines Review

Mass Money Machines is a respected entity on the Internet that has helped a lot of people generate a lot of cash on a daily basis. Internet Marketers do not have to wait any longer in order to fill their bank accounts with thousands of dollars. What’s great is that the money can be added to your bank in a matter of days. That means in less than a few weeks you can start to feel what it is like to have actual money you can spend without a worry in the world.

Want to Bank thousands of dollars a day? The Mass Money Machines System can literally generate thousands of dollars for you in a short amount of time. So if you are in need of some serious cash right away, then you are definitely going to want to make sure that you jump on board with this opportunity. Spaces are limited, and they are filling up fast. There are a lot of people that do not believe in this method of earning money, but there are still a lot of smart people out there that know the benefits of what this money making tool can provide.

It’s not hard to follow the steps outlined by the Mass Money MachinesSystem. Anyone that knows how to simply operate a computer is going to have an easy time making money. You can choose to remain a part of this money making tool for as long as you want. But the truth is, no one really wants to walk away from the amount of money they receive. The money can be used for a variety of reasons, including paying for a home or the cost of education. That can truly help a family take the pressure finances provide. Are you ready to allow Mass Money Machines Team. and his system to change your life forever? You can tell your friends, family, and neighbors about how you were able to produce a lot of money by working from home. It may sound too good to be true, but this is actually something that you can start on today. What are you waiting for? You know what you need to do, so make sure you get in on the money making process while it is still available online. Also, invite anyone else that may be interested in producing wealth and changing their life for the better.

Clickbank review – scam or legit?

Product: ClickBank
Overall Ranking: 60 points out of 100 3/5 stars
Price: Free to join
Owners: subsidiary of Keynetics

In this review, I will be taking a look at how ClickBank (CB) works for both the vendors and the affiliates so you can decide if it is something you might consider.

ClickBank History

ClickBank was started after Dr. Tim Barber, a research scientist with the NSA, realized in the 1990s that the internet would soon be rife with websites and digital content.

In 1998 Tim and Eileen Barber along with Geof Hoyl founded ClickBank. They started operations from the Barbers’ garage and have seen enormous growth over the years.

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Today ClickBank is still growing and has become a trusted platform permitting producers to sell, affiliates to earn commissions and customers to buy digital products in a secure manner. They have paid out more than $3 billion worldwide and carry out more than 26,000 transactions per day.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a platform for promoting digital products and is the largest affiliate marketing network for digital information products.

Today people are looking to get the information they require quickly and with the digital products, this is possible.

Digital products are products, services or software that can be delivered via the internet.

There are 2 ways to earn money with ClickBank either as an affiliate earning commissions for the many products already on CB or by creating your own product to sell.

Put simply, ClickBank is an intermediary between the product creators and the affiliate marketers. The consumers click on your affiliate link and pay ClickBank. Clickbank then pays the affiliate his commission and the vendor. The platform handles all the accounting, payments and refunds.

A Wide Range of Digital Products

In the ClickBank marketplace, you can find a wide range of products.

You can find products that will teach you to sing, play the piano, earn money online, build a chicken coop, build a garden shed, install solar panels, train your dog, learn a foreign language or learn to read. This is just a small selection of the sort of products available.

Who is ClickBank for?

ClickBank can be for digital product creators (vendors) and affiliate marketers.


ClickBank offers the vendors the chance to run their entire business on a single platform. It is really easy to sign up and they provide lots of support and information.

So if you are interested in selling your own product you could create:

  • an e-book on how to make money online, search engine optimization, do it yourself tips, weight loss or anything in which you have knowledge.
  • a training video
  • an audio tutorial
  • software

To start selling on ClickBank you will need:

  • your own website, domain name and hosting (free hosting is not allowed)
  • on your site, you must have a “pitch page” or sales page with all relevant information on your product
    a thank you page with contact details should they have a problem and delivery details (email or download)
  • a payment link – on the pitch page there must be a payment link that sends them to ClickBank
  • marketing material for affiliates

Cost – there is a one-time activation fee of $49.95 and after activation, the product is available to affiliates in the marketplace. On all transactions, there is a $1 fee and 7.5% commission per sale.


Signing up for ClickBank is free and very easy, you only need your basic contact information. There is no pre-approval or any other impediments as with some other networks which is great for newbies.

Once your account is created you can use it as a vendor, an affiliate or both.

Another advantage with CB is the selection of products that it is possible to promote. It is possible to find something for many niches.

