Binatex Review 2020

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Binatex Review 2020

Binatex Review 2020

Hello and welcome once again to our website! As you can see, we are still working diligently to bring you all the information you need to have when choosing your broker. This time, we will be staying with the binary options sector, as we have to review a company which has been around for quite some time. Launched in 2020, Binatex has certainly been through a lot, but they are still here and are still accepting new clients on daily basis. What is their secret and what do they have to offer? That’s what we will be investigating in the rest of this article. We have a very in-depth Binatex review for you to enjoy, so you can rest assured you will know absolutely everything about these guys once you reach the end of this text. Read on to learn about this company’s main advantages.

Registration is quick and simple

As you all know, no type of online trading can be done if you don’t sign up with a broker. To do that in this case, you will have to go through the Binatex registration process. Don’t worry, though, it will only take a moment. Literally! This registration process is the shortest we have ever seen because you only need to input your e-mail address and that’s pretty much it. After that, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address you’ve disclosed and poof – your account is all set up. Simple, right? Obviously, once you’re done with this, you can enter your profile and fill it out with your personal data, so that you can successfully go through the verification process later on, but the registration alone literally takes less than a minute. You may ask what you get after activating your account, and we will answer you right away. Just head on to next part of this Binatex review.

Binatex demo

As soon as you input your e-mail address, you will be able to check everything out by using a practice account. Yes, that’s the only thing you have to do in order to activate the Binatex demo account, which is always good – no deposits are required, and no information needs to be disclosed. 10,000 virtual USD will be provided, so you will be able to test out every strategy that comes to your mind. Everything is pretty much the same as on the real account, although you can’t participate in tournaments this way, for example, or use technical analysis. The rest of the features, however, are identical. You will have access to your trading history, be able to change the timeframes on your chart, open trades and even check out trading videos. In short, Binatex demo account is everything this type of account should be – simple, accessible and with all main features of the trading platform at your fingertips. And once you feel ready for real trades, one click is all that separates you from going live. There, you will see this platform in its full glory.

Binatex account system

Yes, once you start the registration process, Binatex demo account will become available to you first. When you want to go live, you will have to confirm your e-mail and a password will be delivered to you. Once you have that, you will be able to fully use your real trading account.
We must say that we were very surprised to see how many Binatex account types, i.e. levels there are. 11 of them in total! Quite impressive. The idea is that you start out with a Novice account and then work your way up to the VIP account. The more you trade the more experience you get. Once you have enough experience, or if you deposit a big enough amount, you will level up, much like in a video game. Each new Binatex account (level) will get you a better set of parameters. The cashback you get if your day turns out to be unsuccessful will grow, your bonus turnover requirement will drop, monthly withdrawal limit will also grow etc. What is particularly interesting is the fact that you will be granted access to the VIP package for three hours when you open your live Binatex account, so make the most of it. That’s not the only perk you get for going through the registration, though, but we mustn’t get ahead of ourselves. First, we have to talk about deposit, and then about the bonus that comes along with it.

Binatex minimum deposit

It’s time to start discussing concrete numbers in this Binatex review, which we know interests you the most. We’ll start by taking a look at the deposit options on the website and immediately we have something very interesting to point out to you. Apart from Visa and MasterCard, which are pretty much accepted all over the trading world, you can also make your deposit via digital or even cryptocurrency wallets. The latter include Bitcoin only for now. Simply select the cryptocurrency on the deposit screen and a QR code you need to scan will pop up. However, keep in mind that a small fee will be applied if you go for this deposit method because transaction costs have to be covered.
Binatex minimum deposit is only 10 USD, which is among the lowest in the industry. This makes the company perfect for more casual traders and for people who are new to this and want to start things off slowly. Even with the minimum deposit in your balance, you can still trade a fair amount because the minimum trade requirement is just one dollar. But while Binatex minimum deposit may be one of the company’s greatest strengths, investing more after the registration process may be the right move to make. Why? Well, we’ll show you that in the next part of the text.

