Centrummarkets.com Review Is Centrum Markets A Scam

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Gann Trader Review: Is GannTrader a Scam?

Gann Trader Review: Is GannTrader a Scam?


Last Updated: Oct 17, 2020 @ 6:52 pm

The slogan of Gann Trader (formerly Gann Edge) education website is “Pushing the envelope on Gann Based Analysis for over 20 years.” The website in question is owned by W.D Gann or at least that is the claim on this website. W.D Gann has posted his biography on the Gann Trader website to make traders marvel at how great his trading education is.

“W.D. Gann, a master of Wall Street in the early 20th century, combined mathematics, geometry and cyclical analysis to consistently make a profit during some of the most volatile market environments of the day. In 1929 many of his contemporaries suffered significant losses as the Great Depression began. Gann’s techniques allowed him to not only predict one of the largest market crashes seen, but to profit from it as well. The fact that his techniques are used by so many traders and investors today, over 50 years after his death, is evidence enough of his enormous contribution.”

With this kind of Biography, one might believe that learning Gann techniques from a website like Gann Trader is the best decision one can make.

N/B: These trading products have been used by the community for a long time. If learning how to trade is not your thing, please take a minute and go through the page.

Does anyone remember the following frauds: Bounce Trade, XMA Trading and EZ Futures Trading

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Well, if you were not scammed by them from 2009 – 2020, then this is your opportunity to be ripped off by the latest derivation: Gann Trader Futures Trading. For several years, I have been writing about this swindler with more fake names than a Russian spy. He constantly reappers on Online Traders Central offering a “money back guarantee.” Which of course, is a total scam. Once again, a boatload of victims emerges. The latest reporting only a few days ago.

Gann Trader Review

Thanks for reading today’s review of GannEdge. Gann Trader is selling a futures day trading program for $2,495. The sales pitch is simple and effective. The consumer purchases the software predicated upon the supposed amazing track record of $1k-$2k per week in Futures trading profits. The consumer is lead to believe that if they purchase the software, and simply ‘copy/paste’ the trades of the moderator, then profits are virtually guaranteed. The website discloses zero losses.

The ‘hook’ is the supposed “Money Back Guarantee.” How does it work? The consumer is instructed to simply copy the live trades of the trading room moderator, if the consumer cannot copy the trades, then they simply request a full refund within 30-days.

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Consumers discover the Gann Trader website through the Online Trader Central website in a free webinar. Online Trader Central is a company that ‘pumps’ nearly every fraudulent trading company that this website has written about. Online Trader Central charges a fee of $850 to the vendor to promote the event through spam email marketing.

Once the victim views the webinar at Online Trader Central, they will usually look for additional ‘social proof’ that the company is legitimate. Indeed, this additional social proof can be found through Dr. Dean Handley where he declares that “Gann Edge is truthful, transparent, and profitable.” What Dr. Dean Handley is not disclosing is that Gann Trader is paying him several hundred dollars each month for his corny endorsement.

Gann Trader is a SCAM

GannTrader is simply the latest in a long stream of scams being offered by the exact same entities. Truth be told, I do not know the true name of the person or person’s running this scam.

However, the entity running the GannTrader website also offered a fraudulent website that we exposed in 2020. This website was named XMA Trading. Shortly after we published our article, the website quickly disappeared. Prior to XMA Trading, there was Bounce Trade, this website also disappeared.

After XMA Trading was exposed as a fraud and disappeared, they reemerged yet again as EZ Futures Trading. On June 21, 2020, valforex yet again exposed this fraud and reported the incident to the CFTC. Shortly thereafter, the EZ Futures Trading website was pulled and they quickly disappeared yet again.

During December 2020, this entity reappeared yet again — as GannEdge.

All of these websites follow the same model…

  • Step 1 is Online Trader Central to promote a webinar. Offer a money back guarantee.
  • Step 2 is pay a social media influencer ‘Dean Handley’ or post fake online reviews.
  • Step 3 is sell as much as possible.
  • Step 4 is to disappear once consumers start requesting refunds.

Multiple Complaints Filed

Valforex has received dozens of complaints from consumers about this fraud. In fact, only several days ago, we received yet another complaint from a consumer located in Illinois.

