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What is Copyop Academy about?

Copyop is the world’s first and biggest binary options social trading platform. It has over 1 million users and you can copy anyone of them with a single mouseclick.

Some Facts about Copyop:

Copying professional traders is extremely easy and can be VERY profitable.

Absolutely no previous knowledge required. Just choose a trader, click “copy”, and you are done. Whenever your trader makes money, you make money, too.

However, if you pick the wrong traders, you can lose money.

Although the concept of social trading sounds easy, you have to be very careful about who you copy! If you copy the right people, you make a lot of money. However, if you choose an amateur trader, you will copy his bad trades as well. Without any experience, it’s easy to make beginner mistakes that will ruin your feelings towards social trading so let us help you!

We teach you how to use Copyop properly, so you can safely make $500+ a week.

The main goal of Copyop Academy is to teach you how to use Copyop the right way. We will show you everything step-by-step, so you have a clear understanding of what to do and how to make money with Copyop.

And the best part is, Copyop Academy is 100% FREE.

At the end of the course, you will know exactly how to choose the right traders and how to make money while watching TV on your couch or having fun with your friends.

This is what you will find inside Copyop Academy :

5 easy to understand videos that will help you earn like a pro trader!
Academy Overview

You get a clear overview of what you will see inside Copyop Academy.

Copyop Registration Process

We will guide you through the registration process of the Copyop platform, so you can start trading ASAP.

Choosing the Perfect Trader

Discover The Exact Formula of how to choose the perfect trader to copy and avoid the lucky amateurs who just drain your balance!

Social Trading Basics

Are you new to binary options or social trading? No problem! We will teach you everything you need to know.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Broker!
    Best Choice For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!


    Perfect For Experienced Traders!

Copyop Platform Highlights

We introduce you the Copyop trading platform and explain the important segments we are going to use.

What existing Academy members are saying.

“I ’ m not that good with numbers :) That’s why I chose social trading”

“I’m a psychology major, so I’m not that good with numbers :) That’s why I chose social trading because I only need to follow pro traders who make money for me. I followed the academy’s guide step-by-step and it worked! I’m happy to say that I have a passive income now that covers all of my monthly expenses. I can focus on studying and partying with my friends and don’t have to worry about whether I can afford different activities or not.”

Emilia, 24

“I invested a larger amount and almost doubled it in 2 months!”

“I started to work 6 years ago and fortunately I have a good salary. I decided to invest some of my extra money on the internet, because I got tired of my money just sitting in the bank with 3.5% annual interest. To be honest , I was a bit skeptical at first, because binary options have mixed reputation and I didn’t have too much success with it either. 3 months ago I read good things about social trading, so I gave it a try. I started with $600 to check out the platform myself. I love the thrill of trading, but I’m not a professional, so I just do this sometimes with the minimum amount to entertain myself. Thanks to the Academy I learned to spot the best traders to copy, so I invested a larger amount and almost doubled it in 2 months! I know, I could earn more, but I play safe. I recommend Copyop Academy for everybody, They are really nice people!”

Michael, 31

“I came across Copyop Academy and after watching the videos, I was confident that I found my thing.”

“I’m 52 years old. My kids will finish university, so I have a moderate amount of saving and I was thinking about leaving my job, if I could find something that would give me enough money with a couple hours of daily work. I started to learn online trading years ago, but I realized it’s not that simple and requires a lot of time and constant monitoring and analyzing charts. That wasn’t what I was looking for. F ortunately I found social trading and Copyop but I still felt a bit left in the dark. Who should I copy? I tried to use Copyop myself, but it didn’t go very well at the beginning. Luckily I came across Copyop Academy and after watching the videos, I was confident that I found my thing. I knew exactly where I made mistakes earlier and I can now use the true potential of Copyop and social trading! I’m now making over $1000 a month and it requires less and less time to monitor the traders I copy. If it continues like that, I won’t have to worry about money, so I can spend more time with the ones I love. Thanks Copyop Academy for making that happen !”

Charles, 52

What can you expect from the Academy?

We don’t want to make you false promises. As every course on the planet, this is not for everyone, so let’s see what you can realistically expect from joining us:


  • 5 step-by-step, ” over the shoulder ” video lessons.
  • You don’t require any previous knowledge about Copyop or binary options trading. We teach you everything you have to know.
  • We show you several good and bad examples about how to use Copyop effectively.
  • If you follow our strategies, you can easily make $500+ per week with only 30 minutes of work.
  • Don’t worry, our methods are extremely safe!
    We don’t like gambling with our money either :)


  • This is not a “get rich quick” method. Sorry, we won’t make you a millionaire overnight. Nobody can.
  • It is not a push-button solution. Yes, you can easily copy pro traders like this, but to choose the right ones, you have to follow our strategies exactly and spend 30 minutes a week to control your trades.
  • It’s not free money, it’s an investment! Copyop Academy is 100% free, but to use the Copyop trading platform, you need real money to copy real traders. Copyop is not owned by us, so we can’t change this, sorry.