If you’re thinking of starting an affiliate marketing business and promoting ClickBank products take a look at this post, Ultimate Guide to 97 Evergreen Clickbank Niches. You will learn about the different niches you can choose and also some CB products that are relevant to the different niches.

Search the Marketplace

After signing up you can head over to the ClickBank Marketplace to have a look through the thousands of products that you can choose from. On ClickBank, there are many very good products but also some products that are low quality. It is advisable to take the time to select a quality product. You can take a look at the marketplace here.

When searching the marketplace you will see below each listing the sales statistics for each product.

What the statistics tell us

  • Initial $/sale: This is the average amount that an affiliate will earn for each sale of the product. This figure takes into consideration any refunds, chargebacks, and sales tax.
  • Avg Rebill Total: This number is shown if the products from the vendor offers recurring billing. This may apply to memberships and subscriptions where the customer is often charged monthly. This figure shows the average amount an affiliate may make on all of the recurring sales. The original sale is not included in here.
  • Avg $/sale: For one-time purchases, this is the same as Initial $/sale. If rebilling is involved this equals the average of the initial sale plus the rebills, divided by the number of initial sales. This is just an average and you could make more or less.
  • Avg %/sale: This figure is the average commission rate earned on all sales of the vendor’s products, this includes one-time purchases, recurring billing and upsells. Again this is an average, the amount you earn on a sale will probably not match this figure.
  • Avg %/rebill: This is only shown if the vendor offers a product with recurring billing and will show the average commission on rebills.
  • Grav: Is short for Gravity. This figure is a performance statistic calculated using the number of affiliates who have achieved sales of a product during the past 12 weeks. The gravity number can give you a good idea of the products that are selling well. A high gravity will also mean that there will be many affiliates promoting the product. You should always aim for a gravity of at least 30.
  • Cat: This is Marketplace category and sub-category where the product can be found.

This information gives you an idea of how much you can make and the competition you may have for a given product.

You will also see different icons below a product listing. Here’s what the icons stand for:

Once you have chosen a product to market, click on the Promote button on the right of the listing. This will automatically generate a Hoplink, your unique referral tracking URL. You will then use your Hoplink when promoting the product and receive a commission when someone clicks on your link and follows through to make a purchase.

Getting Paid

ClickBank offers a few different payment methods – direct deposit, wire and checks.

Accounts that are paid by direct deposit or wired payments can be paid either once a week or every two weeks. All other accounts are paid every two weeks. For international accounts ClickBank offers International Direct Deposits into a number of international bank accounts and there is no extra charge for this. Not all countries are supported. You can see a list of supported countries here.

If your country is not available for direct deposit it is possible to be paid by Payoneer.

The direct deposit method is recommended if your country is accepted, the money is credited to your account in 2 – 4 days. Checks are only valid 90 days and will take a few days to arrive. Wired payments cost $35 per wire sent and are only available for accounts with sufficient volume.

Your payment threshold can be set at any amount between $10 and $ 1000. The default setting is $100. It is advisable to set the threshold towards the lower level, then if your account becomes inactive you will not lose all your hard earned money due to dormant account charges. (see below)

It should be noted that to achieve your first payment you need to make at least 5 sales, just 2 or 3 sales and you won’t be paid. In addition, these sales should be made using at least 2 of the following payment methods:

  • American Express
  • Carte Bleue
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Visa

This is to prevent affiliates from cheating the ClickBank affiliate program by using their own accounts to get discounts on products for their own use.

Dormant Accounts

Say you make a sale and therefore you have a positive balance in your account. Then you do not make another sale during the following 3 months ClickBank will start to make the following deductions to your account.

  • $1 per pay period after 90 days of inactivity
  • $5 per pay period after 180 days of inactivity
  • $50 per pay period after 365 days of inactivity

Deductions are only made if your account is positive. Nonetheless, this must contribute in a large way to the profits of ClickBank and the affiliates have worked for nothing, if not for the profit of ClickBank.

Pros and Cons


  • easy to join which is great if you’re starting an affiliate marketing website
  • good choice of products to promote, 24 main categories which are broken down into many sub-categories giving you thousands of products to promote
  • easy to see averages sales, rebilling and get an idea of competition
  • recurring billing accepted
  • becoming a vendor is simple and not too expensive
  • generous commissions of 70% or more
  • low payment threshold $10
  • good payment record
  • international payments to most countries


  • some low-quality products
  • high level of refunds
  • dormant account charges
  • must have 5 sales before you will receive your first payment

Training and tools

Some very limited training is provided for affiliates on ClickBank. In the 4 Steps to Affiliate Success, you are taught about choosing your niche, building your platform, getting traffic and promoting products. The lessons are in video form and last 15 to 20 minutes.