This consumer describes the following incident:

  • During the month of October 2020, after watching the Online Trader Central webinar, he “took the bait” on the money back guarantee.
  • His confidence was bolstered by the Dr. Dean Handley endorsement.
  • He copied the trades exactly as the moderator within the live trading room. He lost a significant amount of money.
  • The moderator of GannTrader posted a profit of $1,265 for the same period. The consumer then realized that he had been scammed.
  • The consumer then requests to execute the “refund guarantee.” Gann Trader refuses to refund and tells consumer “go fuck yourself.”
  • Consumer files a complaint with his credit card company. GannEdge then quickly removes the language of the “refund guarantee” in order to defraud the consumer.
  • The credit card company, denies the charge back based upon the modified language of the “refund guarantee.”

Our best advice for you

The simple truth is that writing a derivation of this same tale really disgusts me. The behavior of people within the ‘trading educational’ community is the stuff of financial horrors. It truly amazes me. Writing articles like this gives me an ulcer. And think about the poor guy that got swindled by Gann Trader? How do you think he is feeling?

As usual, we warn the community to stay away from anything presented on Online Trader Central, the entire business model is rotten to the core. Remember to check out good products on this page.

IFC Markets Review

IFC Markets

Leverage: 1:30

Regulation: CySEC, BVI FSC

Min. Deposit: 1 US$

HQ: Cyprus

Platforms: NetTradeX, MT4, MT5

Found in: 2006

IFC Markets Licenses:

  • IFCM Cyprus Limited – authorized by CySEC (Cyprus) registration no. 147/11
  • IFCMARKETS. CORP. – authorized by BVI FSC registration no. SIBA/L/14/1073

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  • Our Review
  • IFC Markets User Reviews
  • IFC Markets News
  1. Is IFC Markets safe or a scam?
  2. Trading Platform
  3. Accounts
  4. Spread
  5. Leverage
  6. Deposits and Withdrawals conditions with a minimum deposit and withdrawal fee
  7. Conclusion

What is IFC Markets?

IFC Markets provides its trading services for the last 12 years to over 120k+ clients through unlimited trading instruments and numerous opportunities. While IFC Markets is a part of IFCM group of companies that are involved in the development of the projects in the field of financial technologies with the requirements set by international legislation to provide financial services.


IFCM is an international Forex and CFD Broker giving an opportunity to trade 50 currency pairs with instant order execution, 400+ stocks CFDs with 100% dividend adjustment and up to 1:30 leverage, 19 commodity futures with no expiration, 4 CFDs on ETF Traded in NYSE and CFDs on Crypto Futures. Their pricing model and quotes themselves are provided from bank-liquidity providers that automatically transfer of clients’ orders to the interbank market.

Customer Support

Since the trading environment is not the only important part of successful trading, the broker recognizes the need to support and educate their clients in various ways.


The education materials organized through Online Trading Academy, Video tutorials, books and glossaries along with daily technical analysis and analytical videos that are prepared by the experts. While the customer support offers 18 languages by the constant availability and multiple contact ways.

Is IFC Markets safe or a scam?

The IFC Markets is a brand name used by the two established companies IFCMARKETS. CORP. incorporated in the British Virgin Islands under registration and license of the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC).

Even though that the jurisdiction is offshore, which we always advise taking caution due to their lack of control over financial firms, IFC Markets incorporated additional entity the IFCM CYPRUS LIMITED a Cyprus Investment Firm registered under the regulation of the CySEC.

Therefore, we consider IFC Markets as a safe broker due to their additional regulation by the European authority which demands strict follow of rules as authorities enable and supervise the company to carry out investment business. IFCM CYPRUS LIMITED as a CySEC broker is also a member of the ICF (Investor Compensation Fund) and complies with the European Commission’s MiFID, which authorized to provide investment services within EEA safely.

Generally, the customers’ safety enabled through various ways with funds segregation, participation in schemes, as well IFCMARKETS. CORP. holds Professional indemnity for Financial Institutions Insurance in AIG EUROPE LIMITED.

Trading Platforms

The trading platforms range includes the popular choice of MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5, as well as IFCM is the licensee for the usage of the new generation trading station NetTradeX.

As most probably, market leaders MT4 or advanced MT5 does not require too much introduction, as platforms delivering a comprehensive feature to trade with numerous possibilities, automation of trading, and a MultiTerminal available too. Also, there is an option to use the platforms on various devices including mobile applications, which is a great feature.