Binatex Deposit Page

Loads of Binatex bonus options

Another major advantage of trading here is the bonus policy. We already said that upon registration you get three hours of trading as a VIP account holder, but that is just the beginning. You will also get a Binatex bonus of 100% for your first deposit, meaning the broker will match everything you invest. So, the more you deposit the more you get, plus you get to start from a higher account level with better conditions. Actually, Binatex bonus is a great example of how a higher level benefits you more because, as we already mentioned, its turnover requirement drops as your level grows. Novice account for example has its bonus turnover requirement set to 35 times, but for VIPs it’s only 25 times the size of the bonus you get.
But there are so many other options to get something extra on this website. For example, some accounts may give you an increased return on your successful trades. We also mentioned cashbacks, which serve as a safety net and can go up to 22%, which is really impressive, plus there are even tournaments you can participate and fight for some kind of a Binatex bonus that way. These tournaments are held every day, with the best 10 traders receiving prizes. Don’t forget occasional promotions, either! Impressed? We sure are. The number of options in each segment of this website’s offer is something you don’t find that often. Now that we’ve discussed the bonuses, though, let’s talk about getting the funds back to you. Our Binatex review has a lot more ground to cover.

Binatex withdrawal

This is probably the most important procedure you need to complete when trading. Think about it, if something goes wrong here, all other features a broker can offer become essentially worthless. So, what’s Binatex withdrawal like?
Well, it works pretty much like all standard withdrawals in this industry. Your withdrawal options are the same as those you can choose to deposit, but keep in mind that you have to use the same card you used when depositing here. Standard practice, but we thought we should mention it. The good news is that there are no Binatex withdrawal fees, which is another big plus for trading on this website. Of course, you always have to be careful here because although the broker charges nothing, your payment service provider may still apply a fee. And since we’re on the subject of numbers, we will say that the minimum Binatex withdrawal is exactly the same as Binatex minimum deposit (10$), which rounds up the financial requirements on this website rather nicely. Of course, this is once again a huge benefit for all who trade here because it is one of the lowest requirements of this kind in the world.
Naturally, you will want to examine Binatex withdrawal conditions on special occasions. By this we primarily mean bonuses and promotions this broker may offer you because they usually have something special attached to them, e.g. a turnover requirement. Again, this is nothing out of the ordinary, just a heads-up to you. Now that we’ve got the financial aspect of this website out of the way, we should take a look at the trading environment. That’s next in this Binatex review.

Binatex Withdrawal Information

Binatex trading platform

The core of Binatex website is naturally its trading platform. Everything revolves around it and you will automatically be taken to it after you’re done with the registration process. What can you expect there? Well, the company went out of its way to create its own trading platform, so you will get a unique trading experience, no doubt about that. Everything runs smoothly, the prices are regularly (and correctly, Thomson Reuters is the data provider) updated, and there really is not a single reason to complain about the execution.
As for the options Binatex trading platform offers, there really are many of those. You can choose to invest in stocks and currencies (including cryptocurrencies), with potential profit for each trade going up to 90%. That’s a very good deal because you will very rarely see a broker offering more than that for a successful prediction. Like we said earlier, minimum investment required to open a trade here is one dollar, but you can invest all the way up to 1000$. You also have quite a selection when choosing how long your trade will stay open – the lowest you can go is one minute, which is once again quite acceptable and pretty much aligned with what the industry’s standard is considered to be. Binatex trading platform also offers very decent analytical tools, so you can easily make a prediction about an asset’s price. In addition, you can also follow tournaments as they unfold and check out their and your own history. As for trading on the go with this broker, there is no official app at the moment, unfortunately. After talking to some people from the company, however, we were informed that Binatex app is currently in development, but its release date is still unknown. However, there is one more major feature this website has to offer to make up for that, but we need to analyse that in a separate paragraph. Don’t go away.

Binatex Trading Platform

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Binatex signals

When you get to Binatex website, you will usually be redirected automatically to the trading platform if you have a live account with the company. We have already mentioned most of what you get there, but we saved the best thing for last – signals. Yes, this broker will supply you with some interesting trading signals too, so if you need a trading tip the people here just might have a solution. A special team is tasked with issuing Binatex signals, and they do so after a careful analysis of the chart which is then combined with the latest news. You get the asset, the target price, the direction the price is likely to go in and a timeframe within which you should act. After that, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to follow what these experts tell you or not. From our experience, Binatex signals are fairly accurate, slightly above 80%, but it is possible that our sample wasn’t big enough, as we only traded here for several days and we had other things to analyse. What is also interesting to mention is the fact that you can also monitor traders’ sentiment, which can be combined with the signals to provide even more accurate information. Of course, if you ever feel that all of this is just clogging up your screen, you can always remove the signals (and everything else you don’t want to look at, for that matter) and focus solely on your trades. The platform is fully customizable. Still, given how rare an option like this is, we think you should definitely give Binatex signals a chance. You don’t have to invest, just follow them a bit first to see how successful their predictions will be. And since we’re on the subject of rare features, we have one more to discuss.

