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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

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Best Options Brokers 2020

Kevin Ott

See a comprehensive overview of the best options brokers for 2020. Regardless if you trade part-time as a hobby, or full-time as a profession, using the best options broker can play a roll in your success as a trader.

Overpaying for options contract commissions, exercise, and assignment fees is a recipe for disaster. Options trading is more expensive than stock trading, so it behooves traders to look for the best options broker with the lowest commissions. These are the best options brokers for 2020, primarily based on cost, but also based on factors like customer service and quality options trading platforms.

Best Options Brokers for 2020


Trade Fee

When looking at options brokers, of course aspects like trading technology and customer service matter, but at the end of the day, an options trade is an options trade.

Whether you have 1,000 long call options on Apple stock or 2 short put options on Facebook stock, once the position is on, your choice in options brokers isn’t going to determine the profitability of your position.

As such, it’s paramount to keep your options fees as low as possible. Although your broker won’t determine the success of an individual options position, overpaying in options commissions will certainly take away from your overall success as a trader. Every dollar you spend on commissions, statistically speaking, makes you less likely to be a profitable trader – most people overlook this fact.

Moreover, options contracts are where brokers make a significant portion of their revenue, because there are set timeframes for options (expiration dates), so options are therefore traded much more actively than stocks because they cannot be sold/bought and held forever. Plus, charging $0.50 to $0.75 per contract, with an industry-standard base charge of $3.00 to $9.00, quickly adds up for multiple contract and multi-leg orders, like iron condors.

With all of this said, our top options broker for 2020 is Ally Invest. Out of all of the brokers that offer 24/7 customer service, Ally has the lowest fees for options trading, plus no inactivity, maintenance, or market data fees of any kind. Bottom line: Ally’s 24/7 customer service offers peace of mind, their low pricing blows the competition out of the water, and you get free access to options trading and analysis software.

Verum Option

Verum Option – is a binary options trading unit, which was established by VerumFX broker company in 2020. Verum Option was created in order to give traders the unique opportunity to use high-quality and innovative product that provides the opportunity or getting high profit and has easy-to-use interface.

The company representatives stated that Verum Option unit was established in order to change peoples’ mind about the financial market profit and to make it as easy and accessible as it is possible.

Currently the binary options became more accessible, thus even the novice traders will be able to earn money and to multiply them with Verum Option.

The broker has its own trading platform, which makes work with binary options more profitable. Company got FMRRC certificate, which is a very important factor for financial trading reliability.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Broker!
    Best Choice For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!


    Perfect For Experienced Traders!

Verum Option is a very reliable partner that creates the most comfortable conditions for co-operation.

Now in order to multiply your money on financial markets, there is no need to be a professional analyst or to have special knowledge. Intuition will be enough when working with Verum Option in order to guess the price direction (up or down). In addition, the company plans to release the mobile application

Trading conditions:

Minimal deposit 5 USD
Minimal trade 1 USD
More than 200 assets
Regulated by FMRRC

List of trading conditions

  • The newest and innovative financial market groundwork
  • Unique trading platform with reasonable conditions and security.
  • Efficient financial conditions.
  • The team of highly skilled professionals that is available 24 hours a day and is able to resolve any issues.

Easy registration process

Account creation process is usual. You will need to indicate Second Name and First Name, your country, phone number, and select currency. After the registration is over the currency can’t be changed.

All fields in the form are required. To complete profile creation you will need to accept the broker’s condition. All mentioned actions will not take much time and you will be able to start trading right away after adding funds to your account. You will be able to make stakes for rising or lowering, and if the prediction is correct, you will get instant profit. In order to earn at Verum Option you may be anyone. Even a novice is able to predict the direction and get money for this. Because binary options is a trading tool available for everybody

This trading platform is available at any place and at any time. Your choice is not limited by personal computer ore laptop – you may use any tablet PC or smartphone that is very convenient with such variety of modern equipment. If you have a desire, have good intuition, have some financial market knowledge, – you may start trading and multiply your funds. Making money becomes very easy and pleasant with Verum Option.

