Hydra App Review

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Hydra App Reviews

By Creaceed SPRL

Hydra App Info

  • 113 Ratings
  • Price: $4.99
  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Updated: Sep 9 2020
  • Version: 1.6.2
  • Size: 17.24 MB
  • Seller: Creaceed SPRL
  • © Creaceed SPRL

Hydra App Screenshots

Customer Reviews of the Hydra App

Even better with iPhone Xs!

Stevearcher’s Review of Hydra

Using this app with earlier iPhones still produces impressive detail-rich images. But, upon closer examination, they also usually have noise, especially noticeable in flat tones. Not so, with the latest generation hardware!! Very clean details! There are, frankly, a number of ‘magical’ camera apps out now that make iPhone-ography a lot of fun. But I’m glad I tried Hydra again to discover the best way to capture high-res ‘zoomed telephoto’ shots!


Wesley Brilhante’s Review of Hydra

This app does such a great job on Getting Precision correct every time it’s amazing,very impressive how accurate it is and how you can use the app for different pictures modes even more fun then you can get blown away by the app easy easy,it’s a great well designed app for those who love taking pictures from their phones and have been searching for features like super sampling,super resolution photos,merging pictures together etc really quick is a great app for any iPhone and I’m sure android users can get some fun from it!

No difference vs stock app

Andrei (Real Name)’s Review of Hydra

I zoomed all over the pics taken with this app and the stock camera app of the same subject, and there is no difference. Stock app pics actually look cleaner because there is no stitching with the stock app. The pictures this app takes are not any more detailed. This is no google camera for iOS. Waiting for refund.

Bracketing on iOS

Wrave’s Review of Hydra

Hydra is the best option I’ve been able to find for taking bracketed photos. I do wish I could control the dynamic range with sliders instead of “low” and “high” both of which are sometimes too strong. But under the right conditions, it’s awesome

App that pushes the conservative limits of the iOS camera app

Pakitt’s Review of Hydra

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The iOS camera app is limited and conservative, without allowing any experimentation: it provides excellent pictures in most situations, but doesn’t dare when conditions are tough. Namely low light, strong HDR lighting conditions and digital zoom. Hydra overcomes this in all 3 situations. The enhanced zoom is fantastic. HDR is more aggressive than Apple’s own version and can generate some tone mapping issues vs more conservative Apple’s approach, but can help when all else fails. Low light brings out detail where the iPhone can’t as the Apple’s camera app doesn’t do more aggressive averaging. The only 2 issues I have with the Hydra app (hence 4 stars), hopefully coming in a new release, are: 1) the app doesn’t save in HEIC format, only JPG and not even RAW. So those 32 MPix pictures are taking a lot of space, that is where HEIC would help a lot (also for regular pics); JPG also loses more detail than HEIC does; saving RAW would allow to convert a pic in HEIC on a Mac once a picture is reviewed and saved in case the developer doesn’t want or cannot support saving in HEIC format ; (Halide app allows saving in RAW so the data is available to the developers); 2) in HDR mode a slider would be better instead of only 2 possible effect settings, and I’d like to save both “strong” and “medium” effect images rather than just one version, since I might decide later on a bigger screen which pic is best for me. I don’t understand the B/W option. I could convert the pic to BW myself later in photos.

Demands access to all of your existing photos in order to take new ones

Idonthaveanickname1111’s Review of Hydra

This app is trash. If you do not grant it access to your photo album — and let it see and do god-knows-what with your pictures that you have taken in other apps — then it won’t even open beyond an error screen. I want my money back.

Just okay

Jase1125’s Review of Hydra

Hydra is an okay app. I’m not sure I would recommend purchasing it. There are absolutely no manual controls. The oversampling results in soft images. You will need to take the finished result and sharpen them with another app like photoshop fix or Snapseed. Otherwise, they look over processed for noise reduction. I found the HDR app wanting. Honestly, I really don’t use this anymore as there are better options.


carly overton’s Review of Hydra

This camera is worse than my default camera. I can’t believe I even paid money for this app. Such a disappointment

Not for me ☹️

nehdje’s Review of Hydra

I’m sure this is a great app but I got it to take pictures of my kiddos and they will not stay put long enough for all the pics to be taken. Just wasted $5.


w o t s t y i’s Review of Hydra

All blur images waste of money

Waste of money

catboiiiii’s Review of Hydra

I can not believe I spent this much money on this app. If you have an iPhone you don’t need this app. It practically does everything that an iPhone does. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY

5 stars

rslam’s Review of Hydra

I don’t ever right reviews, but this app deserves it. I went in thinking that it probably wouldn’t be any different than any other “crazy” camera app. But wow, how I was wrong. This app has changed the game. I tried it out in NYC for the higher mp shot and zoom, and I was shocked. The zoom was actually really good, and looked so much better than the stock camera apps. I love this app so much, and by the ratings, most people agree with me that this is a amazing app.

