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Best Binary Options Signals Review: Is it Scam?

Best Binary Options Signals Review: Is it Scam?


Last Updated: Sep 1, 2020 @ 11:44 am

Well, when folks bump into this binary options service hosted on this domain,, the first question which they ask is whether it’s a legitimate signal provider or not.

We will answer that question in this review as we analyze the various aspects of this service. But first, it’s important to know that this signal provider is offering free signals and at the same time offering a premium plan which is to be paid for at the end of every 30 days.

Their free signal service is basically meant to lure in traders to subscribe to their paid signal service which the website says has more value than the free service.

So, is Best Binary Options Signals worth signing up for? Can you increase your efficiency in trading Binary options by simply following and implementing their signals.?

Best Binary Options Signals Review

Now that it is quite obvious that Best Binary Options Signals is a signal provider, we should go into details right away to let you know how it is like to use their signal service.

Let’s start with the free signal service. It’s meant for people who want to try out their service for free. But you generally have to wait longer in order for signals to show up. Besides, the website claims that free signals are not as accurate as paid ones.

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So, is there a possibility that the free signals are randomly generated while paid ones are carefully selected by expert market analysts? We are being tempted to think that Best Binary Options Signals is basically displaying random signals on their site, and it works in mysterious ways. Here’s how it often goes:

A traders comes to the website and tries to follow at least 5 signals. If the signals win most trades by chance, this trader will be prompted to sign up for the premium signals plan which costs £55 per month.

When they sign up for the premium signals service, they will be getting into a contract that is renewed on a monthly basis. If the trader forgets or fails to cancel their membership (in the event that they want to opt out), a month’s fee will be charged for that particular month anyway.

Generally, the free plan is a time waster because it keeps you waiting for a long time before new signals can show up. We believe that this can be a hectic way of trading Binary Options especially if you’re used to automated trading robots that save you from unnecessary screen time.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Broker!
    Best Choice For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!


    Perfect For Experienced Traders!

What is the average win rate and is it consistent?

The website is very open with their average win rate. They say that their win rate is 63.04%. In November 9th 2020 for instance, they said that they sent out 138 forecasts and that out of these, 81 signals made money while the rest, 51 lost money.

This win rate is not the best you can have in the industry right now. With cutting edge trading robots on sale today, there is no way you should find this service desirable because that win rate is just above the break even mark.

If it was consistent, it would take you a long time to make a significant amount of money. In addition to this, you cannot put what you cannot afford to lose at stake. If you did this, you’d be raising your risk profile for huge, quick profits. That would backfire on your account because we are talking of signals that hit the green, 63% of the time.

Generally, we would not advice readers to sign up with Best Binary Options Signals because of the low win rate.

How many signals can you receive per day?

Their free signals service is a little bit restrictive. There are only 5 trade-able assets to work with. But on the other hand, their paid service issues signals across a broad spectrum of assets. This can be up to 15 different trading assets.

This should not be a problem for you if you’re not into fast paced trading which often leads to over-trading and ultimately account blow.

But if you’re the kind of person who is always looking to jump into the next trade, you might find the free plan quite restrictive because one has to wait for a count down timer for a signal to come along. To remove this count down timer, Best Binary Options Signals is asking traders to upgrade to their premium plan which will then unlock over 100 plus signals per day.

What we think about Best Binary Options Signals website in general

When you go through this website, the first thing you will see are signals waiting to show up or signals that have already been traded.

In other words, this website also shows us history of their signals. However, there is no performance record to show how their past signals performed.

We are not sure if Best Binary Options Signals is trading these signals or just sending them to users after analyzing the market. We do believe that professional market analysts are traders themselves. This means that before they can even think of sending the signals, they should be thinking of entering a trade based on a specific entry point which have figured out on the chart.

One might think that we are asking too much when we say that Best Binary Options Signals does not have trade history.

We are not. If these people are real expert traders, they should keep a clean record of whatever they have been doing for the past one month or so.

Nevertheless, we can also see that this question is being camouflaged by the fact that they are offering free signals for your testing. That means you should test their free service on a demo account and if you’re pleased, you can upgrade. The question is, what is so difficult about providing daily trade records that can be verified? Isn’t this the ultimate test of transparency that every signal provider should embrace in order to convince traders that their signals work?

