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Binomo Broker Overview: Features and Key Benefits

Trading through binary options is one of the most common types of earnings on the network. To start working in the field of trading, you should first carefully analyze specialized trading floors. The article presents a true review of the Binomo broker. We consider the main advantages, attitudes towards traders and the nuances of working on the platform.

The history and development of Binomo

Judging by the feedback from traders from India, Russia and other countries of the world, Binomo binary options broker is a popular Russian trading platform, which appeared on the market in 2020. Initially, only brokers paid attention to it, since the developers of the site offered a very limited and not very convenient set of tools. Soon, the developers realized their mistakes and began to act in a different way. As a result, the entire system was revised and adjusted. The positive effect was not long in coming: already in 2020, Binomo entered the top of the most reliable and promising financial brokers among the CIS countries.

What is the reason for the success of Binomo, why is it confidently crowding out other binary options? The answer is simple: the reason is a qualified upgrade of the platform. In the process of transformation, it acquired its own style and was equipped with a wide range of useful tools.

Among the factors that attracted many new customers to Binomo, it is worth noting the following:

  • Interesting bonus programs;
  • Intuitive and understandable interface;
  • the most accurate quotes;
  • easy withdrawal of funds.

The broker provides not only binary, but also long-term and paired options. The combination of the described factors brought this broker to the top, despite the rather limited choice of contracts on the platform.

Key Benefits of Binomo

Binomo exchange broker has an official Russian-language website: One of the main advantages of the organization is that it is included in the compensation fund of the regulator. Simply put, all financial risks of clients are reliably protected by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Another argument in favor of Binomo is the fact that the option is regulated by the TSROFR. The company received an appropriate license, which confirms the safety of cooperation with the site. User funds are protected by law, so fraud on Binomo is not possible.

The official broker website and the platform’s trademark are property of the Tiburon Corporation Limited. General information about the company is presented in the public domain, so every user can familiarize themselves with it.

It should also be noted that the Binomo exchange platform adheres to the classical rules regarding the storage and management of deposits, mutual settlements, etc. This is very convenient, because the site has registered not only users from Russia, but also players from other countries.

Of particular note is the way to store personal data of the client. The Binomo broker takes care of the safety of the user’s personal information. The site uses SSL, which has proven its high efficiency.

Since Binomo is considered an international class binary options broker, a mobile version of the site was created for the convenience of users. Since 2020, it is gaining more and more popularity.

Binomo reviews

The Binomo platform has become incredibly popular in 2020, and has not been losing ground since then. Around the same time, the first user reviews from India and other countries about working with the service began to appear on the Internet. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that not all of them have a positive color. But to comment and attach great importance to them is not worth it, since most negative statements have almost identical text, that is, they were written by order of competitors.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Broker!
    Best Choice For Beginners!
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Negative feedback on Binomo was also left by traders who could not figure out the binary options system. Simply put, people decided to blame the imperfection of the site for their own failures. Therefore, you should not take all the negatives seriously and think that these are real reviews about the broker.

Each novice trader needs to first understand in detail the Binomo work system, and only then proceed with the rates.

Regarding positive reviews, users most often mention the following Binomo options:

  • comfortable site scrolling and simple interface;
  • use of the latest technologies for working on the exchange;
  • honesty towards users;
  • increased security, personal data security, etc.

Another important point that real users note: scam and fraud on the Binomo broker platform are impossible!

Support and training for Binomo traders

One of the unique features that characterize the Binomo exchange broker is the training and support of novice traders. Everyone can contact the company representatives in different ways, which are presented on the website:

  • by calling the support service hotline number;
  • by email ([email protected]);
  • online, using the feedback form;
  • in Skype chat, etc.

Thanks to a powerful professional support, even a beginner can not worry that he will be left alone with the problem or lose money.

In addition, the creators of the option posted a training system on the official website. It is represented by a series of online lessons and a demo account. Note a nice bonus: when choosing a demo account, the user is immediately credited with a deposit of $ 1,000 free options.