So other option is to use a NeTradeX that is advanced software that perfectly fits professional traders giving a possibility to trade with unique features of the GeWorko Method with the creation of own instruments, Portfolio Trading, etc. The instruments range including the standard ones along with synthetic instruments created by experts and availability to create own one.

The trading terminal apart from the common functions provides automated trading with Advisors and graphical interface for managing positions and orders, custom indicators and service utilities. So you can operate either on the NetTradeX Advisors or simultaneously in both terminals as a primary and secondary one. The integrated language of NetTradeX Advisors complements the functionality of the main terminal, thus you can use manual mode or set up the algorithms with the specified code, which is indeed a fantastic opportunity to be considered.


IFCM took into consideration various trading requirements, hence offers several trading accounts either with fixed or floating spreads for each of the trading platforms. Besides to the real trading accounts, the IFCM allows free Demo account which operates with virtual funds and intended for studying or the functional purpose to test strategies.

Also, you may get the VIP status and get flexible trading conditions, exclusive personal instruments, free access to a VPS, 0 commissions on deposits and withdrawals and much more.

While all trading styles are welcomed at IFC Markets, the broker also offers a competitive trading strategy and spreads while you are able to choose either fixed spread or floating spread according to your needs.

Therefore, the spread offering is depending on the account type you choose, as well as vary on each platform, refer to the table below and see fixed IFC Markets spread, as well you may compare fees to another popular broker FXPrimus.

IFC Markets rollover

Also, always consider rollover or overnight fee as a cost, charged on the positions held longer than a day and determined either you are selling or buying instruments. Quotes are charged or refunded by the specific measure defined on each instrument, as an example also refer to the table above.

In addition, clients belonging to the Islamic religion can open an Islamic Trading Account where Swaps are not calculated.


Leverage is the tool by which you may trade a large amount of money, through its capability to magnify initial balance therefore money you operate. Yet the probability of profits or losses increases in parallel, which makes it important to learn how to use leverage smartly.

IFC leverage levels determined by the regulatory restrictions, as well as by your personal residence in the country or another. Therefore, trading with European IFC Markets entity the maximum leverage level is set to 1:30 for Forex instruments, while trading with its offshore branch may allow you to access to high leverage up to 1:300.

Payment Methods

The payment methods include a range of the world leading payment providers, thus the IFCM supports Wire Transfers, Bank Cards, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, OKPAY, Unistream and transfers between own trading accounts.

Minimum deposit

The deposit minimums are diversified by the funding option along with applicable commissions or without them. Generally, the minimum account opening requirement for Beginning account-based either on floating or fixed spread demand only 1$ as a start.

Deposit fees

Overall, IFC Markets made a promotion to cover fees for deposits or withdrawals. Yet, this is applicable to some methods, which you should check with customer service as there are some differences between the countries of origin.

For the withdrawals, you can use the same methods along with applicable to the option commissions and minimum amounts as defined at every provider. E.g. Card transfers minimum is 10$ with 2% + 7.50$ commission above, while CashU charges no fees.


The IFC Markets review is about the development group of the companies that provides access to trade on a comprehensive range of Trading instruments Forex and CFDs, along with the newly presented markets and comprehensive portfolio.

The business model is based on transparent and trustful relations with the clients through established STP execution with a range of platforms, including the proprietary platform with powerful features. Besides, broker supports you with education and customer service in multiple languages along with accounts to choose from that all in all makes it a reasonable and potentially fruitful environment.

And of course, we would be good to know your personal opinion about IFC Markets, you may share your experience in the comment area below, or ask us for some additional information.

I’m trading with this broker during last 3 years and my experience can proof that ifc at least is worth to try.Everything works on high level

I wanna share my experience with ifc markets. Never had any issues with trades or payments, everything works easy and support chat is always available for help

Nice to trade with reliable regulated broker. IFC has huge variety of trading instruments and they provide good analytical materials. Worth to trade with them

Nice to trade with professional and reliable broker as ifc. Good spreads and no extra commissions give a try and you will never regret

Most of all I like trading with ifc for good choice of stocks, low fixed spreads and fast payments. They also provide very useful daily analytics that I always use. Worthy company

I’m into forex trading for 12 years and I’ve tried many brokers I can proof that ifc is one of the bests.Quite good trading terms, helpful support and easy withdrawals. Highly recommended company!

Working with IFC Markets over 3 years. It is very profitable company with best service. There are no hidden commissions. Basically, all the info on official web-site totally represents the true information.