Prominence in the MMA world

On top of all this we have analysed so far, Binatex website also sponsors professional athletes. This may come as a surprise to you, but it says a lot about how big this company actually is. Very few brokerage companies have the resources needed to make this step, so the fact these guys can do it is quite impressive. At the moment, Binatex is the official partner of Alex Volkov who is a Russian mixed martial arts fighter. He now fights in the UFC after fighting for Bellator for a while and even winning the title of their world champion. Just to give you an idea how big this guy is in the world of ultimate fighting, we will say that he beat Fabricio Werdum in March this year. Those of you who know a thing or two about martial arts will know that Werdum is one of all-time greats in this sport.
The fact that this brokerage company has managed to secure a partnership agreement with such an illustrious fighter as Volkov also suggests that it has satisfied the high standards everyone in the world of UFC has to adhere to. Trust us, this organization will not tolerate anything below excellent. That’s why getting this deal is a big success – it is simply a proof that Binatex can play with the very best.


Every decent broker has to have tools and materials which can help traders get the info they need as quickly as possible. Therefore, support can play a very important role, not just in overall experience but in determining a broker’s reliability, too. We analyse the overall security of Binatex website in our Binatex Scam Test, so go ahead and check it out if you have any doubts. But in short, we have nothing but praise for support here. There are several reasons for that.
First of all, the support team can be contacted in a variety of different ways. The broker has its profile on numerous social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Apart from that, you can also send them an e-mail to which you will receive a reply in about 15 minutes, and you also have the option of starting a live chat with an agent if you log into your live account. In both cases, people talking to you will be extremely professional and quick. As a matter of fact, there are several different departments you can send your e-mail to, which ensures the right person will read it right away. What is also commendable is the fact that Binatex website has been translated to numerous languages, from English and German to Turkish and Croatian, for example. Even better is the fact that you can also choose between several languages when you initiate a conversation via live chat, so you can really get all the answers you’re looking for very quickly. But that’s not the only way this broker can help you. If you’re still an inexperienced trader, you’ll appreciate the education you can get here, too.


Yes, Binatex website also has some educational materials for you. Quite a lot of them, actually. You can access everything from your profile, and the materials themselves are divided into three main categories – training videos, articles and FAQs. The latter category is meant for those who are still getting familiar with the way things work here, and you will find about 40 different questions answered there. More than enough for a solid start. However, when it comes to developing your trading skills, the first two categories are more suitable. Articles have about 35 entries full of very useful tips which are all illustrated with charts, so that you can easily follow what they’re talking about. They cover everything, from charts and candles to how to use a demo account and various patterns and indicators. You have loads of knowledge here and this category is truly a great educational feature, no doubt about that. Finally, there is also the category containing educational videos. Now, you can access these directly from the Binatex trading platform or choose to remove them from the interface altogether, the same as with the signals issued here. There’s at least a dozen videos at the moment, all very easy to understand. Again, we have to give the broker a thumbs-up because you can really learn a lot. If you don’t consider yourself to be a real trading pro, you’ll love everything you can find here. It can really help elevate your skills a lot. But enough from us, let’s see what other traders have to say. Next, in our Binatex review.

Binatex opinions

If you’re a regular reader of our reviews and analyses, you know that we like to talk to other people trading on the website we’re examining in order to get some genuine feedback. The same applies here, as we came across some pretty interesting Binatex opinions during our search. Now, since this is a company that has been around for quite some time, you will find loads of different Binatex opinions on the internet. Some are great, some make reasonable points, some simply hate on the broker because the people behind them lost money due to their own stupidity. It’s important to distinguish between fair and unfair points, which we try to do in paragraphs like this.
We noticed that some people are reluctant to open an account here because they know very little about the company. As a matter of fact, that seems to be the most common complaint – lack of information. Hopefully, this Binatex review has remedied that. Some argue that the broker doesn’t have a license yet, which is true, but they are in the process of getting one as you’re reading this, and we believe no problems will arise there. From what we have seen, everything works as it’s supposed to. More positive Binatex opinions will emphasize the number of choices you have and the low financial requirements, and we can certainly support those claims. These are indeed some of the broker’s greatest strengths. As you will see in the conclusion, our general opinion about this website is quite positive, especially because we never encountered any problems while trading here. Give it a peek, the summary is just below.