Before we forget, Best Binary Options Signals is also offering a trial plan for £15. This expires after 2 days and is non-refundable in case you fail to take advantage of the signals.

Best Binary Options Signals states in their fine print that if you subscribe on a weekend for the trial plan, this will not be counted, and yet money shall be deducted with no refund later on. We feel that this is a little bit unprofessional.

Best Binary Options Signals confesses that their signals are meant for illustrative purposes only

If you read the fine print at the footer of the site, you will see a notice saying that information on this site is meant for education purposes only. Again, this service needs you to have some knowledge on how to trade Binary options. If you have never traded before or are not proficient in analyzing charts, it is not for you.

In other words, Best Binary Options Signals is just looking to provide clues on how entry and exits which will cost you £55.

Our best advice for you

If you already know how to trade, we don’t see the need to sign up because you know where to enter and exit your trades when the right patterns form. If you don’t know how to trade, then we suggest that you pick a trading software/signal service here.

Binary Stealth Review – Binary Options Software Scam

Name: Binary Stealth

Owner: Unknown

Price: “Free”

Overall Rating: SCAM!

Let’s talk about robots.

No, not the cute little ones that sweep our floor.

I am talking about the no holds barred, thinking, acting, logical, actual robots. Okay, maybe not so much a metal indestructible rage machine built for the sole purpose of terminating, but a thinking and logical robot none the less.

Let me tell you a little bit about binary options and, specifically, Binary Stealth.

Let me tell you what robots claim to be able to do for your bank account. Or, if we are being completely honest here, what it could potentially do TO your bank account instead.


According to “” the basic definition of binary options is

“limited risk contracts based on a simple yes/no market proposition like will the markets go up by the end of the trading week.”

Or, as it goes on to explain…

“Binary options ask a simple yes/no market question. Will the price of gold be above $1700 at 1:30pm? If you think yes, you buy the Binary Option. If you think no, you sell. The price at which you buy/sell is not the actual price of gold, but rather a value between zero and 100.”

This all seems pretty basic, right?

You are asked a relatively simple question, and, based on your answer, this binary bot system will determine whether you want to buy or sell whichever product, stock, bond, currency, or whatever trade you may be holding. So, using these basic algorithms, Binary Stealth and it’s team of robot trading warriors are able set you up with exactly what it is you would like to do and accomplish.

Sounds decent enough…and in theory it CAN be…but that is, of course, before taking other factors into effect.


The difference in the way a human and programmed brain works are vast and, frankly, all of these ways come into play with Binary Steal.

It starts out claiming to be no less than 90% accurate, which, if you know anything at all about trading, you know is statistically impossible, especially for an automated trading bot. Next, it also claims to have been mentioned by name by a host of national news sites.

None of these sources have had major stories about this site and, at best, have MAYBE had a passing mention of binary sites in general that its name may or may not have scrolled across the screen for all of one second.

The site itself is clunky at best, not very user-friendly, and is difficult to navigate, especially for a novice. The site does little to explain how it works, where it’s signals come from, nor does it guide you on how to make the best profit you can possibly make from it.

I can’t speak for everyone, but when someone else claims to be able to make me up to 3 grand a month with little to no effort, I tend to want to know exactly what they will be doing with my investment once I had them over a lump sum of cash.

BinaryStealth may not ask for a payment up front, but of course, as the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. All I am saying is, once I DO spend my money, I would just like to know how you plan on earning it back for me.

Ultimately, however, even aside from all the ambiguity, the most damaging factor about the site is the testimonies.


It’s not a surprise that testimonies can be faked. Many a snake oil salesman of the past have made up tall tales about how Mr. Johnson over in Johnson county swears by their product and urges you to do the same. Only, there is no Mr. Johnson and there is likely not even a Johnson county.

And, sadly, the same can be said for

If you take a moment to browse the testimonies, you will find a host of good, hard working folk who have had doubts just like you but through caution into the wind and came out some $3000 richer. This is all well and good, until you do a 5 second google image search and realize that most of the people portrayed are stock photos and likely waiting inside your next photo frame, waiting to be noticed.