If you are looking for a reliable broker with impressive list of stocks and crypto, you will probably love IFC Markets. Trading with them for more than a year and I’m pretty much satisfied. Everything is working smoothly and fast.

Good and reliable broker. Over 2 years of trading have never lost money on them. Everything works perfectly and there are lots of instruments.

The only one broker which provides trading with PCI. Conditions are good enough as well as the service.

Global Test Market Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Product Name: Global Test Market

Product Owner: Lightspeed Research

Quite a lot of people have already come upon some advertisements that feature a product named Global Test Market.

So what is it? Is it anything more than another scam run by some money grabbing imposter?

The short answer is, no. Continue through the review to find out all there is to know about Global Test Market.

If you’re looking for a legit way to make money then check out my review – income proof here.

What is Global Test Market?

Global Test Market is an online survey service that allows you to participate in reviewing one product or another.

Product does not mean only consumable products like the latest offer of KFC or a new tool kit introduced by some famous company.

You can choose from quite a wide array of surveys that include movies, restaurant, automobiles, current events and pretty much any topic that you might find interesting.

The list is pretty long.

Why use Global Test Market’s surveys?

So why use Global Test Market surveys when there are equally good survey sites available like Opinion Outpost, Inboxdollars and Panda Research?

The answer is simple. They pay you for your effort.

For each survey you complete, you account is credited with a specific amount of points.

When you accumulate 1000 points (known as MarketPoints) you can cash it for $50 (for each point you earn about $0.05). There is no loophole in this and actually is as simple as it sounds.

There are multiple methods for redeeming your MarketPoints. Like, for each 1000 points you could ask for a $50 cheque or you could ask for a payment of $20 to your PayPal account for each 460 points or ask for gift cards and e-vouchers. The cheques are mailed to the mailing address you decide to put in.

Now that the most important questions have been answered, one would wonder, what are these surveys good for anyway?

Global Test Market is responsible for these surveys on behalf of quite a few famous brand names.

Their list does not include only big names, however. Various companies need to know how a product of theirs is doing in the market or how a product would do once it has been introduced for the first time.

They need to acquire feedback about existing products and suggestions and potential niches for a new one. And all these surveys are for that purpose alone, acquiring information for those businesses otherwise known as business research.

This is what Global Test Market does and those businesses are their clients.

Is Global Test Market A Scam?

There have been a few questions about the genuinity of Global Test Market, asking whether it is a scam.

Currently, there are about 5.5 million members of GTM in 49 countries.

Anyone who has participated in any of their surveys would assure you that it is not a scam.

They do not ask for any kind of payment when you sign up. It is free and the only monetary transaction that you need to bear i mind is the payment that you receive.

This is how you can tell whether a product/service like this is a scam. Genuine online surveys do not ask for money when it is they who are actually receiving the information.

Keeping all these in mind, it is always better to go through both the pros and cons of a product.

What I Liked

  1. Undoubtedly, Global Test Market being completely genuine is its best part as it is advantageous for the participant.
  2. It is completely free of charge. You do not need to pay anything other than your time to sign up.
  3. Consumers from 49 countries can participate.
  4. The age restriction is very limited. Anyone over 13 years of age can become a full member.
  5. Huge collection of surveys from where members can choose the ones that seem interesting to them.
  6. Ease of payment.
  7. Participants get to know about new products.

What I Didn’t Like

  1. The worst quality of Global Test Market is possibly their long respond period. Members do not get much of a response regarding when they will be able to participate in the surveys. It takes quite a few days before they send enough invitations to your inbox.
  2. It takes about 2/3 months for you to acquire 1000 MarketPoints. When of course it is easy money, it is also somewhat frustrating. Although it is mainly due to the lengthy respond period mentioned before.

Truthfully, the general feedback about Global Test Market is positive.

However, there have been a few highly negative reviews as well.


Once in a while members complained about a few serious issues that could actually convince a member that it is indeed a scam.

Some people have complained that Global Test Market has refused them payment even when they had the required points. Another issue is their time-inefficient status update.

Sometimes when a participant finishes and submits a survey, they get a dialogue box informing them that the survey has already ended. This can get seriously irritating if you had to spend about an hour for that survey.

However, these problems also occur due to various bugs or server issues so it is impossible to blame one party or another without any doubt. All in all, Global Test Market has managed to generate positive experience in general.

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