Novice traders can see how the most popular strategies work, view key indicators, and take advantage of the help of virtual advisers. And at Binomo you can get bonuses, detailed analytics and a set of free tools for successful work. Also, users of the site are gidted with useful signals to enter the market.

How to open an account on Binomo

Another big plus of working with Binomo is the ease of opening a personal account. First you need to visit the official website of the broker and register on it. New user will need:

  • indicate his email;
  • make up and enter password;
  • choose the currency.

Next, a novice broker must put a “tick” in the appropriate window to confirm agreement with the working conditions on the trading floor.

Other Binomo advantages

For what other pluses do users love Binomo so much, why does it get positive reviews and become more popular than Forex? The answer is simple: every novice trader enters the process on the same conditions. Moreover, all customers without exception can take part in tournaments. Matches can be paid and free: the amount of winnings depends on their variety.

It is also very easy to send money to Binomo and withdraw it. A trader can easily withdraw both a small (5-10 dollars) and a large amount. To make a transfer, you only need to submit an application in your account. At Binomo, you can work not only with major currencies (euros, dollars), but also with cryptocurrency, including otn, ico and other digital money.

As you can see, this is a convenient broker on the site of which you can earn good money. To learn more about the Binomo binary options broker company, watch a video review about trading conditions and platform features:

119 комментариев “Binomo Broker Overview: Features and Key Benefits”

Не знаю, кому как, но мне очень долго не было привычно, не мог перестроиться на другую платформу. Может проблема в том что долгое время просто торговал в пределах одного брокера бинарных опционов, а тут всё по другому? Но всё равно привыкаешь и к этому очень быстро.

Есть такой момент, поэтому я сам лично никогда часто сильно не меняю брокеров. потому что у каждого свои заморочки есть.

Правила жесткие, которые соблюдает брокер и это не может не радовать. Вывод средств производится в строго установленные сроки.

А мне наоборот по душе такие компании, у которых всегда всё схвачено и которые стараются не отходить от своих правил. Чем строже компания, тем лучше.

Любая компания, которую бы вы не взяли, будет действовать сугубо в рамках Клиентского соглашения. Это некий такой устав, который вообще нарушать нельзя. Вы по этому соглашению можете вообще обращаться в суд, куда угодно и требовать моральной компенсации, если что-то не так идёт.

Никому это не нужно, потому что выиграть суд с такой компанией просто не реально мне кажется, потому что юридически они очень сильны.

Все брокеры в основном работают только против трейдера и это нормальная практика вполне. А как наоборот?
Наша задача у них выманить как можно больше денег, а у них – наоборот – с нас.
Так что тут будет вечная борьба.

А как вы это можете проверить?
Если деньги со счёта не пропадают, то это еще не говорит о том, что никто к ним не имеет доступа. Мне кажется, что всё равно администрация сайта вполне может зайти на любой профиль.

Да конечно могут посмотреть всё, что угодно, потому что это же всё равно по сути их сайт и они могут вообще отследить даже, какой у вас пароль входа.

Понравилось то, что все данные защищены и точно знаю, что никто не имеет никакого права просматривать платёжные данные или паспортные. Тут полная засекреченость. поэтому можно доверять.

А что сейчас есть брокеры бинарных опционов, в которых нельзя на выбор открыть счёт?
Я всегда открываю в основном только в долларах, потому что привык так торговать еще со времён, когда торговал на рынке Форекс.

Хорошие условия для торговли, особенно для тех, кто только начинает и у кого не сильно густой бюджет. Можно открыть счёт в разной валюте.

Да, техническая поддержка тут работает более имение стабильно. Могут не в этот день ответить, но мне на мыло приходят всегда ответы.

А зачем тогда на сайте у них кнопка для связи со службой поддержки, если всё равно не работает или работает через раз? Неужели нельзя так сделать, чтобы всё работало более имение?

