Review Is Crypto Universe Scam or Legit

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About was created by real crypto devotees. They are in love with the world of crypto and the endless opportunities it provides. They fully understand the revolutionary significance of blockchain and put all effort into development of the cryptocommunity. was founded in spring 2020. During that period the company founders decided to put a team of the best crypto experts, IT-specialists and engineers together. This team is the driving force of Cryptouniverse. They are all different but united by the common goal – to create a powerful tech center and turn cloud mining into an accessible business opportunity for anyone interest.

Basic Information

Min Investment 50$
Min Withdraw 0.005 BTC.
Avg. Refer Rate 11% from each referral purchase. Individuals are possible.
Payment Type
Company Type Mining
Web I.P
Interface language: English, Russian.
Equipment Used equipment from the manufacturer Bitmain
Payment Accepted Bitcoin , Litecoin + to replenish Payeer , Visa / MasterCard.
Links Homepage

How To Register

Go to the main site and click ” Register “, fill in the registration form and click “Register“. Confirm your registration at the email address you provided. After registration, specify the details of the payment system in your account.

Investment Plan Of

All calculations are approximate and were made taking into account the cryptocurrency rate at the time of writing the review article. Data varies depending on the rate of crypto -currency,the capacity you have acquired and the amount of coins actually mined.

How to use discount coupon?

It is very easy to use a coupon code that this platform offers. To use cryptouniverse coupon number, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Go to official website;
  • Login or Sign Up (if you are a new user);
  • Go to your account page
  • Go to “Buy hashrate” section;
  • Select “Coupon number” option;
  • Enter your valid Cryptouniverse coupon code;
  • Press “Apply discount coupon” button;
  • Get you discount;
  • Press “Choose payment method” button.

Complete Review Of

The yield depends on the capacity you purchased, the amount of the currency you extracted during this period and its rate. You can calculate profit using a third-party calculator , in which you need to indicate the power you purchased in the box with the name of the standard SHA-256 for Bitcoin (translating 1Th / s to 1,000 Gh / s) and Scrypt for Lightcoin. Then subtract the amount of service from the amount provided by the calculator for 1 day

In autumn 2020 they started installing and setting up own miners. Soon, the first data centers have been launched and they have been working on a massive project aimed on creating a powerful tech center ever since.

The location was chosen because of the favorable climate – it is not exposed to extreme temperatures or high humidity. The company puts emphasis on maintaining data centers – custom-made software and modern cooling system guarantee effective and uninterrupted 24/7 mining process. is different from other cloud mining services. They care about reputation. Therefore, all the hardware they provide is ready for mining. They do not leave you waiting for the hardware to arrive. has its own property and guarantees full protection of your investment. Cryptouniverse today is a company growing at an incredible rate despite of the fierce competition.

The team of the company began setting up and installing the miners in the fall of last year. Immediately after registration, company representatives went to the PRC, where they agreed on deliveries with the largest manufacturers of special equipment for crypt mining:

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On the blog, a new project offers the purchase of capacity, already installed and ready-to-work equipment, or the mining equipment itself for your chosen cryptocurrency. All equipment is installed in special data centers and receives ongoing maintenance. The project gives a nice bonus of 5% to the purchased capacity when paying a contract in Bitcoins.

Affiliate Program

How does it work?

  1. Create a personal account on website. Every account has its own unique reference code.
  2. Introduce your friends and family to cloud mining services.
  3. Receive your affiliate reward – up to 10% of hashrate purchased by your referral – any user who indicated by your unique reference code during registration.

Your reward depends on the size of your referral’s investment:

  • 8% for new partners who have signed contracts UNDER $30000;
  • 9% for new partners who have signed contracts OVER $30000;
  • 10% for new partners who have signed contracts OVER $50000.

Please Note –

The Affiliate reward is credited to your bonus account in the form of BTC for each contract purchased by your referral. The reward is paid in BTC for both “Bitcoin 365” and “Bitcoin 2025” contracts and for “Litecoin 365” and “Litecoin 2025” contracts. Regardless of which contract your referral chooses, you receive a reward in Bitcoins to your bonus account.

You can invest the received BTC bonus into increasing the hashrate of your contracts or withdraw the reward to your Bitcoin-wallet.

Affiliate bonus is rewarded upon any purchase of the mining rates by your referrals except for the reinvestment (upgrading contract’s mining power by using the cryptocurrency mined by the account).

Affiliate bonus is rewarded starting from the activation of your referral’s contract and exists until its closure.

Special Features Of


At the current rate of Bitcoin, the yield in cloud mining is from 130% per annum. If the service charge exceeds the mining charge, the contract will be suspended and will continue automatically after the appreciation.

Easy Track

They have everything you need for mining. Just choose your rate and gain profit every day. They start mining for you right after the payment has been made.

Smart Terms

Even the minimal investment will bring profits. Moreover, you will be able to reinvest your profits to increase the hashrate, which in turn will boost your income.

Data Center

Cryptouniverse Data Centers are high-tech facilities, prepared and built in accordance with the requirements of industrial crypto-currency mining. The conditions created in the data centers make it possible to achieve maximum efficiency of the miners.

User Friendly

Your Personal account will provide you with detailed statistics of operations, balance information, analytics, forecasts and all necessary settings. No unnecessary buttons: an intuitive interface will help you manage your account in no time.

Highest Protection

The website is well-protected from all types of DDoS attacks. They use GlobalSign’s SSL certificate for secure connection. Two-factor authentication provides additional protection of your data.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Cryptocurrency is accrued on your balance every day. You can view the statistics in your Personal Account. You can get a mined crypt anytime you want by making a request. Funds are withdrawn without any additional service fees. Processing the request may take from 3 minutes to 2 days. Funds can be displayed on a bank card.