Verum Option advantages

  • With minimal deposit of only five dollars you may start trading right away.
  • The company has the great number of assets (more than 200).
  • In some cases you may turn off the expiration terms. It is very convenient when trading with binary options.
  • Convenient entry/withdrawal system.

System guarantee

The company guarantees 100% funds safety for their clients based on:

  • The most effective and proved NDD STP system of opening a deal.
  • Absolutely safe money input and withdrawal.
  • Data is protected by EV-SSL technology.
  • Verum Option is absolutely transparent.

Set of broker assets

The company managed to remove the borders between the trading platforms that used to be. You may use any type of assets here. These are: shares of big worldwide companies, precious metals, resources, stock companies’ indexes, and Forex market currencies. There are enough assets for effective binary options trading. For the convenience of users, the broker divided assets to 4 groups:

Currency pairs. We have 28 variants at our disposal. Note, that in most cases trades are held in working days, on Saturdays and Sundays trades are suspended, except 3 pairs, that are active on Sundays. Each variant has its own trading session time range.

  • They are divided to shares (109), futures (16), and state securities (3). The trades are held on weekdays only, except those shares that allow trading on Sundays.
  • Stock indexes. There are 36 numbers, which are the most popular now.
  • Raw materials market. Broker offers 15 items. Trades are held on weekdays at particular time only.

More details are available for each asset. It is enough to select the necessary variant, click on it, and you will see the brief description, opening and closing time in GMT/UTC format. Please also note, that working hours of some assets correspond to working hours of other countries by which they are represented.

The main distinction of Verum Option is the ability of the clients to use assets that are not in the list. To manage this you need to ask trading platform’s specialists, who will help you. Here you may find the perfect trading conditions, and the effectiveness of their usage depends on you only

Regulation – the pledge of trust to your broker.

Regulation is provided by FMRRC, so the traders may safely work with binary options. Its certificate guarantees that this broker keeps all the standards and has good attitude towards every client.

System of trading balance replenishment.

First of all you need to add funds to your balance. And there is no need to leave the platform. You may use any convenient way: Visa, MasterCard, Webmoney, Yandex Money, QIWI and bank payments. In order to use web platform you need to log in to your account and click “Add Funds”. Then you may select the necessary method and add funds to your account.

Verum Option – is a breakthrough in online trading with a set of modern features. Now it became easier to get profit, and there is no need to wait for it for months. The creators of the platform managed to combine the binary option classics with innovative technologies. The trading process here is very easy and pleasant at the same time. Verum Option made financial market opportunities more accessible and easy for their clients.

Real reviews of Verum Option 2020

Hi everybody=))) I started doing business with this company after reading dozens of positive reviews on different trading forums and ratings. Now i see how good this company is. I check everything and can put my name under each positive feedback. This broker provides excellent trading conditions for binary trading. Low depo requirements are good for newcomers. Here you can start with 1 dollar in your pocket. Their platform runs smoothly – some small slippages happen but it’s something normal I think…And they withdraw money fast. I’ve already requested my third withdrawal… I hope they’ll keep right on.

as for me, i am extremely skeptical about all these binari brokers. Whenw i first started to trade stoks and futures, one of my friends who already had rich experience in this area told me that my risk/return ration should be at least 3:1. that means that i have onlytwo wrong steps of three and not more. now i see that this rule helped me not to lose my money during the first month of my trading journey and business with other brokers. but here… it is a completely different story and i cannot understand it=((( the potential profit is lower than the potential loses. how could it be. can someone explain me what is that about?
Actually i already opened my account with vo and they even game me a call offering their trust management with 35% every month. can you guys confirm me that it is true!?