Да у них есть электронный адрес, по которому можно обращаться со всеми вопросами, что связаны с работой сайта. А что не получается?
Можете написать на [email protected]

Товарищи, а кто знает, как можно связаться со службой технической поддержки. если через внутренний сайт нет возможности с ними связаться? Никогда до этого не приходилось обращаться, это первый опыт и можно сказать, что не совсем удачный.

Они просто не сразу отвечают, могут ответить ответить и на следующий день. Кнопка работает ��

Я бы по 5-ти бальной шкале поставил бы наверное, твёрдую четверку, потому что нужно им много , чего доработать, начиная от того, как они обслуживают своих клиентов, какой сервис, заканчивая самим оформлением сайта и удобством, потому что это тоже важно.

Есть правила, где написано, что верификация может проходить до 10 рабочих дней итого у вас может затянуться этот процесс вообще не две недели, если брать во внимание выходные дни. Так что ждите, пока будет подтверждение. Должно всё пройти успешно.

Пока что нейтральное сложилось мнение об этом брокере, потому что завёл деньги на Биномо и уже часа три жду письма верификации. Немного странная система, если честно.

Странно, что на форумах служба технической поддержки намного быстрее отвечает, чем через прямую форму, значит мониторят отзывы.

А зачем заявлять, что такая доходность, если по факту выходят другие цифры? Я думаю, что, если у одного из 1000 трейдеров получится получить такой результат, то это будет хорошо.

Всегда было интересно, что влияет конкретно на общий процент доходности по активам? Может на это как-то влиять волатильность валютных пар или других активов?
В случае спорных моментов с брокером, как решаются такие ситуации?

Могу в короткой форме перечислить то, что мне понравилось у этого брокера:
– дизайн
– условия для торговли акциями и криптой

что не понравилось:
– иногда тормозит
– на маке не загружается в полной мере график.

Тут скорее вопрос нужно задавать самим разработчикам платформы, потому что они отвечают в основном за стабильность работы, а не сам брокер в этом виновен. Так что возможно просто нужно подправить код и будет всё работать нормально. С выводом то проблем нет.

Я в основном тут торгую только на минутках, потому что другие опционы мне прибыли еще так много, как эти не приносили, поэтому по этому могу сказать, что всё нормально.

Как правило, больше 5 долларов в сделку не ставлю, потому что лучше меньше ставить и чаще играть. чем открывать один опцион на 100-200 долларов и молиться, чтобы цена пошла в нужном направлении. На эту сумму сколько раз можно сделать сделок?

Не вижу ничего такого, чтобы можно было остаться торговать у этого брокера, потому что платформа, как у всех, инструментов для торговал мало, Работаю в основном на японских свечах. Если бы и их не было, то тогда вообще невозможно было бы никак торговать.

Среди бинарных опционов – это самая лучшая платформа, которая мне попадалась на глаза. Я думаю, что оно того стоит тут торговать.

А что нового сейчас можно придумать?
Если платформа можно сказать. что идеальная, хоть и есть некоторые нюансы, которые бы хотелось поправить, то лучше уже не придумать.

Обычная платформа, ничего особенного. Есть брокеры бинарных опционов, где вы не сможете открыть такую сделку, потому что есть ограничение на минимальные ставки.

А что вы хотели получить от этой платформы?
По-моему тут и так всё более, чем предсказуемо.
Я просто торговал на разных платформах и в принципе знаю, что это такое. Хорошо, когда есть с чем сравнить.

Хоть активов не густо, но зато брокер не обманывает своих трейдеров и деньги выводит по честному, а не так, как некоторые. Доходность средняя, но стабильная.

Это самое главное.
Есть такие брокеры, которые не то, что не дают нормально зарабатывать, а просто не дают нормальных инструментов, даже не имеют своей внутренней платформы. Вот это уже не сильно хорошо.

Я выбрал Биномо только потому, чтобы хоть как-то разнообразить свою торговлю. Я не считал, сколько у меня вообще было до этого брокеров, но достаточно, чтобы можно было сравнить их между собой. И сейчас мне не нужно уже искать ничего нового. Абсолютно вс устраивает.