Your income Secured

They undertake to perform obligations under the online agreement (hardware setup and maintenance). Your contract is insured by the property of the company.

Smooth Operation

Custom-made software and industrial ventilation system guarantee stable power and trouble-free operation of the hardware. In the unlikely event of a hardware failure, your contract will be automatically switched to our backup facilities. They guarantee 24/7 uninterrupted operation

Optimal Fees

There is no need to wrestle with rig assembly and hot, noisy miners at home. They take care of hardware installation, repair and maintenance and charge only a small fee for that.


Advantages and disadvantages of the service

Benefits disadvantages
Profitable terms. A rather insignificant entrance threshold will allow you to earn income even with minimal investment. Deposit and withdrawal of funds is possible only on a Mastercard or VISA bank card.
High level of protection. The resource has a secure connection and the most advanced system of protection against cyber attacks. A small selection of tariff plans.
Profit is accrued every day. Every day at the expense of earned earned cryptocurrency, which can be withdrawn at any time. A small list of mined cryptocurrency.
Guaranteed profit according to the contract. The service fulfills its own obligations under a special online agreement. The contract of each “earner” is insured.
Stable data centers.
Comfortable interface. In your account you can get acquainted with the balance, statistics of payments and analytics.
Control 24/7. At any time, you can activate the online broadcast and see how your miner works.

Click Here To Join

CryptoUniverse is a reliable and secure cloud mining service that is comfortable to work on. Currently, the company is actively developing, attracting more and more new miners. If you have already become one of them, then share your experiences in the comments.

Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online Review: Is Crypto-mining Scam or Legit? Review: Is Crypto-mining Scam or Legit?


Last Updated: Mar 2, 2020 @ 5:37 pm

Сrypto Mining LTD is a Crypto currency cloud mining company which claims to have rented their servers in Ireland. Their data centers are allegedly situated in Dublin and are guaranteeing economic and legal protection to their clients. Miners can also choose the speed and power with which mining of Crypto currencies can happen. In addition to this, the company also promises stable financial profits to their members. Their data center allegedly has an output of 32 PH/s. The website is currently popular in the country Venezuela. However, details of this company are not in the companies house website, which means that it is not registered in the UK as claimed on their website.

The other alternative which they are offering is the option to install a mining program on the user’s browser. With this option, users can mine Crypto currencies without renting servers, thanks to this mining software which was created by their ‘expert’ programmers. On top of this, the company is offering a reward of 10% of their recruits production. Their website also looks like a professionally designed site meaning that whoever created this site is not by any means an amateur. The question is whether or not this site can be trusted. On one hand, it looks like a ponzi scheme and on the other, it looks like a genuine cloud mining site.

Having said this, it is best to point out certain things about this site which users should consider before they ever consider mining with this site. The first consideration is that Crypto Mining does not have a company that oversees its activities and yet they claim that their company is registered in the UK. This appears to be a lie which the owner of the site crafted to try making the most out of their traffic. Our investigations reveal that no such company exists in the UK.

If you want to establish the credibility of a site that claims to mine Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies, just go through the forums and what people are see what people are saying concerning that site. You will eventually get a feel of what people think about the site and whether or not their service is trustworthy. On the same note, we have listed sites that we have been mining with and recommending for a long time. Those of you who want to mine major Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and so on should definitely sign up on one of those sites.

Сrypto Mining Review

Obviously the first thing that we will start with in this review is the alleged monthly returns of 46%. The mining calculator gives this estimate when we input various hash power and in our experience, we know that mining of Crypto currencies cannot generate this kind of return no matter what. Any site that makes these claims is definitely lying to you about the projected income. In fact, if you look at genuine cloud mining operations on the internet, one thing is common. These sites don’t make any outrageous earning claims. They only show us their mining plans and their prices and that’s it.

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But for a site like Сrypto Mining, things get suspicious as we investigate it further and realize that not only are their returns inflated, but the site is also not transparent when it comes to details of ownership, their mining resources, their employees and so on. There is a video on their site which portrays what looks like the inside of a data center. However, this video cannot be treated as proof that Crypto Mining actually runs a data center in Dublin. The reason for this logic is that nothing in that video shows that the data center which they are touting on their website belongs to them. We therefore can’t take this as proof that the site has any data centers from which income is generated through mining.

Mining with your device

Сrypto Mining LTD claims to provide the option of mining using their special program which can be downloaded and used on your PC. This is a common tactic on the internet today which we have also warned our readers against for the simple reason that mining software will use your CPU resources and even shorten the lifespan of your device. The best way to generate Crypto currency through mining is to actually invest with a site that has real data centers for generating Crypto currencies. Just in case you missed our link above, click here and explore what those sites do. You will see that none of them are offering shady software for mining on the user’s PC. These apps could even collect your personal information and use it for their own gains. So besides wrecking your PC, you stand a risk of this site stealing your personal information.

No customer feedback yet

The ranking of this site is amazing. However, this ranking does not agree with the fact that despite this traffic going into the website, the site still fails to create a buzz on the Crypto currency forums. What could be the reason? This simply means that the traffic could be fake as it is generated using bots and not real humans but sees it as human traffic. That is the logic behind the site not having any customer feedback for the kind of service which they provide.

Having said that, it would be disastrous to recommend a site that does not have any feedback yet. We are looking at a site that claims to have started business in 2020 when there is zero evidence that miners are actively using its services.

Our best advice for you

Сrypto Mining LTD could be a scam because all evidence points to the possibility that the people behind this site are only lying about their service. While the site is aesthetically pleasing, it is not providing us with verifiable information which can be trusted and taken as credible. For that reason, we are only sticking to the popular Crypto currency cloud mining operations here.

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