Think about this as an extremely good investment opportunity, where you have to invest a little money to get a lot in return!

Results are almost guaranteed!

In the world of online trading, you can never make a 100% guarantee. However we can say one thing for sure: our members are making money! Some of them are earning thousands of dollars each month, some of them “only” a few hundred, it depends on how much energy you are willing to invest into the system. Our goal is to help you get started in your social trading career and if you follow our methods, y ou will be succ essful.


Copyop is a social trading binary options network. This new service allows traders to copy other successful traders and essentially place the exact same trades. I reviewed a few of these in the past and none of them have ever come to fruition so I’d like to see what’s different this time around.

Today I’ll be providing a full review and taking a closer look at what this vendor has to offer the binary today community.

Copyop Review

The concept is simple, the developers of copyop tell traders that they never have to look at frightening graphs are charts again. Instead, traders just have to choose a portfolio to watch and then they can copy that trader. Despite having a different approach than most binary options systems the sales video is still very similar. I find myself watching a conversation between an X stockbroker and a man that’s wearing a suit that so tight it’s cutting off circulation to his head. I was hoping to see a closer demonstration of the actual social platform but it doesn’t seem to be here in the initial video.

About 15 minutes and and 2 videos later I finally get to see how the copyop functions. What I’d rather do is create a fake account and check out the members area for myself. The members area is quite impressive and shows quite a few successful traders to follow. When you click on a members page you can see how many copiers are currently attached to a specific trader and how many people are watching their trades actively. The in the money ratio for the best traders on the website are all around 50% so I’m not totally sure how they are making money with low win rates. I don’t see any evidence that traders can make $3000 a week like they advertise on the front page of their site.

This is the point of the review where I usually say whether or not you should try Copyop. Instead, I want to withhold my judgment until more information is gathered about this social trading platform. I believe that there is a lot of potential here but I want to hear from the binary today readers and traders that have gotten involved with this program. So please if you have tested the system or you have opinions leave your comments under the review now. I’m excited to hear from you, take care.

7 Binary Options

UPDATE (25.11.2020):

Copyop has shut down their operations.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

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Try also Binary Option Robot if you are looking for automated binary trading.

Old Review:

Copyop is not your typical binary options trading site and it’s not meant to be. It is a little hard to describe because it is more like a follow the leader type site than it is a true binary options trading site. It could probably more easily be compared to an auto trading robot that tracks people’s trading skills as opposed to asset analytics like most auto trading software does.

The site is run by the same company that runs the world’s largest binary options trading site, Anyoption. It is a relatively new site that was just launched earlier in 2020. It expands on a popular new way of trading binary options called ‘social trading’; which basically means you don’t do any technical analysis yourself; you just mimic the trades of other more experienced and consistently profitable binary options traders. You can copy the trades of those people who trade on the Copyop or Anyoption websites. It is really the first ‘full-fledged’ social trading web broker.

For the purpose of this review we will not add information about the Anyoption website. There is a full review here under are binary options broker reviews section if you want to learn more specifics about Anyoption.

There are two ways in which a trader can register to trade on Copyop;

  1. either by signing up for the website directly
  2. or by linking to it from the anyoption website.

You might want to consider doing the latter if you are the type of trader that likes to take advantage of some of the bonuses that Anyoption offers. One of the nice things about each site is your deposited funds can be used on either site too. You might want to note that we actually had to ask for the bonus after signing up and you have to be aware there are trading minimums before any bonus money can be withdrawn too.

There are 3 different choices of currencies that can be used to open an account in Copyop;

You have to be careful which one you pick because after the initial deposit you can only add or withdraw money in the same currency. You do not actually need to deposit money to open an account and this will allow you to check out the traders you can follow and see the features of the website. After doing this you can pretty much expect a phone call from the Copyop sales team to help you out.

Who are Those Traders that You can Copy?

There is no set format to whose trades you can copy; you can copy any person that trades on either site and any person can copy you. Really the only condition is a trader can only have a maximum of 100 people that copy there trades.

As we did our review we only saw one instance of a trader being maxed out. You can also keep an eye on a specific trader without making trades and have it displayed on your social trading feed. There is a lot of flexibility built into the web platform as far as how you look at another investors trading.

Another thing to note is there is no slippage with Copyop like there is with FOREX social Trading. Slippage is the difference in the trade from when the person whose trades you are copying and the price when you decided to copy is factored in. You get the identical trade parameters as the person you are copying with Copyop. The drawback is you get slightly lower return on investments than the person you decided to copy. Most people accept this as the cost of being able to access the service.

Most sites that allow social trading only let you do it with FOREX but that is not the case with Copyop. You can use it with stocks, Indices, commodities and FOREX pairs. Interestingly enough you will be rewarded if you place trades and people copy you. You are copying real people who are risking their own money so that in itself should increase your confidence level in the trading process. There is a small payout on losing trades too. You can increase your profit by watching traders and manually copying their trades instead of using the ‘automatically’ copy feature; of course this takes more time too.