Let’s face it, if even just one of these people are not real, who’s to say that any of them are at all?


Robots are great. As a species today, we have invented and created devices that far out any and all creation that our ancestors could have ever dreamed.

In less than a century, we went from the concept of flight to space travel and we move forward every single day.

When it comes to money, however, maybe it’s best if you invest for yourself rather than hand over your hard earned savings to a pre-programmed AI in hopes that it knows better than you what to do with your cash.

Sometimes it’s okay to play it safe.

Sometimes it’s okay be human.

And it is always…ALWAYS a better idea to invest in your life rather than a robot. Remember, they don’t all just want to sweep your floors and clean your mess…sometimes they just want to clean out your bank account.

Binary Stealth Robot Review

​The potential to generate significant returns through financial investing has dramatically increased since the advent of the internet. Now, being online with the right software and some funds is enough to start your investment trading. However, it is a complex marketplace. This is why automated trading robots have become valuable tools in the quest to generate profits. They remove the need to fully understand the economic situation before you can commence trading.

The Binary Stealth robot is relatively new but offers an impressive ninety percent rate of accuracy when generating a signal. Before you rush to join them you must consider whether this is a realistic return and what other services they are offering which confirms why you should trade with them and not another firm.

It is interesting to note that the Binary Stealth robot claims there are limited spaces left for new traders. They are not the only firm to state this but they have also been stating this since they started binary options trading. Either they have failed to gain extra customers or this is an attempt to persuade you to use their services.

Should you decide to use their services you will be able to view their welcome video which will offer the same promises that most other binary options robots offer.

Start Trading with the Binary Stealth Robot

Providing you are not in the US you will be able to access this service. All you are required to do is create an account; they are currently free although this does not preclude the insertion of a fee in the future. You will need to suffer a five minute long film which explains the amazing gains you are about to make. It should then be possible to provide a few simple details and select from the two brokers which are attached to the Binary Stealth Robot. Obviously it is necessary to add funds to your new broker account before the Binary Stealth software can start to work for you.

Unfortunately the short film is lacking in details and the results were more believable; it raises concerns over the authenticity of the Binary Stealth Robot claims.

Features Of Binary Stealth Robot

There are only two brokers which can be used when signing up to the Binary Stealth Robot. Whilst this does leave you with the choice of using two brokers or closing any existing accounts; it is reassuring to know that the brokerages which they do promote are Banc De Binary and option FM.

Binary Stealth robot has focused their efforts on producing a program which is exceptionally easy to use. One of the best features of this is the consistent and current news feed. This enables you to see what signals are being generated by the Binary Stealth robot software and how they work in relation to current market activity. Of course, whilst this comparison can help you to learn more about binary trading; in reality you need to know the more complex financial details for the charts and comparisons to make sense. This unfortunately works against the average trader as a lack of understanding allows the Binary Stealth robot to present the facts as a validation that the claimed success rate of ninety percent is not only justifiable but consistently achievable. Although this would be excellent if it were true, it is currently not possible to locate a trader who has achieved the advertised rate.

The promotional film that you need to see before committing to using the Binary Stealth robot software includes a range of promises from the founder of the business. If he is to be believed it is possible to generate funds in the region of $3,000 per hour. However, this is questionable as, if true, he would certainly not need any additional traders.

In fact, the promotional videos and the excess claims are the main issue with the Binary Stealth robot software; the lack of ability to achieve these goals is a source of constant frustration to many traders.

A final disappointing point is that the customer service is lacking. A new business which is eager to get new customers should have the very best possible support service. This will ensure their reputation grows and new traders become long term traders. Despite having a range of contact options; including live chat, the response is, at best, lack luster.

SummaryAbout Binary Stealth Robot

The number of binary option robots offering automated trading or signals is huge. The result should be that new and experienced investors only work with the very best systems. Binary Stealth Robot may have some potential but it cannot be listed as one of the best ones.

As with any investment it is essential to review a program before using it. However, it is also important to verify the review. There are many firms which are affiliated to Binary Stealth Robot and will provide excellent reviews simply to garner business. Proceed with caution.

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