There are also lessons on Using the Marketplace, All About Hoplinks and Earning Commissions and Getting Paid.

For the vendors, there are some insights on creating an information product.

The ClickBank analytics tool provides you with statistics including: paychecks, details of transaction or subscriptions, hops per day sorted by vendor, tracking id or customer country and order form impressions

Help and support

ClickBank has a support center where they have many informative articles, videos and FAQs. There are separate sections for affiliates, vendors and a general section.

If you cannot find an answer to your problem you are able to open a support ticket.

My final opinion

ClickBank is not a scam and can be a good place to make some money. However before selecting a product to promote make sure you do your research and if possible try the product yourself. There are many low-quality products available, particularly in the E-business & E-marketing category with a selection of get rich quick schemes that are clearly scams.

I don’t like that you must make at least 5 sales before you are paid and that dormant accounts are charged. This means you may make some sales but never get paid.

If you have some knowledge or expertise that can benefit others you could create your own product, becoming an affiliate is not your only choice with Clickbank. Have your own product on CB and you can benefit from the skills of their thousands of affiliates.

Affiliate or vendor – after opening your account with ClickBank you are on your own, there is only some very limited training. Hence if you are new to internet marketing you might feel a little lost, therefore it is advisable to get good some training before starting.

ClickBank is legitimate, but always thoroughly research your products and to be successful it will take a lot of hard work. I would suggest getting some online internet marketing training and aim to set up your business for long-term success.

Comparison between my #1 recommendation and ClickBank.

Ahead of starting with ClickBank take a look at Wealthy Affiliate – you will get 2 free websites, all the support you need and some first class training. It’s FREE to join!

The Clickbank University Review – Scam or Legit? Read My Realistic Review

Product name: Clickbank University

Program owner: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz, Justin Atlan

Price: $1 trial (7 days), then $47 per month plus many upsells

Overall rank: 75 out of 100

The Clickbank University is a solid program that has been launched in 2020 while Clickbank has been around for over 10 years now and if you are looking for some realistic way to learn how to earn a buck online, I think Clickbank is the way to go.

But first of all, Clickbank is a marketplace for various digital products that you can promote and make a commission from as an affiliate marketer. If you have some specific knowledge and feel you can create an info product, Clickbank is definitely for you.

They have a training in place and good support. Plus you will learn how to market your info product using advanced marketing techniques.

Their training includes a lot of modules that cover various topics. All in all, Clickbank University is a good program that provides some tools, support and quality training and I can recommend it.

BUT when it comes to affiliate marketing, the Clickbank University is by far not the best program out there and in my review I’ll explain why I think so. I’m not perfect or protected from mistakes.

So, I may be wrong too. But I always try to be very realistic when reviewing products and I promise that my review of the Clickbank University will be very realistic too and I believe after reading it you will be able to make and informed decision.

Pros of Clickbank University

  • Quality training
  • $1 trial (7 days)
  • Money back guarantee
  • Live weekly training modules
  • Good support

Cons of Clickbank University

  • A little expensive
  • Upsells
  • Some training modules are locked
  • SEO training needs to be updated for advanced strategies
  • Some complaints about Clickbank

Clickbank is legit, but there are several upsells inside their members area which makes this product a little overpriced in my opinion. Before you make your final decision, allow me to help you make a better decision. Take a look at the comparison table and see how my recommended program – Wealthy Affiliate blows away Clickbank University. And the best part of Wealthy Affiliate is that you can try it for FREE! No credit card required. And I’m actually a member of WA.

The Clickbank University review

First off, I would like to let you know that Clickbank is not an affiliate training center. It’s a place for storing digital products where you can buy a PDF guide or video training course on various topics, such as internet marketing, fitness, weight loss, sports, games, green products, education, e-business and more.

Later they launched Clickbank University program to teach others how to make money online. Mainly, their program is focused on teaching you how to create your own info product and sell it via Clickbank marketplace.

They also teach you how to hire an army of affiliates ready to promote your product and earn an affiliate commission. From this perspective I think Clickbank University is not for everyone. It’s mainly for info product creators.

If you have nothing to create then I think you would better look for some other training program focused purely on affiliate marketing and I’m actually a member of such program. You can find the link to this program at the end of my review.