Video: Copyop Social Trading App

How to Observe and Select Which Traders You Copy

In order to be successful with this web broker you need to know how to pick out the successful traders. With what we teach you here you will be able to choose traders to copy from both Copyop, Anyoption, Banc de Binary and 24option as was mentioned before.

Keep in mind that you can’t see every trader at once or look at a list of traders results, that is probably where the risk of trading this way comes in bit you can hot the ‘random explore’ tab or the ‘hot list’ tab to try discovering new traders to follow who have a record of success. The explore tab brings up random traders that have recently traded and the hot list brings up traders who are trading well as of late.

Here is a list of what you can see about each individual trader:

  1. Nickname, country, joining date, risk percentage
  2. Number of people watching them
  3. Number of people copying them
  4. Hit % on their own investments
  5. Longest winning streak
  6. Number of trades per day average
  7. Incremental hit percentage
  8. Last three trades
  9. Asset breakdown on their trades

One of the big drawbacks with Copyop is that you can only see the last three trades an investor makes and not a complete history of the clients trading or their current open trades; this is consistent with other sites that allow social trading also. The most useful stat is probably the trader’s hot percentage when factored on their last 120 trades. The lack of detail on the trader that you want to copy is what keeps people from doing social trading a lot of the time.

Screenshot of Copyop Website

How Copyop Handles Risk and Money Management

As with all binary options trading, on Copyop you will know and be able to assess risk before you make a trade. It is one of the nice benefits when it comes to binary options trading. That is a lot different than say FOREX trading where you have virtually unlimited risk until you get to your stop level. Even when you are copying other investor’s trades you still get to assess the risk versus reward on that trade before you execute the copy feature.

When you copy a trader you will be asked the following:

  • Exactly how many of the investor’s trades do you want to copy
  • The amount per each copied trade
  • What assets are involved in the investor’s trades that you want to copy

You may stop copying a trader at any time you so choose.

It must be noted that when you are copying trades the amount you invest stays the same per trade regardless of what the person you are copying invests. So you must be aware that there is no proportionality in percentage to the amount the copied trader invests. It is fixed for every trade you copy for the amount you selected for each copied trader. Because of this your results will never be exactly the same as the trader you copy. As explained before you will also not receive the same return on investment as the trader you are copying because they get a small percentage of what you make on the trade.

You can do such things as only take the trades of the people you are watching that they invest the most money. This may give you an indication of their confidence level in a particular trade. Someone who invests $2000 in a trade is obviously more comfortable with that trade than a person who only invests $200 on the same trade. You can study the information given on each trader and come up with your own conclusions for each trader and invest accordingly. If you watch a trader long enough you can really pick out the reasons why they are winning on certain trades and not on other ones. For example: A trader may only have a 40% success rate when trading but an 80% success rate in trades involving gold; so you would want to copy this trader only when they do a trade that involves gold as an asset.

Copyop Costs and Fees

There are not a lot of fees and costs as far as Copyop is concerned. Signup is totally free and you can even make one totally free withdrawal each month.

Copyop Customer Support

Customer support options are limited but functional. You can only contact this web broker by email or contact form; that means you can rule out ever getting a quick answer to a question or concern. We were not thrilled with that aspect of their customer service at all; as a matter of fact the average response time to the questions we submitted was three to four days and improvement is certainly needed in that area.. The FAQ page is not extensive either but what is there is very thoroughly covered and explained well.

There are a lot more support options for their sister site anyoption, so again we lean toward accessing Copyop after you sign up for an account with anyoption.

Copyop does have a nice variety of learning tools that they give access to those that register for their website.

Social Media Access

Copyop does allow it traders to connect using their Facebook account too; once you do this your friends can see your trades and vice versa. We are not sure why you would want your friends to know you trade and how much but this could be useful if you had an account that was made up of just trading group friends.

Copyop Demo

Unfortunately Copyop does not provide their users with a demo account at this time. As was mentioned before they do allow you to see the features of the website and follow some traders after signing up even if you have not made a deposit. At least that way you get a little sneak peek into the website. It will give you a good idea how successful a lot of the traders are on the website.

Pros and Cons


  • Takes statistical analyses out of play
  • It’s an excellent site for those with no binary options trading knowledge to make money
  • There is a large selection of traders that can be copied because you can copy those from their sister site anyoption; it’s the biggest binary option web broker in the world
  • Simplifies social trading
  • You copy traders that are risking their own money and you can copy anyone
  • The site has an easy to understand user interface
  • Tools to limit and manage risk


Our Final Thoughts on Copyop

This site is very different from other web brokerage sites for sure. As we stated it is much more a form of auto trader than it is a binary options website but you can still place your own trades too but make no mistake about it the site is made to help you coattail off the success of experienced traders. There are a lot of pros and a lot of cons so clearly this type of website is not for everyone. If you’re into trying to profit from other trader’s skills then there is no harm to giving Copyop a try. You may want to consider signing up for their sister site Anyoption so you get the bonuses they offer and can still access Copyop too.

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