У каждого трейдера тут своя история и своя ситуация и никто не застрахован от того, что именно на нём программ не зависнет. Вот почему нужно использовать в торговле сразу несколько брокеров, чтобы можно было в случае чего перекрыть все свои риски.

Всегда пользовался исключительно только одним брокером и никогда не понимал в принципе зачем регистрироваться сразу в нескольких компаниях, когда можно с одним брокером достичь очень много высот.

Они всегда будут писать, что типа спасибо большое за обратную связь и что будут делать всё возможное для того, чтобы это всё исправить, но как показывает практика, то это не так скоро и быстро.

Конечно это не так быстро, потому что вы только представьте, сколько человек может одновременно с жалобой обратиться и никого не хотят оставить без внимания. Вот так и получаются задержки.

У меня что-то тормозит сайт и поэтому не рискую пока что открывать сделки, потому что может при открытии заключить и что потом делать? Кого искать и где?

Да не должно ничего тормозить. Вы проверьте для начала хорошо свой интернет.
Может торрент у вас включён и качаются фильмы и поэтому тормозит.

На качество обслуживания тут многие жалуются, что обслуживание отвратительное и т.д., но мне за всё время не приходилось ни разу к ним обращаться и слава Богу. От трейдера тоже зависит то, как ему будут отвечать.

Все прям хотят, чтобы им мгновенно отвечали на запрос и чтобы скорость реагирования была чуть ли не как в онлайн режиме. Вы можете себе представить, сколько сейчас вообще есть трейдеров.

Binomo Online Binary Options Broker Review

What is Binomo?

Binomo is an online option trading broker that started operations in 2020. The broker is a subsidiary of the Dolphin Corp and is headquartered in the St.Vincent and the Grenadines under registration number 25151 IBC 2020.
with has there office located on the First Floor of First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, St.Vincent and the Grenadines

Also, they work with a payment agent to secures there banking: Pollack Trade LTD (a company registered in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, whose office is located at Georgi Sava Rakovski St. 96, Sredets Region, Sofia Municipality, Sofia 1000)

The platform provides contact customer support by Email [email protected]

Currently, this broker is only regulated by the International Financial Markets Relations Regulations Center (IFMRRC). The organization describes itself as a non-commercial body created to regulate services provided by brokers, dealers and other financial and investment institutions.

Binomo Platform guide:
Is Binomo a scam or legit online options broker?

One of the key features I look at when deciding whether a broker is legit or not is if they’re fully regulated by a reputable authority. As I mentioned, Binomo is regulated by the IFMRRC. I usually place preference to brokers who hold certificates from reputable authorities like CySEC, ASIC and FCA.

After combing through the Binomo website, I found that they have a pending CySEC and CPO regulation. Although it’s a good indicator about how serious the broker is about attracting traders from different parts of the globe, I’d advise traders to wait until they’re fully regulated by CySEC.

However, if you still want to try out the platform, you can take advantage of their low $10 minimum account deposit to start trading. This will enable you to try out the platform without risking a lot of money.

Trader Notice: You can safeguard your investment by trading only with a fully regulated broker. We have found 2 regulated brokers you might be interested in. Start trading with a reputable broker now!

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

What makes Binomo stand out?

The Binomo platform is quite unique and offers several trader friendly features. One feature that really stands out is the ‘hotkey’ option. Once enabled, you can quickly issue commands such as increase/decrease investment amount and execute trades without using a computer mouse. The platform also provides many charts and technical analysis tools. This makes it easy to customize your trading interface to suit your trading preferences.

Does Binomo have any major shortcomings?

Every trader wants to have control over their investment. Binomo has a clause in their terms and conditions that seems to limit this control. According to the clause, you will have 10% deducted from your funds should you decide to withdraw before your trade turnover reaches at least twice the deposited amount.