Misleading advertising

Though Clickbank is legit program I strongly disagree with their a little misleading advertising methods.

On their Clickbank University sales page they have an introductory video that tells you fantastic stories about people who have become millionaires thanks to selling products of their own via Clickbank. And they claim that it’s a Clickbank that made them millionaires.

I think it’s a little exaggerated because VERY FEW people actually can achieve that level of success. And creators of this program, Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan very well know about it, but still they try to convince you that making money becomes easy with a Clickbank.

I disagree with their approach. They know that making money online is not easy at all. They know that most people are struglling to make even a decent income online and yet they claim that it’s easy to become a millionaire when you become a member of Clickbank University.

This is not true. I’m just giving you this info so you don’t fall for this type of misleading advertising tricks.

Clickbank University training

The training consists of the following modules:

  • Orientation
  • Website Builder
  • Beginners
  • Advanced level
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Live classes
  • University talks
  • Done for you
  • Community

All these modules are good and as you can see from the titles, you are going to learn some advanced stuff which is awesome. Especially “Beginners” section consists of very important sections.

You will learn how to turn your hobby into a business, prepare a sales page and promote it.

Affiliate marketing section will teach you how to become a successful with Clickbank. You will learn all important traffic techniques, free and paid (PPC).

When it comes to “Done for You” section, I recommend you to be careful before investing your hard earned money for a “done for you website”.

To be honest, I don’t like the idea of done for you automated websites because I’m sure they won’t make you any money if you are a complete beginner.

They will offer you several options, from $500 up to thousands of dollars! Just be careful. I don’t really recommend to pay so much money for something you are not guaranteed to make any profit with.

Advanced module includes important sections, such as:

  • How to turn visitors into subscribers
  • Advanced selling strategies
  • Split testing, conversions
  • JV traffic, social
  • Paid advertising

This section contains a lot of helpful stuff and will teach you how to make your website profitable. Because many site owners can get traffic, but they don’t know how to convert that traffic, i.e. visitors into paying customers. So, this section is awesome.

As I said above, their training is mainly focused on teaching you how to create an info product and marketing it to the audience. Training is pretty solid.

You can benefit from the training as an affiliate if you plan to promote products available on Clickbank or you can learn the stuff as a vendor if you plan to create your own product and promote it.

As a vendor Clickbank University training takes 8 weeks to learn all the stuff you need to know. You will learn everything: creating product, setting up a sales page, adding upsells, building an email list and striking JVs with other vendors for maximum profit.

I have nothing to disagree with their approach because creating a product of your own and selling it can be very profitable IF you can create such a product and provide quality support after that.

Because many people think that creating a product is enough to be successful online. In fact, there are tons of so called “quality” products available on Clickbank that never provide any support and that’s why they have a very high refund rate. This is something you must keep in mind.

Their training modules are well organized and show you everything step-by-step which includes product creation, marketing your product using various traffic methods, both free and paid, setting up your sales page on Clickbank. They have both text tutorials and videos.

I believe their training material is both for beginners and experienced users. But you won’t have access to all training modules unfortunately. They are available if you buy some other upsells.

You can also join their Facebook group and get support and good ideas through networking with other members.

They have a website tool that will allow you to build a website, squeeze page, opt-in form i.e. foundation of your online business. I like their realistic approach because some so called internet gurus claim that you don’t need a website to make money online. They also offer a web-hosting service IF you pay for one of their upsells.

This is great because you can set up your website and your product directly on Clickbank. But this fun will cost you over $800 per year if you want to get access to all the tools and training modules. I think it’s not cheap at all and most people can’t afford it in the initial stages.

I personally pay $359 per year for my membership to this program which BTW is a much better alternative to Clickbank University.

The good part of Clickbank University training is that you get 7 day access for $1 which is great. But even if you start paying $47 per month you won’t have access to all training modules available inside their members area.

Compared to them, if you pay $49 for my recommended program mentioned above, you will get access to EVERYTHING.

But after recent update and criticism Clickbank unlocked some of their content which is good BTW.

As an affiliate, you will learn some great stuff too, such as building a squeeze page, capturing email addresses, managing your email list and finally driving traffic. All these modules are very important and I don’t recommend to skip any of them.

Clickbank University training will teach you not only how to create a product, but also how to build a squeeze page, how to build your email list.

All these things are important and will allow you to use advanced strategies in your business. But it’s not going to be easy and will take some time and effort.