Yes, we’re at the end of this analysis, so it’s time to give a short recap of everything we have experienced. Now, we have to say that the number of features you get here is quite impressive, primarily when you’re talking about the number of account types you can use. These are not your standard packages, but rather levels you can progress through by depositing and trading on the platform. Financial requirements (both for deposits and withdrawals) are among the lowest in the industry, which is another thing that will surely attract traders, especially more casual ones. There is also a wide variety of Binatex bonus deals you can take advantage of which, combined with Thompson Reuters as your data provider on this website, make for a very pleasant and exciting trading experience. The support is also excellent as the company can be reached in a variety of different ways, plus you will gain access to a completely free demo account as soon as you type in your e-mail address.
What sets this broker apart from so many others is the fact that they have a team of experts whose job is to provide you with high-quality Binatex signals. These can be accessed as soon as you log into your live account and do not require any extra effort on your part. All in all, if you’re looking to enter the world of binary options slowly, this may very well be the perfect broker to do it with. Open an account with them and see why they’ve been a part of this industry for years now.

Binatex Scam Review

Binatex is a new software offering innovative ways of controlling your Forex investments. But does Binatex really give you the best trading possibilities or it is just another Forex scam?

There was not enough information to make an informed decision about this system in order to rate them as a scam or a legit one.

We recommend you to OR find a Reliable Robot to trade with form the table below:

Table of Contents

Top Brokers with Demo Account:

Full Review

Binatex is a Forex broker established in 2020. This means that it has been more than a year they have entered the Forex trading arena. When doing a research on this broker to verify if they are legit or not, we could not find much information about them online. This is the reason we carried out a full-fledged investigation on them to find out if it is worth investing with this broker.

If you have come across this name and would like to learn more about them, read this complete review.

How To Trade with Binatex?

On the surface, it appears that Binatex is an easy to use broker. They look very friendly and professional. Even their website has been designed pretty well. But if you take a closer look, you will find certain things that will create doubts about this broker.

We have no idea about the trading platform Binatex operates on. Details about the trading process is missing from their website. Even vital information about this broker and the company that owns it are missing. We don’t think that the trading process is as smooth as they are trying to claim. Moreover, they have only about 50 assets available on their website.

How To Get Started?

Just like other brokers, traders have to complete three steps when getting started with Binatex. However, we don’t advice traders to sign up with them because we still have questions regarding their legitimacy. The details we have provided below is for information purpose only.

  • Sign Up – traders are required to fill in the required details in the sign up form.
  • Make a Deposit – the minimum deposit requirement is $250.
  • Trade – the process requires traders to choose assets, trading options and expiry times and then execute trades. While trades can result in profits, there are concerns regarding withdrawals.

What is the Cost?

According to the broker, it is free to sign up. But before traders can invest on assets, they have to make a deposit. The minimum amount required by Binatex is $250.

Is Binatex a Scam?

Binatex is possibly a scam and we have many reasons to make this claim. The first reason is that they are not a regulated broker. The second is that there is hardly any information available about this broker or its company on the internet. The address they have mentioned on their website cannot be verified.

Another red flag is that their terms and conditions are quite vague. They haven’t mentioned anything about their withdrawal and bonus policy. Usually, brokers must outline their terms and policies in a separate section on their website to help traders understand what is required of them. But, it seems like this broker has a lot to hide.

Moreover, complaints about them are plentiful and the broker has taken no initiative to resolve the issues faced by its members. Most of these complaints are related to withdrawals. Traders claim that there are not able to withdraw their earnings after they submit withdrawal requests. Their withdrawals are automatically declined and the broker doesn’t even provide valid explanation for it. So the conclusion we can reach about their legitimacy is that they are not legit and therefore not a safe broker.

Binatex claims to offer demo trading features with $1000 demo credit. While this is an important feature that is useful for traders who are looking to become familiar with the trading platform, Binatex uses this feature to entice traders and make them invest money with them. While the results during demo trading is impressive, they are poor when traders enter live trading. Because of the inconsistency in results, it can be said that the broker doesn’t have honest intentions.

Customer Support Service

There are several means of communication available, but it is quite hard to get into contact with their customer support representatives. Traders can choose from email, telephone and live chat service to reach their staff. But our personal experience tells us that their team is unresponsive and unprofessional. It appears that they don’t have adequate knowledge about the subject. They usually take a long time to respond to questions. We weren’t happy with the way they spoke to us and our call was also put on hold for a long time.

Final Words

Forex is a lucrative industry, but traders must proceed with caution when it comes to choosing a Forex broker.

In our opinion, Binatex is not the kind of broker any trader will want to partner with. Their trading platform lacks special features and they also don’t have a good selection of assets and trading options. Overall, this broker has failed to impress our team of investigation and we advise traders against signing up with them.


After our research we concluded that Binary Online does not provide a demo account.