For example, say you deposit $100 and decide to withdraw the whole amount before making trades worth $200 or more. Binomo will deduct 10% ($10) from your funds.

Should you open a Binomo trading account?

This online broker offers a demo trading account credited with $1000. This is a good place to get started in order to get a feel of the platform. You’ll only need a valid email account to open a demo account. In addition, you can easily replenish the demo account funds if necessary.

But, what does a real Binomo trading account offer?

The platform comes with a well-designed trader interface. It isn’t cluttered with a lot of features which is a great thing especially for beginner traders. Besides being able to trade directly from your browser, you can also access the Binomo platform via Android or iOS app.

Besides the demo account, there are three other account types to choose from as follows:
1. Binomo Standard Account

To open a standard account, you’ll only need a deposit of $10. Profitable trades provide a return of 85%. Withdrawals are processed within 3 working days.

2. Binomo Gold Account

The minimum deposit to open a gold account is $500. Gold account holders earn returns of up to 86% on profitable trades. This account type also attracts a weekly cashback of up to 5% and withdrawals processing of within 24 hours. Other benefits include a personal manager and advisory services.

3. Binomo VIP Account

The minimum amount needed to open a Binomo VIP account is $1000. You can receive up to 100% bonus once you open a VIP account. Returns on successful trades can reach 97% and withdrawals are processed within 4 hours. VIP account holders are also eligible for a 10% weekly cashback and other additional features not available to Standard and Gold accounts. It’s worth noting that each of these live accounts attracts a signup bonus. Bonuses are also offered to existing account holders from time to time. Binomo offers a range of tradable assets to choose from. These include currency pairs, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies. The number of assets you have access to largely depends on the account type you sign up for with VIP account holders having access to the widest range.

There are two option types to choose from. The turbo option allows you to enter and exit trades within a 60-second time frame. The classical high/low option on the other hand offers multiple expiry periods of 15, 30 and 60 minutes respectively.

You’re not tied down to the expiry you set at trade entry. The platform allows you to choose sequential 1 minute expiry periods of up to 6 minutes.

For example, if you enter a trade at 12.36 pm, you can set expiries of 12.37, 12.38, 12.39, 12.40, 12.41 and 12.42. There’s no limit to the number of positions you can enter at any given time. This makes it easier to maximize profits within a specific time period. You can also trade during weekends.

In order to be able to follow price trends easily, the platform’s chart can be divided up into several time frames ranging between 5 seconds and 5 minutes. By rolling your mouse wheel, you can zoom the chart in and out.

Binomo offers

The platform also offers a wide range of technical analysis tools that allow you to keep track of trends in real time. Binomo also offers the ‘hotkeys’ tool which is unique across the online options brokers I’ve tried out. What this tool does is activate keyboard shortcuts to common commands you issue while trading.

This way, you won’t have to rely on clicking on your mouse when issuing commands thus saving time. I would however recommend you first memorize the different hotkeys using your demo account before trying them with a live account.

If you’re just getting started as a trader, Binomo provides a collection of tutorials to get you on track. These include video tutorials, a detailed knowledge base, and strategies section. Their FAQ section however isn’t as detailed as you’d expect with any online options broker.

The minimum amount you can invest in a trade is $1. The platform accepts several payment methods that include credit/debit card, QIWI, Neteller and WebMoney. Withdrawals are made to any of these payment systems. The broker doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees unless you want to withdraw funds before trading an amount at least twice your last deposit.

Binomo also regularly offers tournaments which make it easy to earn money outside your normal trades.

So what’s my opinion regarding whether you should open a Binomo account or not?

I believe the platform has made an effort to stand out as a legit online options broker. I’m a bit reserved when it comes to brokers regulated by the IFMRRC only. Their requirement that you have a trade turnover exceeding twice your deposit amount before withdrawing is also something they need to work on.