Not a great camera

Hdidjejeowdi’s Review of Hydra

The settings it has are very limited, and the ones it does have are not that great. The low-light doesn’t appear any different than the normal camera, and the ‘32mp’ is doubtfully that quality. Zooming in to the max doesn’t appear any different from a normal photo.

Excellent app, but weird charge the next day.

Quickpaws’s Review of Hydra

The app is great! The photos are excellent. However, the day after I paid for this 4.99 app, a 13.90 charge appeared on my debit card for an Amazon Prime membership. A 4.99 charge never showed up on my banking info. I got it straightened out with Amazon, but be aware this could happen to you, too! Sounds like a bait and switch scheme.

Very merry christmas’s Review of Hydra

Does not live up to claim

Agarikon’s Review of Hydra

This app simply does not even vaguely live up to what’s being claimed. Would like money back. After testing it out I found the high res mode is a joke, a cheap parlor trick that does not seem to improve the resolution at all. You can zoom past 100% crop is all. Take a photo using the normal iPhone app, zoom 100%, now take a screenshot of that zoomed photo, go to screenshot and zoom in more. that’s what the hi res mode from this app looks like to me.

cool guy dont tell no lie’s Review of Hydra

Okay so I never write reviews unless it’s for some bogus unlock in an app, but I’m writing this one because this is seriously the best camera app I’ve ever had, period. It has an extremely simple layout, and every shooting Option can produce gorgeous photos, none of them feel like just a thrown together “filler” mode, and if you follow the tips it’ll get even better from there. P.S. anyone who hasn’t already should see what happens when you take multiple photos of the same area/subject. The app doesn’t just mesh the frames it captures during one shoot. ;) (insanely powerful and smart application guys, no complaints.)

sierracamp’s Review of Hydra

Nice lowlight..you need to offer full screen and selfie mode.

Not 32mp

Pcdrone’s Review of Hydra

The 32mp mode doesn’t do anything. The pictures are only slightly larger in storage usage and the details under zoomed Inspection is almost the same the same as a native image. Devs , please use a panorama type stitch system and use the native 2x optical zoom in new iPhones to stitch together a large 32mp or so image. Not sure if the iOS is limiting the sizes of image but I would assume if these stitched final images are saved they should be at lease twice and big as the native. Also ability to save RAW perhaps ? Thanks.

IPhone 7 Plus Worse Pictures with Hydra Zoom

S2DH’s Review of Hydra

I wanted use Hydra with the built in 2x zoom of my iPhone 7 Plus. Apparently instead of doing that, hydra removes my zoom (used the 1x zooms lens), takes its photos, then stitches together a higher res image that looks MUCH WORSE than a regular in 2x zoom image with the built in camera. Please guys! Let me use the built in 2x zoom on my phone, along with your tech to make the image sharper. Otherwise this a huge waste of money for an iPhone 7 Plus owner (or iPhone X owner).

Improved Lowlight Quality? Not.

griffinclubmerv’s Review of Hydra

I was disappointed by this app the first few times I used it, then just lost interest in it.

Cionysus02’s Review of Hydra

Like the app but HDR is not good as the subject must be still for a few seconds for it to capture proper pictures. If not a picture is all messed up. I bought this mainly because of the multi frames for HDR, but it takes a few seconds to capture. It’s useless. An update is needed.

Nope. no. no. no. nope!

StraitScoop’s Review of Hydra

Using this app on an iPhoneX. it just doesn’t deliver. I spent several days making direct tripod mounted shot comparisons with the standard iPhone camera app, several other camera apps, and this one. Hydra delivered the worst results. If you want the highest quality from your iPhoneX, shoot RAW and do your own post processing.

A great addition to the toolbag

Mfloreen’s Review of Hydra

Hydra definitely fills a niche that no other app does. The developers are forthright about the limitations, and once you learn them, you’ll still find many opportunities where Hydra is the best tool for the job.

Dual Camera support?