The lack of practice account and risk free trading makes this broker unsuitable for traders who want to learn how to trade without losing their investment.

Binatex – сомнительный брокер бинарных опционов


Компания Binatex – это крупная трейдинговая компания для форекс брокеров. Статитика компании впечатляет: тут и международные награды, и количество экспертов ( 254 человека), которые работают над продуктом и многое другое.

Компания называет себя ” надёжным партнёром в мире бинарных опционов”. Цель у компании тоже грандиозная – создание идеальной торговой платформы. Хорошее техническое оснащение, поддержка клиентов по любым вопросам, и якобы быстрый вывод денег на многие платёжные системы.

Известные названия проекта

Ссылки на сайт проекта


E-mail адреса проекта

Внимание! мошенники очень часто меняют адреса своих лохотронов. Поэтому название, адрес сайта или email может быть другим! Если Вы не нашли в списке нужный адрес, но лохотрон очень похож на описанный, пожалуйста свяжитесь с нами или напишите об этом в комментариях!

Информация о проекте “Binatex “

Для того, чтобы начать работать с Binatex , нужно ввести емейл. После появляется надпись о начислении вам 10 000 рублей . на ваш учебный счёт!

Дальше идёт “обучение” торговле на учёбном счёте опционов. Всё так называемое обучение – это пара кликов мышкой, вы просто делайте прогноз и получаете виртуальные деньги, если прогноз верный. Ставите 100 р ( можно и другую сумму) и при верном прогнозе получаете 190 р . Конечно, на демо-счёте прогноз очень часто верный. Пару минут – и вы уже “успешный трейдер”. Любой школьник или пенсионер может за минуту стать не просто трейдером, а успешным трейдером.

Потом предлагают перейти на реальный счёт. Вам дают 100% бонус на первый депозит. Пополнить счёт можно только на определённые суммы-тарифы: экономный, комфорт, успешный и vip. Экономный – это от 3 200 рублей , vip – от 19 000 рублей . В чём особенность вип-уровня: vip увеличивает процент доходности, кэшбек и другие параметры. Пополнить реальный счёт можно как с банковской карты, так и через системы электронных платежей яндекс-деньги, вебмани, битокоин и другие.

Контакты проекта

Общие вопросы: 8 (800) 333-20-67 (01) [email protected]

Техническая поддержка: 8 (800) 333-20-67 (02) [email protected]

Финансовый отдел:8 (800) 333-20-67 (03) [email protected]

Партнерский отдел: 8 (800) 333-20-67 (04) [email protected]

Два адреса – на Сейшелах и в Венгрии.

8 800 333 20 67

1085, Budapest, District VIII, Stahly Street 13, 4th floor

8 800 333 20 67

Victoria, Mahe, Suit 1, second floor, Sound & Vision House, Francis Rachel str.

Официальная группа В контакте – ( правда там последняя запись от 6 апреля 2020 года)

Страница в Фейсбук –

Разоблачение проекта “Binatex “

1 Проект Binatex не имеет российской регистрации и российских юридических данных. То есть в России Binatex вне правового поля. Да есть телефоны, по которым можно позвонить – но не понятно как и на какое юридическое лицо они оформлены. Нет сканов ни одного юридического документа.

2 Заброшенность проекта в соц. сетях. Страница в Вк не ведётся с с апреля 2020 года, отзывов тоже нет с этого же времени. Ссылка на инстаграмм не находит такую страницу. На фейсбуке на английском и других языках пользователи пишут о скаме и жалуются на то, что деньги невозможно вывести. При этом нет ни одного ответа от представителей Binatex.

3 В целом плохие отзывы и в русскоязычном интернете. Пишут, что нельзя вывести заработанные деньги, что проект скам и платит избранным и понемногу, а большинство людей не могут получить назад хотя бы свой депозит.

Возможные потери на проекте “Binatex “

При покупке минимального пакета ” Экономный” – 3 200 р

Максимальный пакет “Vip “- 19 000 р

Итого: калькуляция возможных потерь на проекте от 3200 рублей до десятков тысяч рублей , так как можно пополнять счёт без ограничений.

Вывод о проекте

Binatex – лохотрон, на первый взгляд производящий впечатление серьёзной и надёжной компании. Возможно, когда проект открывался, у создателей были рассчёты, позволяющие верить в нормальную работу проекта. Но по факту работы выходит то, что Binatex – не платящий скам. Хотите потерять свои деньги – несите их в Binatex.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

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    Best Choice For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!


    Perfect For Experienced Traders!

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