However, given that you can deposit $10 and trade with as little as $1 I consider Binomo worth trying out. But before making my final conclusion, it’s best I consider existing trader complaints as well as a breakdown of how I rate different Binomo features. General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

Binomo trader complaints

Due to the IFMRRC regulation, it’s safe to say that Binomo primarily targets traders from Russia and other Asian countries. This could explain why I couldn’t find any complaints from traders in Europe or Australia (Binomo doesn’t accept traders from the US).

However, I did come across a YouTube video. In it, the trader complains about not being able to withdraw profits that were tied to bonuses. This is a typical complaint I’ve come across with regard to brokers that offer bonuses to new traders. I usually advise that you first read the fine print explaining the intricacies tied to profits earned from bonuses.

How do I rate different Binomo features?

As usual, I always try to compare different online brokers based on the different features they have to offer. So based on a rating of 20, here’s my breakdown of Binomo’s features.

User friendliness and accessibility

The Binomo platform is well designed. The trading interface isn’t cluttered with many features which often negatively affect usability. The ‘hotkeys’ option also makes it easy to issue different commands using your keyboard. Opening a demo account requires only your email address. The platform is also easily accessible via browser and mobile apps. The 14 language options also make it easy for traders around the globe to access the platform.

Account types

There are 3 real account types to choose from. The Standard account makes it easy to try out the platform without investing more than $10. Each account comes with its own unique features. However, Gold and VIP accounts offer more goodies including faster withdrawals, access to more assets and better support.

Number of Assets

There are about 80 different assets to choose from. These include currency pairs, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies.

However, the number of assets you can trade in is limited based on the account type you hold. To access more assets, you’ll need to open a Gold or VIP account meaning you’ll need to invest more of your money.

Option types and expiry periods

You can choose between turbo options and classic high/low options. The former has expiry periods ranging between 1 second and 5 minutes. The latter has expiry periods of between 15 and 60 minutes. You can also enter multiple trades at a time.

Trader support

Getting started with the platform is quite easy. However, the amount of support you receive thereafter could use some improvements. Their phone support is available for 4 hours. You could still contact support through email,live chat and Skype.

Fees and effective return

Binomo doesn’t charge fees on trades executed. However, you can have 10% deducted if you decide to make a withdrawal before executing trades of at least twice your last deposited amount. Profitable trades can earn up to 87% effective return. This is considerably lower compared to other brokers who offer returns of up to 95%.

Deposits, withdrawals and bonuses

The platform accepts several payment methods including debit/credit card, Neteller, QIWI, Yandex and WebMoney. Withdrawals processing will take anything between 4 hours and 3 working days depending on your account type. Binomo also offers bonuses on deposits which can be up to 100% for VIP accounts. The turnover cap on bonuses ranges between 30 and 40 times the bonus amount. trading in Russia? We’ve found a highly rated fully regulated broker for you. Start trading with Olymp Trade now!

Website extras

Binomo provides the ‘hotkeys’ feature which I found to be unique, useful and time-saving. The ability to replenish your demo account is another feature I found useful especially for new traders learning how to use the platform. Another noteworthy extra is the different tournaments offered to traders. This allows you to earn extra money outside normal trading.


Binomo is a decent online trading platform. It comes with all the features you’d expect from a broker trying to attract traders from across the globe. The platform is well designed and offers many trader friendly features.

However, there are several shortcomings that cannot be overlooked. First is the regulation issue. Being regulated by the IFMRRC only locks out many traders especially from European countries.

Their phone support could use additional live hours. The 10% fee on withdrawals made before a certain turnover is achieved is another shortcoming worth considering before investing with this broker.

Overall, I wouldn’t rate Binomo very highly. If you’re looking for a highly rated and fully regulated options broker we’ve got the right one for you. Simply click here.

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

Binomo Review 2020 – Is Scam or Legit?