VO is kinda honored veteran on the financial market nowadays. You know, I always monitor several ratings and this DC is always among leaders. You can check Verum Option reviews to understand what I am talking about. What else… one more advantage of this broker is a wide selection of options and very low initial deposit. And they always provide convenient withdrawal tools. If any problem occurs with payouts, their support service is ready to help. Believe me ‘cause I faced some problems in the past. You can feel free to start doing business with it. There’s nothing to be afraid of…

BO broker’s rating shows that Verum Option company is the best. It makes me wish to check this statement=))) I’m thinking about an account here… at least their minimum deposit is not too high and acceptable for me. Trading conditions look attractive. I am gonna test it.

Financial market analysis – that’s the main point in trading. I always use analytics from Verum Option broker. By the way, they offer it on several different web-sites. I follow the opinion of the professional specialists of this company.


Broker review Verum Option

This company is added to the Blaсklist of brokers

Verum Option brokerage company offers convenient and beneficial conditions to trade binary options and CFD. The company was founded in 2020, and won numerous specialized exhibitions and awards (IAFT Awards, ShowFx World, and Forex Expo Awards).

Trading Conditions:

  • Minimum deposit — 50 USD
  • Minimum stake — 1 USD
  • Maximum payouts — 500%
  • Minimum expiry — 30 seconds
  • Number of base assets: 200+
  • Types of trades: Binary, Pairs, Long Term, 60 Sec, One Touch, Ladder, J Ladder, and CFD options
  • Trades available: 24/7
  • Mobile trading: apps for Andriod, iOS
  • Social trading: Profit Follow autocopy of trades
  • Deposit/withdrawal of funds: Visa, Mastercard, UpayCard, WebMoney, Pay Boutique, Regular Pay, Payeer, and OKpay.
  • Bonuses: on client’s demand

Verum Option Platform Features

Verum Option brokerage company offers user-friendly multifunctional platform that allows to trade assets of the stock, commodities, and currency markets. A wide variety of trading instruments opens the widest horizons to make profit to experienced traders as well as beginners.

Here one can trade 7 types of binary options — classic and exotic ones (for instance, ladder options), and CFD contracts for various groups of assets.

The platform features numerous additional tools that make trading easier, save trader’s time and efforts, minimize risks, and maximize profitability of trades:

  • Strategy Advisor — fast automatic technical analysis using RSI, Bollinger Bands, and Moving Average.
  • Limits — pending order, opening a trading operation at a time when the asset price reaches the price level set by the trader.
  • Double Up — double an open trading operation by a single click, and a trader can get double profit once the trade expires.
  • Rollover — prolongs expiration time of an open trade
  • Profit Follow — autocopy of options of other traders (profit with no trading)


Traders can get VIP-status offering 2% higher payouts on all options, non-risk option, and assistance of a personal manager. This status is a great way to get higher profits, and it is proved by numerous reviews of Verum Option customers.

Customer Care

Customer care agents are always happy to answer your questions by phone (free call back), online chat, or by email.

Bonuses, promotions, and contests

  • When making a deposit one can request a classic (regained) bonus, the amount of bonus is discussed individually with a Verum Option manager. Bonus funds can be used for trading, and once the funds are regained they can be withdrawn from a trading account.
  • Additionally, one can get real funds to a trading account taking part in a «Guess the Rate» contest or Facebook quiz. Winners get 20 USD.
  • «Summer with Verum Option» action — a chance to get various money prizes under every deposit: 5 USD as a present, insured option amounting to 20% of deposit, VIP-status, and commission compensation for deposit every weekend.

Affiliate Program

Two affiliate programs from Verum Option give everyone a great chance to make additional profit.

  • Revenue Share: attract clients and receive 70% of profit the company gets from their trading.
  • Referral three-level partner program: attract new partners and inspire them to attract some new partners as well. Get reward amounting to 10% of affiliate rewards of your level-2 partners and 5% of affiliate rewards of your level-3 partners.

Verum Option brokerage customers

This broker has generally positive reviews, and they prove the company is indeed reliable and popular. Verum Option always sticks to its obligations to customers, ensures fast and easy deposit and withdrawal of funds, and offers various innovative tools to make profit, and this is why traders consider this company to be a reliable financial partner.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Broker!
    Best Choice For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!


    Perfect For Experienced Traders!

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