Buurtt’s Review of Hydra

This app is amazing. I use the Low Light feature whenever it’s even slightly dim in my photos, and the reduced noise is unreal. However, we’ve had dual camera phones for over two years now, and no updates that take advantage of them? I’d love to see Hydra work its magic while using portrait mode!

Video Sound

Husamulddin’s Review of Hydra

I really hope you guys remove the sound that is made by the app when we start recording a video in the next update. It’s pretty annoying. I purchased this app for the HDR recording, so please consider my request.


Ema Lpz’s Review of Hydra


Best super sampling app

Ranger222222’s Review of Hydra

This is the best app for super-sampling that I’ve used. This very easily gives you basically an *optical* zoom lens, using time to overcome the hardware limitations of your iPhone camera, instead of the traditional two pieces of glass far apart from each other found in stand alone cameras. Rather than needing a tripod or having to place your phone on a still surface, Hydra uses the small movements of your hands holding the camera to successfully supersample a high resolution image. Successfully removes the u*** iPhone rice-looking grain too. Very cool.

Fantastic, exceeds expectations!

AcidicRain12’s Review of Hydra

Don’t get any ideas but I would easily pay 3 times what I paid for this!

Add light option!

searleb’s Review of Hydra

Lots of promise but not really usable in genuinely high dynamic range situations. Here the app would strongly benefit from a light setting or finer grain merging tools.

Just resizing the image

Blackbery-12’s Review of Hydra

I’ve looked at the photo out of the standard iPhone app Camera and photos from this app. The photos from the default camera app are just as sharp when compared to the same magnification. The only thing this app does is resize the images to a larger size. That’s not giving you more resolution. And in low-light mode the images are dramatically more grainy than the iPhone camera app. There is nothing about this app that is redeeming. It is a total rip off.

Great app if you take the time to learn it.

David247’s Review of Hydra

Hydra is not an app for impatient people or people who only want a quick “snapshot”. Its market is the more serious enthusiast photographers who are willing to take the time to get a superior photo. Each function requires the taking of several shots, anywhere from 10 to 60, very quickly. Expect you must be mostly steady for 5-6 seconds. During the process the camera must be held very still. The end result though is worth the effort. High resolution is very good producing a choice of 18, 24 or 32 megapixel images from the 12 megapixel sensor of my iPhone 6s+. The results, while not replacing my more expensive camera gear, are very impressive. You could easily make poster size prints from a good shot. Zoom is amazing in good light. It will provide crisp photos at 2x and 4x magnifications, much sharper then most digital zooms on other apps. Low light is very good, again you must remains steady for around 5-6 seconds on average, but in my tests, (very low light that is hard to see in the shadows) it delivered excellent results. I don’t shoot much video so haven’t tried Video-HDR yet. HDR works as advertised, but this is one area where I wish they offered more control over the results such as strength of tonemapping. Currently they only have choice of Black and White, medium or strong. I find their approach very good in very sunny contrasty lighting but a little too much in moderate light conditions. However they do a good job of expanding dynamic range in contrasty lighting, literally bringing it close to expensive advanced and pro grade cameras. Because of the heavy tone mapping hydra uses, it is probably my least used function since I have other apps that provide more control there. But it does work, sometimes almost too well. I have had a chance to chat with the Creaceed developers (makers of Hydra) and they are very responsive. I expect we will see many improvements to this app in the future. For me, the most used modules are Low Light, Zoom (love it) and High Res. FYI, I am have over 50 years photographic experience, about 15 of that as a professional photographer, and though retired now, take my photography, be it using my iphone or my expensive interchangeable lens camers, very seriously. Hydra is one of my tools and one of the best I have tried. I use it regularly.

Not worth it

DONY BUY APP’s Review of Hydra

This is nothing how it is advertised all the reviews seem fake pictures are just likes regular iPhone photo DONT BUY

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    Hydra App Main Page

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    How Does Hydra App Work?

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    Hydra App Features

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    Several Disturbing Revelations Made

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    Hydra App Testimonial

    Moreover, it is not possible to have multiple trades on each day. Therefore, the question is that how can the trading app guarantee the generation of trades even on weekends? This tops the fraudulent claim as there are no chances that the binary options trading market remains open on the weekends. Therefore, there is by no chance that the trading app can operate on weekends as it claims to generate the lucrative trades for the traders on a daily basis.

    Additional Alarming Revelations

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    The Scam of the Hydra App

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