But I don’t like the idea of adding upsells that most internet marketers love to do because the main idea behind adding upsells is making more money off your subscribers, instead of helping them.

I personally love complete program that give me access to everything. Unfortunately, you can find very few such programs on the internet. In fact, my recommended program that you can see in the comparison table above, is one of those complete programs that never upsell anyone.

You just pay one fixed price and everything is unlocked. And that’s why I always recommend my favourite program to all my readers.

Clickbank University training includes both free and paid traffic techniques. But paid traffic method is not recommended for beginners. You can do it later once you learn how to organize your advertising campaigns properly.

They teach you SEO ( search engine optimization ), but it’s not the best part of their training. They still need to update it for more advanced strategies.

They also have weekly Q&A video classes which is great to be honest. This means Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan are caring about you and your success.

By watching them you will be able to benefit from other experienced CB sellers and possibly apply some of their strategies in your business.


I don’t like the idea of upselling customers and I told about it in many of my articles. The worst part of Clickbank University is that after paying $47 per month which means you should get access to everything, you still don’t get it.

You have to pay $297 for their website tool and $97 for Advanced Masterclass module. I’m not saying that upsells are illegitimate. I’m saying that I don’t like upsells and it’s annoying to be honest.

Support at Clickbank University

Support is not bad though it’s not perfect. Sometimes you can get support pretty fast, sometimes it takes too long. But an overall quality is good. You can also contact Justin and Adam which is great. Some people complain that they have to wait for Clickbank support for a few days and this is really bad.

My recommendation on how to benefit from Clickbank University

As I said above, if you don’t plan to create your own product then you would better join my recommended program ( link available at the end of my review) because my recommended program is WAY cheaper and the quality is very high AND there are no upsells whatsoever.

If you still want to join Clickbank University and don’t want to change your mind then you can benefit from Clickbank program in the following way.

You can choose top selling products that have the lowest refund rate, write product reviews for each program and get them ranked in search engines. Some of them will get ranked and you can then start making solid affiliate commissions from Clickbank.

But I don’t recommend promoting products that have refund rate higher than 1%.

Over time when you do some research and find that some of your reviews are high converting and make you regular sales, you will be able to drive paid traffic to those pages and double or maybe even triple your income.

You can learn paid traffic methods from Clickbank University training. The good part of Clickbank is that when you join their network, you can add your product to their network (paid service) and other affiliates will pick your product up and start promoting it.

Your advantage is that if you pay good commissions you can get a lot of affiliates promoting you and since Clickbank network is huge, you can put your product in front of thousands of affiliates hungry for high paying affiliate programs/vendors like you.

But being a member of Clickbank is not so great due to their rules and if you read complaints section of my review if you will realize that Clickbank is by far not the best place out there. I personally prefer because their rules are WAY better.

Complaints about Clickbank

There are some complaints about Clickbank in general and I would like you to know about them before you decide to join Clickbank network. I can’t agree with their policy regarding payment withholds.

You must make at least 5 sales from two different payment methods to avoid payment withholds by Clickbank. Also, if you can’t make a sale every 90 days, you account will be terminated.

If you don’t make 5 sales you won’t get any commission at all. I don’t know about you, but I can’t agree with their policy. That’s why, I chose JVZoo instead of Clickbank and I’m very happy with my choice.

Also, they deduct money from your account. Can you imagine that? If you don’t believe me, type “clickbank deducting money” in Google search box and you will find many complaints.

For now, please take a look at the screenshot which is a Clickbank policy. Do you want to be a part of this community?

Final word on Clickbank University

If you reached this part of my review it means you are serious about making money online. I believe you’re a goal oriented person. Good for you. I believe Clickbank University is a good product and if you are serious about learning internet marketing it could be a good start.

But in my opinion, their program is a little overpriced for what they offer and support though is good, but it’s not as good as it should be for the price you pay them.

There are a few upsells aside from the price you pay for their core product. This is not good in my opinion. I hate upsells though many internet marketers love them because it allows them to make more money out of people like you and me.

If you are looking for a complete program with quality training, excellent support, live chat, web-hosting, website, keyword research tool and more, in short, all-inclusive program without upsells, I can proudly recommend you a program I’ve been part of since 2020.

And YES, this program is making me money and it can help you achieve the same IF you are patient and willing to work towards your financial dream and goals. My recommended program is legit and allows you to try it for 7 days without paying a dime. It’s FREE to join!

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