Name Binomo Review 2020 – Is Scam or Legit?
Founded 2020
Legal Entity Stagord Resources Ltd
Turnover 89%
Minimum deposit $10
Bonus 60% for the first deposit
Full Address Cyprus, Agios Dometios, 60 Vasileos Pavlou
Phone 8-800-555-71-85
Regulation CRRFM
Site visit site
E-mail [email protected]
Visit Broker

Binomo is a binary options company that stands out among many other options brokers. By offering a proprietary trading platform to its clients, free training, and bonuses and gift options, Binomo is able to be a good alternative when choosing a modern platform with low minimum deposit to start.

Features review

  • The broker’s trading platform – a proprietary innovative design
  • Minimal Deposits – 10 USD, 10 EUR
  • Volume of contracts – from 1 USD to 3,500 USD
  • Assets – metals, raw materials, stocks, currencies, cryptocurrency
  • Profitability – up to 95%
  • Auxiliary services: training, analytics, investment ideas
  • The demo platform – a 100% equivalent version of the real one
  • A mobile terminal – there is one
  • Bonuses – free options + up to 140% on account replenishment
  • Withdrawals – 24 hours
  • Available payment services – QIWI, Neteller, Union Pay, MasterCard, WebMoney, VISA
  • Place of registration – the Republic of Cyprus
  • Registration year – 2020
  • Regulatory body license – FMRRC

Binomo trading platform

The first thing that draws attention to this company is its trading platform. The broker has departed from the established standards of the market, by offering customers a fundamentally new high-tech terminal, where all professional traders’ requests and demands are taken into account.

The platform has a unique design, color palette, and a variety of technical tools and technological solutions, namely the following:

  • A user-friendly interface with easy navigation.
  • The ability to change the display colors and styles
  • Scalable large-format quote charts, with the features of form change, the construction of asset quotes, and views of market history
  • A set of high-performance indicators
  • A selection of graphical tools for technical market analysis
  • The “majority opinion” statistical indicator
  • Highly accurate quotes of base assets
  • A convenient and effective range of expiry periods from 60 seconds to 24 hours
  • Over 73 base assets
  • Option types – binary and turbo
  • Contract yields – up to 95%
  • Non-stop mode
  • Speed of executing trade requests – up to 1.7 ms
  • The best format for displaying trading history

The instrumentation and stable operation of the Binomo broker’s trading platform allows the user to implement any trading plan, build their own strategy, successfully manage capital, and, of course, earn!

Demo Account Binomo

And the thing options market beginners enjoy the most is the high-tech Binomo platform available in the demo version. So, it’s possible to try your hand at trading and test the company’s trading software without replenishing your account!


If you’re just starting to get acquainted with the options market, you won’t find a better broker than Binomo.
On the company’s website, there is a large collection of material for beginner and professional training.

The theoretical part:

  1. An interactive guide for beginners
  2. A knowledge base that contains the basic concepts of binary options
  3. Video lessons

The practical part:

  1. Original strategies
  2. Technical analysis
  3. Fundamental reviews
  4. Investment ideas


What’s remarkable about Binomo? The bonus program:

Firstly, Binomo is the only broker that gives its clients free options that you can profit from and then immediately withdraw your earnings from your account. On the company’s site, you can get up to 9 free options in the amount of 150 USD.

Secondly, with the Binomo company, you get up to 85% for each replenishment of your account.

Thirdly, in addition to the basic bonuses, there are always promotions for account replenishment with bonus codes, which adds +45% to the basic bonus.

Support team

One of the significant factors characterizing the broker is its support team. In this regard, the company is praiseworthy. Client support is provided by well-prepared, qualified personnel, capable of quickly finding solutions to any client problems.

The support team works 24/5 and is always on the client’s side.

What can we say about the company as a whole? If you need a broker with good trading software, high profitability of options, achievable conditions to start trading, and free training – Binomo is the way to go.
Focusing on high stock exchange standards, this company is loyal to all its clients. Whether you are an experienced trader, with hundreds of thousands of dollars, or a novice, deciding to try to make money on binary options, Binomo provides all the conditions for self-realization.

And that is the most important thing that you can look for in an options company!

Range of Services

Your Rating

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